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10:16:43 AM Oct 5th 2011
Removed the following from Amberly Vail's Character Sheet:

"** Selective Obliviousness — Amberley seems to be ignoring the fact that one of the most famous Radical Inquisitors, Gregor Eisenhorn, is a member of the Ordo Xenos, and also seems to be ignoring the fact that Inquisitor Lord Kryptman of the Ordo Xenos seems to believe that the best way of stopping the Tyranids is to starve them by subjecting Imperial worlds to Exterminatus."

Why? Put simply because it is based on a fallacy. At no point in the books does Amberly claim that the Ordo Xenos is the most sensible Ordo and has no Radicals or crazy people. Based on what she has said in the books, Amberly would undoubtedly be highly critical of both Kryptmann and Eisenhorn.
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