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If there is one thing all we tropers know, it is that some shows are filled to the brim with epic. ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' is one such show. This is a list of some of the most ''[[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome awesome]]'' moments in the show.



* The fact that this show (along with ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'') saved Creator/CartoonNetwork from its NetworkDecay of airing live-action shows and ushered in a new era of original programming...after being rejected ''[[WhatAnIdiot twice]]'' by {{Creator/Nickelodeon}}.
* Finn's love of becoming TheHero and doing good and bringing justice to Ooo borders on {{yandere}}. In a good way.
* When Finn saves Princess Bubblegum in the original short.
** The music behind that scene. There needs to be a full version of that made.
* Finn faces things that would make grown men run and he does it while he's ''13''.
-->'''[[color:red:JAAAAAAKE SUUUUUUUUUUUUIT!]]'''
* Thomas Herpich is a writer on Adventure Time, whose episodes include many of the ones with LGBT subtext- Princess Cookie, You Made Me, All Your Fault, and The Hard Easy are some of them. He actually got away with having an overtly homosexual character in "BMO Lost-" Bubble, who was portrayed in a sympatheitic and likable way. The whole episode was also framed like a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything coming out story]] for Bubble. The fact that Herpich [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar got away with this]] is a Crowning Moment of Awesome in its own right, and certainly groundbreaking for a children's show. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
* Simon Petrikof. The man has lost the love of his life, his reputation, his friends, his sanity, his ''humanity'', to a crown that has kept him alive for ''centuries'' of mental degradation in a post-apocalypse MindScrew of a world, turned his pet name into a disturbing obsession,''and'' warped his personality. And yet he still retains some sanity in his mind throughout the nearly 1000 years. Keep in mind, the Crown caused Alt!Finn to completely lose it in ''minutes''. That man is ''strong''. To be fair to Finn, however, he ''is'' only thirteen years old - Simon has the advantage of being more than twice Finn's age and, as a professor, would have a much more orderly mind.
** Plus the fact that he was able to keep a running, coherent (at least until the very end) video journal of his transformation, before his mind was too far gone for him to continue.
* Meta-example: [[http://68.media.tumblr.com/eb085288d1e827b660b2c3ef08a22f92/tumblr_nrno3bNV1t1r8pw8no1_1280.jpg A newspaper article]] addresses ''Adventure Time'', along with some other cartoons, as progressive for the canon Bubbline relationship[[note]]as noted in the article, this was via WordOfSaintPaul from Olivia Olson, who claims that Marcy and PB used to date[[/note]] - which also outs Marcy as [[BiTheWay canonically bisexual]], as she had dated a boy before.
* Princess Bubblegum gets one every other episode she appears in.


[[folder:Season 1]]
[[AC: "Slumber Party Panic"]]
* The fight scene in Slumber Party Panic. "Smash the pinatas!"
* Princess Bubblegum successfully raising the dead.

[[AC: "Trouble in Lumpy Space"]]

[[AC: "Prisoners of Love"]]

[[AC: "Tree Trunks"]]

[[AC: "The Enchiridion!"]]
* From "The Enchiridion!":
-->'''Finn:''' GIVE ME BACK MY FRIEND!\\
'''Giant:''' BUT I ''KILLED'' HIM ALREADY!\\
'''Finn:''' ''[[TearJerker (Tears)]]'' Fine. I'll give your dollar! HERE'S YOUR DOLLAAAAAAR!!! ''(GroinAttack)''
* Finn refusing to slay the unaligned ant. "Never... '''never'''... '''''NEVEEEEER!!!'''''"
* Jake putting the evil gnomes back in the lava pit Finn rescued them from after they trick Finn into believing that he's responsible for the death of a bunch of old ladies.

[[AC: "The Jiggler"]]

[[AC: "Ricardio the Heart Guy"]]
* Jake taking out Ricardio using one of his ''jowls''.

[[AC: "Business"]]

[[AC: "My Two Favorite People"]]
* Lady Rainicorn rescuing Finn. It shows she's not just a girly toy.

[[AC: "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain"]]
* Finn setting up a way to fix ''every'' problem that's suddenly cropped up.

