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10:57:14 AM Mar 26th 2015
Okay, so this page says that "Expy" is an inaccurate term because Chrono Trigger came before Dragon Ball? Dragon Ball was running for ten years and nearly finished before Chrono Trigger came out, so that's sort of extra wrong. I don't done formatting or wiki editing or anything before so I don't really plan on touching it myself, I guess if nobody else bothers I'll take a swing at it the next time I'm on the page.
11:28:39 AM Mar 26th 2015
That's a really dubious example. Very little context (the infamous "basically" Weasel Word), there.
11:34:18 AM Mar 26th 2015
edited by Larkmarn
Haven't played the game, but they all seem to be more about the characters' resemblance to DBZ characters, which is unsurprising considering they share an artist.

As-is, the whole section can definitely be cut. Not a single entry has sufficient context.
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