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03:45:37 PM Apr 21st 2014
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So we've agreed to despoiler all the stuff about Joffrey, right? I was under the impression that we were covering up the details for the current season. If anyone can link me to the discussion (I'm searching and at present cannot find anything relevant), that'd be much appreciated. Even scrolling back and forth through the history leads me to an Edit War.
11:12:22 PM Apr 21st 2014
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No edit war per se. Spoiler Policy states that trope names shouldn't be hidden, ever. It got so bad (3 suspensions I believe, and is still happening) that Fast Eddie himself removed all spoiler tags, no only Joffrey's, making quite a statement.
02:43:48 AM Apr 22nd 2014
Oh okay. That makes sense I suppose, given how it kept happening. I guess all spoiler tags are staying removed for the time being, then?
07:03:59 AM Apr 22nd 2014
Given there's no mod warning saying no spoiler tags at all, I'd feel comfortable including spoiler tags in the examples, just make SURE that you don't spoiler tag any trope names.