[[AC: "Wizard"]]

[[AC: "Evicted!"]]
* The end of "Evicted!" when Finn and Jake fight Marceline.
** "Get ready for an upper-cut, you DOG!!!"

[[AC: "City of Thieves"]]
* Finn's gonna do his damnest to punish every thief he runs into upon first entering the City of Thieves.
* Villainous awesome: Penny somehow stealing Finn's clothes ''while he's wearing them'' without being noticed.

[[AC: "What is Life?"]]

[[AC: "Ocean of Fear"]]
* Finn knocking himself unconscious in order to get to the bottom of the ocean to save Jake.
* The spirits coming out at the end to give a ShutUpHannibal to Fear Feaster, reassuring Finn that everyone has flaws and just because he's afraid of the ocean doesn't make him any less great a hero. Also a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.

[[AC: "When Wedding Bells Thaw"]]

[[AC: "Dungeon"]]
* Princess Bubblegum saving Finn and Jake at the end of Dungeon. [[TookALevelInBadass "Get on my swan!"]]

[[AC: "The Duke"]]

[[AC: "Freak City"]]

[[AC: "Donny"]]

[[AC: "Henchman"]]

[[AC: "Rainy Day Daydream"]]

[[AC: "What Have You Done?"]]
* Finn [[PaperThinDisguise faking his death]] in "What Have You Done?" The Ice King actually bought this, and let out the pained howls that PB needed to cure the kingdom.
** Also counts as a [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments Heartwarming Moment]] for the Ice King.

[[AC: "His Hero"]]
*** ALSO, HE FOUGHT A [[BearsAreBadNews BEAR!]]
** This is worth even more mention by the fact he beat the Lich King. WordOfGod says the Lich King is an evil so terrible and so powerful that Ice King and even Marceline will run for the hills before him and the trailer setting up his arrival is building him up to be the UltimateEvil. [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Billy beat him]]. [[SealedEvilInACan Into a tree]].
*** Also, despite the paraphrasing, it means that literally, he didn't use a sealing ritual, or weaken him, he ''punched him so hard and so much he was sealed in amber from the sheer pummeling.''
*** And now it seems [[spoiler: The Lich has killed Billy. Sad, but that means even the Lich knew Billy would just clobber him again, given the chance.]]

[[AC: "Gut Grinder"]]


[[folder:Season 2]]
[[AC: "It Came from the Nightosphere"]]
* Marceline's father is going around and, y'know [[spoiler:devouring souls]]. Then he comes across [[spoiler:Gunter]]. Not only does he ''ask politely'' for this "Dark One"'s [[spoiler:soul]], [[spoiler:Gunter]] slaps him away. ''[[DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu Successfully.]]''
* In the same episode, Finn takes down Marceline's Dad by stabbing him in the chest while he was distracted with a [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments Heartwarming Moment]], the sends him back to where he came from with the same ritual that summoned him.
-->'''Finn:''' [[SeeYouInHell I'll see you in the nightosphere]], ya ''sick '''freak.'''''

[[AC: "The Eyes"]]
* Jake trying to lure the horse with classical music in "The Eyes". It didn't work, but he said something along the lines of "Beethoven's not working on you? Well, HOW ABOUT SOME MOZART?!" complete with Jake starting to play the viola furiously, and it was awesome.
** For music lovers, this scene in and of itself is awesome due to the fact that even though the [[AfterTheEnd Apocalypse]] has come and gone; Beethoven, Mozart, and Wagner are all still being played.

[[AC: "Loyalty to the King"]]

[[AC: "Blood Under the Skin"]]

[[AC: "Storytelling"]]

[[AC: "Slow Love"]]

[[AC: "Power Animal"]]
* Jake defeating a group of evil gnomes with '''pure raving energy'''.
* "No more games... ''No''... '''more'''... '''''PAJAMAS!!!'''''"

[[AC: "Crystals Have Power"]]
* Jake breaking out of his mindless pacifism and saving Finn from the crystallized Tree Trunks.

