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01:53:36 PM Jun 19th 2014
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  • Gentlemen Rankers: Rukia Kuchiki is described as powerful enough to be a lieutenant (the third-highest officer rank in the military), but is basically an unranked foot soldier. We later find out that this is because her big brother, trying to protect her, used his influence to keep her from being promoted. Near the end of the series, however, she's finally promoted to lieutenant.

The reason this was moved is because this example as written doesn't fit the trope. Rukia was re-added with part of the reason being based on her exceptional power. But she's a commoner. She's only an aristocrat by adoption, so her talent has nothing to do with her being a Kuchiki.

Rukia herself says someone like her with good academy grades will find those grades are average by Gotei 13 standards. The four great houses get a unique perk of being able to waive the final academy exams, but that's all. Byakuya himself does say the highest level of aristocracy have bankai level ability more often, but not that it's guaranteed - he points out it doesn't happen in every generation. The setting also tells us that shinigami are born and bred in Soul Society - it's rare for shinigami to come out of the commoners (who come from the human world). They have the same opportunities as the aristocrats when they do and if aristocrats can't cut it, they don't get the high positions (Byakuya's own father). When it was revealed Rukia had been held back by Byakuya, it was implied her talent would have got her the seats, not her name.

This trope could apply with an example rework (since it covers education/training), but it wouldn't be Rukia focused. The story said shinigami who excel in the academy have great pressure on them to enter at the seated level. Hisagi (a commoner) was the example used. There was an also an elite class for the Gotei's future stars, which Renji, Hinamori and Kira went into (two commoners, one noble). Similar situations are indicated for Gin (commoner), Kaien (outcast ex-aristocrat), Hitsugaya (commoner). Rukia's low confidence was the problem in the academy and Byakuya's block made that worse in the Gotei, so it might be worth adding that Rukia would have in the same position as these other shining stars if not for this.
11:17:46 AM Jun 23rd 2014
The trope description notes that there could be any number of reasons why a person who should have a rank doesn't, including skill or training. Bleach being a world where "power level" (aka, reiatsu) exists, members of nearly every organization within are ranked according to power. While not explicitly the same as "training", I think Tropes Are Flexible needs to be considered here.
01:14:03 PM Jun 23rd 2014
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Yes, that's why I revisited my understanding of the trope.

What I'm saying is that the example as written isn't right - Bleach really doesn't fit this trope at all well, not with any character we've seen.

I had a go at rewriting the example just to see if there was something I was missing, but I don't think I am. I really don't think this trope and Bleach go well together. I've added Rukia back to the main page because I can't write it any better, but I do still feel like it's shoehorning. She seems like a subversion of the trope at very best - there simply wasn't the kind of expectations on her that the trope demands (regardless of whether we look at training/education or social rank) except what she put on herself - her low self-belief and her lack of knowledge of the truth about Byakuya made her think these expectations existed of her when they didn't.
09:25:33 AM Mar 9th 2013
Eye-Obscuring Hat needs crosswicking, but this is all the context I've got. Is it enough, and if not, can someone expand on it and then add it to the page?

  • Eye-Obscuring Hat: Kisuke Urahara's hat casts a shadow over his eyes if it's not hiding them itself.
06:35:23 PM Aug 31st 2011
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Edit to Foreshadowing

I added Hollow Ichigo's warning that if Ichigo slipped up he'd take over, because that's exactly what happened when Ulquiorra used his Cero Oscuras to blow a hole in him.
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