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10:42:23 AM Dec 9th 2014
Is it okay I use the scene from The Legend of Korra in which Bolin lavabends for the first time? (If I can find a good clear image, of course.)
11:35:55 AM Dec 9th 2014
Might want to propose it in Image Picking.
02:12:15 PM Mar 20th 2013
edited by VVK
About Friendship Is Magic: I'm sure Celestia could kick all kinds of flank in theory, but it's not much good using examples of how she a) supposedly got the upper hand verbally by making someone go "you're boring" and b) lost a battle. Also, is she really adorable or more just regal? And Spike: "tripped someone before he lost the fight" doesn't make you badass.

Seriously, to people editing about this show: You're not supposed to find a character trope and then find a way to fit every single character into it by some excuse. (Of course, with this trope it comes pretty close.)
06:17:10 PM Mar 21st 2013
It's not just that Spike tripped up one of the dogs, it's that he took on three of them at a time. They got away with Rarity anyway, but I think you're setting the bar a little too high.
12:47:22 PM May 6th 2013
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I'd say he was plucky or something, not badass. (I mentioned the tripping because someone has described that part by saying he "slammed down" a bigger opponent.) I suppose it's ultimately subjective, but all he did was try and not succeed. Bad Ass is supposed to be impressive, not being pushed down into the ground to your waste with one finger.
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