[[AC: "The Other Tarts"]]

[[AC: "To Cut a Woman's Hair"]]
* In "To Cut a Woman's Hair", Finn tries to get Princess Bubblegum's hair. How does he do this? TAKING HER TO THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS, CUTTING DOWN TREES FOR TABLES/CHAIRS SO THEY CAN HAVE A SPAGHETTI DINNER. That's right. Finn just made Princess Bubblegum an Italian dinner in the woods by just cutting down trees and using a fireplace.
** He was ''twelve'' during that episode, which makes it even awesomer.
** When Finn ''FINALLY'' revealed his hair. That was pretty awesome. And it's blond!

[[AC: "The Chamber of Frozen Blades"]]

[[AC: "Her Parents"]]

[[AC: "The Pods"]]

[[AC: "The Silent King"]]

[[AC: "The Real You"]]
* Finn destroying a black hole with a 4th-dimensional sword in "The Real You". It's almost too awesome to describe.
-->'''Jake:''' Finn! Don't do anything stupid!
-->'''Finn:''' I can't help it, man! ''I'm all about stupid!'' *Jumps into the black hole with a BattleCry*
* [[spoiler: The fact that all of it was just a BatmanGambit made by Smart!Finn just to get a kiss from the Princess made it all the more awesome.]]

[[AC: "Guardians of Sunshine"]]

[[AC: "Death in Bloom"]]

[[AC: "Susan Strong"]]

[[AC: "Mystery Train"]]
* In "Mystery Train", when it's revealed that [[spoiler:[[TheUntwist the conductor did it]]]], Finn chases him across several train cars by leaping across ''after they had been detached from the train.''
* [[spoiler: Jake's gambit through the entire episode deserves mention.]]

[[AC: "Go With Me"]]

[[AC: "Belly of the Beast"]]

[[AC: "The Limit"]]
* Finn gets on in "The Limit". Jake's on the verge of death from overstretching himself and wasted his wish to get the ancient psychic tandem war elephant they'd gone through the entire maze for. Finn's left with the option of letting Jake die or give up on getting what he wants. What does he do? [[spoiler:[[TakeAThirdOption Wish up the war elephant]] and have ''it'' wish for everyone to be healed and restored.]] Counts because he actually did something pretty clever.
** Not to mention his sheer confidence.
--->'''Elephant:''' Finn the human! Are you worthy to command me?
--->'''Finn:''' You know I am. 'Cause you're PSYCHIC!

[[AC: "Video Makers"]]

[[AC: "Mortal Folly"]]
* While the majority of the two-parter is pretty much constantly scary, there is indeed a couple moments of this; [[spoiler:Finn [[FamilyUnfriendlyViolence ripping the top half of The Lich's head off with a sweater]] after resisting his attempt to MindRape him]], and
--->'''Lich''': [[EvilIsDeathlyCold Aren't you cold?]]
--->'''Finn''': [[ShutUpHannibal NO I'M NOT!]] [[ItMakesSenseInContext I'VE GOT A SWEATER ON!]]

[[AC: "Mortal Recoil"]]
* [[spoiler:The Ice King [[KillItWithIce freezing PB!Lich solid]] ]] come to mind.
** Finn and the Ice king [[spoiler: [[EnemyMine teaming up]] to defeat EldritchAbomination Bubblegum]] definitely deserve some credit in the episode too.

[[AC: "Heat Signature"]]


[[folder:Season 3]]

[[AC: "Conquest of Cuteness"]]

[[AC: "Morituri Te Salutamus"]]
* [[spoiler:Finn faking out the Fight King in "Morituri Te Salutamus"]]

[[AC: "Memory of a Memory"]]
* In "Memory Of A Memory" [[spoiler:Finn doing something ''smart'' and using ''his'' memories to show Marceline the memory that her {{Jerkass}} ''ex''-boyfriend Ash tricked him and Jake into stealing. This is directly followed by Finn, Marceline, and Jake beating up Ash for what he did to Marceline.]]

[[AC: "Hitman"]]

[[AC: "Too Young"]]
* Even Lemongrab gets a quick one in Too Young. After basically spending a whole episode getting mocked and kicked around, he ends up falling head-first out of the window of a tall tower, and slams his whole head into the ground so hard he has to pry himself out of the hole. And [[MadeOfIron he wasn't even hurt at all]].
** You know how candy people explode when they get scared? Apparently, according to Patrick Seery (a production assistant on the show,) it's physically impossible for LG to do so. That's how strong his skin is. It's literally impossible for him to explode.

