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11:35:38 AM Feb 22nd 2014
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About Cinnnamon Bun's actions in "The Red Throne"...

These actually don't make sense when you think about it. A lot of people tend to say it's because he was fully-baked that he was able to become this talented. Well, that would be impossible since he wears the Flame Shield, which is supposed to make you impervious to fire. It also doesn't help that Cinnamon Bun, even before he was fully-baked, was already shown to be a tactical warrior with the ability to fight without any proper build-up. Forgive me if I'm missing something, but I just can't see these making sense.
03:11:58 AM Nov 13th 2012
edited by Rezzler
About the "Simon was strong enough to resist the Crown" entry...

We've only seen one other person wear the Crown, and that person was an alternate Finn. And isn't it safe to assume that Simon, an adult, had more willpower than a 13-year-old boy? Bear in mind that this version of Finn never had the experience with monsters and scary things that the Finn we know did, so he was pretty much just a normal kid with no superhuman courage whatsoever
08:49:12 PM Jun 14th 2013
The fact remains that Alt!Finn was overcome within hours, while Simon held out for years, probably even decades. While the disparity between them does need to be taken into account, he still had astonishing willpower for a random muggle.
04:48:27 AM Oct 26th 2012
I just ordered the page into folders and put a quick 3 title sentences up there. Any objections?
09:11:30 AM Dec 21st 2011
Any recommendations for a page image? I vote the revelation of Finn's hair.
08:45:00 PM Sep 23rd 2013
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I definitely prefer the image of BMO on a skateboard from Time Sandwich.
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