[[AC: "The Monster"]]

[[AC: "Still"]]
* In "Still", Finn and Jake gain the ''power over butterflies''. [[HeartIsAnAwesomePower It sounds less badass than it is.]]

[[AC: "Wizard Battle"]]
* In "Wizard Battle", there are many good moments, but one is very notable for Finn.
--->'''Finn''': "'''''[[BigNo NOOOOOO]][[SonicScream OOOOOOOOO]][[CrazyJealousGuy OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!]]'''''"
* Ice King managing to survive down to the final three using only his mastery of nunchaku to get by was pretty badass as well[[note]] You'd think with his mastery as an ice ninja, he would have just created the nunchaku using ice[[/note]].

[[AC: "Fionna and Cake"]]
* "Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake". [[spoiler: Alright, the ending wasn't so good, but you have to give Ice King credit, that was an epic piece of fanfiction.]]
** Fionna's speech about knowing who she is and not needing a man to define her. Who knew [[spoiler: Ice King]] was capable of writing such a good moral for young female viewers?

[[AC: "What Was Missing"]]
* When Marceline sings at the beginning of "What Was Missing", while Finn, Jake, and PB hang their mouths open.
-->''[[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic Sorry I don't treat you like a goddess / Is that what you want me to do? / Sorry I don't treat you like you're perfect / like all your little loyal subjects do...]]''
** And Finn's song is just as awesome, which starts out depressing then becomes uplifting.
--->''[[PleaseDontLeaveMe What am I to you? / Am I your joke, your knight, or your brother?...]]''

--->''[[ThePowerOfFriendship You ah-ah-ah-ah-are my best friends in the world...]]''

--->''[[ThePowerOfRock ...Make no mistake, I'm gonna sing a song that feels so real/ it'll make this DO-O-O-O-O-OR BREAK!]]''

[[AC: "Apple Thief"]]

[[AC: "The Creeps"]]
* In "The Creeps", Finn escapes a ghost by busting through a ''solid wall''.

[[AC: "From Bad to Worse"]]

[[AC: "Beautopia"]]
* Susan helping Finn and Jake battle the lub glubs, despite the fact that the monsters ''terrify'' her.

[[AC: "No One Can Hear You"]]
* In "No One Can Hear You", Finn's legs get ''smashed'' by a deer. His reaction? He simply gives a wince of pain and goes: "[[MajorInjuryUnderreaction Whatever]]."
** Not to mention he managed to run around, stand up and take on the deer ''[[HandicappedBadass with his legs still broken]].''

[[AC: "Jake vs. Me-Mow"]]
* ''(cue rock music)'' "BIG LIVER! '''BIG LIVER, ''YEAH!!'''''"

[[AC: "Thank You"]]
* CN decided that "Thank You" was so good [[http://adventuretimeart.frederator.com/post/10759825310/theatrical-sneak-peek-honestly-this-may-be-too that they aired a preview in a movie theater so it could be Oscar worthy.]] ''[[http://adventuretimeart.frederator.com/post/12795157746/thank-you-qualifies-for-oscar-as-of-yesterday And it qualified.]]'' That's an MOA for the entire ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' crew if there ever was one.

[[AC: "The New Frontier"]]

[[AC: "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I"]]

[[AC: "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II"]]

[[AC: "Marceline's Closet"]]
* Finn attempts to deliver a fake message to Marceline via paper airplane, claiming that it would do a number of elaborate tricks and cook some eggs before landing in the correct spot. The result was the airplane successfully maneuvering through the housing, opening the fridge, grabbing three eggs, breaking two and starting to cook one before knocking the pan onto the floor, then flying upstairs into a trash can. The plan may have failed, but it was still impressive.

[[AC: "Paper Pete"]]

[[AC: "Another Way"]]
* "Another Way" is pretty much filled to the brim with this. One moment that comes to mind is when [[spoiler:Finn plows his way through an ''acidic'' river full of electric eels, Moses-styles.]] And he does it all ''[[HandicappedBadass on a broken foot]]''.
-->'''Finn:''' '''[[{{Determinator}} MY way!!!]]'''

[[AC: "Ghost Princess"]]

[[AC: "Dad's Dungeon"]]
* Again, "Dad's Dungeon" has much of this, but one moment that stood out was when [[spoiler:Finn slayed the EldritchAbomination while Jake beatboxed to a remix of Joshua's pre-recorded messages.]] It. Was. ''Glorious''.

[[AC: "Incendium"]]
* Wherever you stand on Finn's romantic situation, you have to admit that in "Incendium", Finn's anger in the name of Princess Bubblegum was awesome. He only rises from his HeroicBSOD ''after'' his pictures of her were burned, and vowed to kill whoever did it, and then proceeds to '''freaking shatter a window by kicking it!'''
* "If anyone tries to hurt Finn, I will '''KILL''' them!"

[[folder:Season 4]]
[[AC: "Hot to the Touch"]]

[[AC: "Five Short Graybles"]]
* "'''[[MundaneMadeAwesome SUPER ULTIMATE HIGH-FIVE, GO!!!]]'''"
* PB making a perfect sandwich complete with awesome background music playing along.

[[AC: "Web Weirdos"]]

[[AC: "Dream of Love"]]

[[AC: "Return to the Nightosphere"]]

[[AC: "Daddy's Little Monster"]]
* [[spoiler:Finn changing into a demon]] in "Daddy's Little Monster". As nightmarish as it was, it was still pretty cool.
** The fact that [[spoiler: he could resist the amulet's pure ChaoticEvil long enough to toss Marceline and Jake safely out of the Nightosphere]] goes quite a way to showing how much of a hero he really is.

[[AC: "In Your Footsteps"]]

[[AC: "Hug Wolf"]]
* In what could possibly also count as a Heartwarming Moment, Finn's final hug-battle against the alpha hug-wolf.

[[AC: "Princess Monster Wife"]]

[[AC: "Goliad"]]
* While the way he does so is funny, Finn managing to [[HeroicWillpower will himself]] not to reveal the plan to defeat Goliad to her despite her trying with all her might to read his mind.
* Stormo's BigDamnHeroes moment. He has absolutely no hesitation in taking on Goliad, knowing he'll probably end up [[SealedEvilInADuel trapped with her in a mental duel for eternity]].
* Goliad's creepy-awesome, super-logical speech as she kills that bee. Came right out of nowhere, and was the perfect EstablishingCharacterMoment for who is perhaps one of the creepiest villains we've seen in the show.

[[AC: "Beyond this Earthly Realm"]]
* Finn back riding a spirit in "Beyond this Earthly Realm" and the whole scene with putting the spirits in the hole.

[[AC: "Gotcha!"]]

[[AC: "Princess Cookie"]]
* In "Princess Cookie," Baby Snaps is depressed because he can't be a princess. After taking hostages, running from the guards, and trying to commit suicide, he ends up in a mental hospital. He is presented with a crown from the Grasslands. Jake puts it on PC's head... and all of the other patients in the hospital smile and bow down to Princess Cookie, who grins. The episode ends. An awesome/heartwarming ending if there ever was one.
* Finn gets an OffscreenMomentOfAwesome when he takes out Baby Snaps' Chocolate Chips in less than ninety seconds.

[[AC: "Card Wars"]]
* The in-universe game "Card Wars". Imagine mixing ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh'' or ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' with ''VideoGame/{{Farmville}}'' and the trademark weirdness of ''Adventure Time'', and the results are incredible. To give a bit of perspective, a cavalry charge of horsemen made entirely out of sentient corn and aided by a floating brain that rains blood is defeated by a hungry pig. Not a magical warrior pig, just a pig.
** And one for the writers for actually managing to make the damn thing look and feel like a real, understandable card game. Rules were somewhat consistent, themes were kept up and strategies were sound. There was no hint of shallow parody. Some love went into this episode.
** Not to mention how awesome and funny a particularly nonthreatening phrase can be; "I floop the pig."

[[AC: "Sons of Mars"]]
* Finn smacks the shows version of a God with a chair in "Sons of Mars".
** Soon after, Finn and Jake meteor down to Ooo towards Magic Man's house. Just before Finn and Jake surface, Finn punches him square in the face. [[KineticWeaponsAreJustBetter At relativistic speed.]]
* [[spoiler: The Emperor of Mars, aka UsefulNotes/AbrahamLincoln, stares Death in the face not to cheat him, but to offer himself to him to make amends for killing Jake.]]

[[AC: "Burning Low"]]
* Bubblegum calling Jake out on thinking she's interested in "a petty love triangle" with Finn and Flame Princess, when really she's concerned about both of their safeties.
* [[spoiler:Finn jumping down the hole to save Flame Princess without a second thought, and giving her his oxygen so that she could continue to burn, knowing that he would probably suffocate.]]

[[AC: "BMO Noire"]]

[[AC: "King Worm"]]
* In "King Worm", Finn defeating the title character by [[spoiler:opening his fear vault and releasing several [[CallBack Call Backs]] in order to make him weak.]]

[[AC: "Lady & Peebles"]]
* Princess Bubblegum effortlessly beating the ever-loving crap out of [[spoiler:Ricardio]].
-->'''[[spoiler:Ricardio]]''': I just wanted to impress you!
-->'''Bubblegum''': '''You didn't.''' [pounds his face with his own foot] [[TranquilFury Get out of my sight.]]
** While leveling a very nice TheReasonYouSuckSpeech at him before [[spoiler:[[AnArmAndALeg ripping his arm and leg off]], then ''[[GrievousHarmWithABody beating him with his own leg]]''.]]
--> '''Bubblegum:''' You think we're intellectual equals?! It only took me ''seconds'' to get you off your guard! And this "body" you designed is self-congratulatory garbage! [[CallBack See, I know a thing or two about building a body out of biomass,]] [Detaching leg] and you '''''don't'''''... leave your heart exposed!
** Then she says that she [[spoiler: carried Finn, Jake ''and'' Lady Raincorn all the way back from the Ice Kingdom to her castle.]]
*** And the Ice King. Who was still conscious. Which meant she had to put up with him talking for two days straight! (Also, she whipped up [[spoiler:a new heart]] for him in fifteen minutes.)
* [[spoiler:Ricardio's]] revamped design, with a new, more expressive, creepier face is quite epic indeed. Compare his appearance in season 1 to his appearance now. The animation and drawing has improved substantially!

[[AC: "You Made Me"]]
* It was implied that Lemongrab gets into the Candy Castle through a small window, WAAAY up high, by climbing up the smooth walls of the castle itself. No, we don't know how he does it yet. But it ''is'' kind of awesome that he would go to the trouble of climbing up the walls of a freaking ''castle'' just to [[CloudCuckoolander do whatever it is he does]].
* A little one. Remember how a year ago, Lemongrab sent Starchy to the dungeon because the little guy had the gall to ask him who he was talking to? In "You Made Me!", Lemongrab flips out and ''demands'' that Princess Bubblegum give him some candy people to rule over in his empty, citizen-less castle. How does Starchy respond to LG's freakout? "In your dreams, you freak!"
* Finn [[TakingTheBullet Taking The Swordblast]] for Princess Bubblegum. He jumps down on an electrified floor, charges through a glass wall, and then takes a blast from Lemongrab's sword.
* Castle Lemongrab ''itself'' is pretty freaking badass, too. It's a massive stone castle WAAAY up high on a mountain. It's up so high, it appears to be floating in the clouds. Leading up to it are a series of thin, precarious-looking rope bridges.
* The music in "You Made Me" is one of the single best episodic scores for an episode of Adventure Time. It perfectly crafts a sense of instability and creepiness, while also having moments that sound tender but still strange. In particular, the scenes where A) Lemongrab cries and falls from the window, B) the Pup Gang make the earl angry, C) Princess Bubblegum gets the idea to make a second earl, and D) Lemongrab meets Lemongrab, all have striking and memorable music. Just close your eyes and listen.

[[AC: "Who Would Win"]]

[[AC: "Ignition Point"]]

[[AC: "The Hard Easy"]]
* Finn having the guts to kiss the Mega-Frog on the lips to restore him to his original form as Prince Huge. Because he's "comfortable with himself like that."
** The Sailor Moon-esque transformation sequence of the prince was quite lovely and epic, as well.
* Jonathan Katz as the Elder. I will repeat that.... Dr. Fucking Katz himself on Adventure Time. This troper replayed that scene 5 times in a row!

[[AC: "Reign of Gunters"]]
* While it would be an exaggeration to claim that the Ice King is particularly ''awesome'' in this episode, he's acting [[GracefulLoser far more dignified]] that we've come to expect from him. He convinces Gunther to give up a powerful amulet just by telling [[YourTomcatIsPregnant her]] firmly to do so, after [[NoodleIncident somehow surviving an encounter]] with three powerful wizards. And he doesn't brag about either of these things.
** Becomes hilarious when you realize he doesn't brag because he's read Dawgzone's book and he's trying to be mysterious.

[[AC: "I Remember You"]]
* Simon was the one that found and unearth the Enchiridum before the Great Mushroom war.
* The fact that Simon [[spoiler:Wrote his letters to Marceline explaining his tragic downfall and why he left, in rhyme. The old coot ''is'' a lyricist.]]

[[AC: "The Lich"]]
* A villainous moment of awesome from "The Lich". [[spoiler:The Lich managed to effortlessly trick Finn into opening the portal to TheMultiverse, by [[BatmanGambit playing on his heroic nature]].]]
** Not to mention that [[spoiler:The Lich managed to effortlessly kill Billy, the hero that managed to seal him away years ago.]]


[[folder:Season 5 part one]]

[[AC: "Finn the Human"]]
* [[spoiler: In Finn's Universe, Simon sacrificed himself to stop the end of the world by freezing the nuke that would have done everyone in, mere inches from hitting the ground.]]

[[AC: "Jake the Dog"]]
* Subtle moment of awesome for the Ice King by proxy. In "Finn the Human"/"Jake the Dog", [[spoiler: Finn wore the crown and became full-fledged insane and nightmarish berserker within a few hours. Simon must have had a ''very'' strong mind to resist that and still have ''some'' (albeit very minuscule) sanity after centuries without fully succumbing to it]].
** Fridge Awesome: In Simon and Marcy, the "Marceline-era [[spoiler:Simon]]" reveals that he's a 47-year old man. When he showed the crown to his fiancee, he looked in his twenties. [[spoiler:Simon resisted his crown]] and managed to retain his personality for ''over 20 years.''
* [[spoiler:Finn Mertens accepting the ice crown]] to protect his family and those he cares about. Overcoming the crown's effect on multiple occasions when people he cared about were in trouble. [[spoiler:And when he turned on the Destiny gang]] immediately neutralizing what were the main villains for the first half of the two parter.
* Jeremy Shada's voice acting in both episodes, but especially in "Jake the Dog," [[spoiler:when he's wearing the ice crown and speaking in a voice that is very similar to the Ice King's own voice]]. Just... words can't properly describe how incredible his performance was in the episode. He was just 15 when the episode aired, but his voice had INCREDIBLE professionalism. Overall... ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.
* [[spoiler: While Jake was taking time deciding his wish, he spends it by [[PalsWithJesus striking up a friendship with P and the Cosmic Space Owl]], eventually becoming bros by the end of the episode. It ends up being crucial because P takes the time to warn him about the specifics that the LiteralGenie nature of his wishes are actually ''out of his control'' and aids in wording things so Jake can screw over The Lich. The best part is that Jake took The Lich's wish ''and'' trapped him in another world without a way out]].
** [[spoiler: What makes Jake's moment truly sink in is when you realize that the Lich was for the first time ever screwed over completely. Previously, the Lich had proven himself competent enough to bounce back from failure almost virtually unscathed. Now, for the first time ever, Jake put The Lich in a situation that the Lich could not take advantage of... until the next season, at least.]]

[[AC: "Five More Short Graybles"]]

[[AC: "Up a Tree"]]

[[AC: "All the Little People"]]

[[AC: "Jake the Dad"]]
* Jake and Lady's puppies doing some sort of FusionDance and beating the crap out of the foxes attacking Jake.

[[AC: "Davey"]]
* "Davey" opens with Finn saving some candy people from a huge dragon by ''slicing the beast in half lengthwise''.

[[AC: "Mystery Dungeon"]]
* The entire premise of "Mystery Dungeon" is [[AntiVillain Ice King]], [[ComedicSociopathy Lemongrab]], [[CoolOldLady Tree Trunks]], [[RobotBuddy NEPTR]], and [[DeadpanSnarker Shelby]] working together to get through a dungeon.
** Lemongrab punching out the giant mouse. ''Nobody'' takes Lemongrab's pie, [[BerserkButton apparently]].
** Tree Trunks delivering a verbal smackdown to Lemongrab, scolding him and telling him he needs to start being nice to the others, who responds by backing down and apologizing. Considering this is a character whose typical reaction to being challenged is to scream and freak out, this is an awesome moment for Tree Trunks.
** For the first time in the series, Lemongrab is put into a situation where his anger and violent tendencies are actually completely justified. Seeing him KO the Ice King with the Sound Sword was pretty awesome, seeing as how, for once, the victim of Lemongrab's assholeishness had it coming.
** NEPTR [[DungeonBypass utterly destroying]] an obstacle that was meant for BMO. And how does he do this? By [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer throwing a pie at it.]]

[[AC: "All Your Fault"]]
* The Lemongrabs creating dozens of children for themselves and proving themselves to be a lot smarter than we originally assumed.
* Lemonjon as a character is awesome. He's as big as a castle and is an enormous mix of what can only be described as half-Lemongrab, and half-[[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Ent]]. The perspective drawings of Lemonjon walking to the Candy Castle are beautiful, as we see him looking down. Props to Thomas Herpich and Steve Wolfhard on this gorgeous sequence.
* Lemonjon's final speech, and his DyingMomentOfAwesome: "Whoa, hold the phone. What is this powerful new juice coursing thrumpst my core source? The juice aches. Is this the rumored ache of feeling? The feeling of caring unknown to lemons? New thoughts emerge... If I act, the candy people will suffer; if I don't, the lemon people will suffer... The greater good demands but one course only! That I dissolve the bonds uniting me and become component to all!"
* The Lemongrabs learning empathy and how to care about people. That in itself was pretty awesome, also heartwarming.
* The [[TooDumbToLive Lemongrabs]] devising a completely flawless plan to take over the Candy Kingdom. Their plan was foiled only by an even bigger (no pun intended) moment of awesome, their son Lemonjon discovering compassion. Seriously, through all their stupidity, you have to give the [=LGs=] props on actually coming up with a perfect plan to conquer the Candy Kingdom and have it almost work (only to be foiled by totally unforeseeable circumstances.)
* "Destiny made me what I am, but it was fate that kept me through the dark." -[[spoiler: Lemongrab's brain]].
** Speaking of which, some dedicated fans completely [[http://www.landofooo.com/community/topic/9167-all-your-fault/page-29 transcribed]] this [[http://adventuretimeconspiracies.tumblr.com/post/41810720879/i-have-no-idea-if-i-submitted-this-correctly screenshot]]!
** The type is small, but the brain also gives us "We could always look the other way when it comes to our own. No way." [[PapaWolf Oh]].
* A scene so inherently awesome it could send a tingle down one's spine. The Lemongrabs have finished giving their speech to the Lemon Children, who are all cheering loudly at the idea of the earls conquering the world and stealing its candy. The earls begin shouting, "Now, GO, young Lemonjon! GO, GO, GO! GO, GO, GO!" They keep triumphantly chanting this while punching the air, as Lemonjon slowly rises up, straining with the effort of lifting up his body, which is actually Lemon Castle itself.

[[AC: "Little Dude"]]
* The Gumball Guardian's laser beam.

[[AC: "Bad Little Boy"]]
* Fionna beating the crap out of Marshal Lee in "Bad Little Boy" for toying with her emotions.
-->'''Fionna:''' I-I get that you flirt with me all the time, and it's funny or whatever, but you're doing that now?! [Fionna's voice begins to break and starts to tear up.] What are you trying to do to my head? You think I've got some little crush on you? Well, for however long we've got left... FOR ONCE, DROP IT, YOU FREAK!

[[AC: "Vault of Bones"]]
* Seeing Flame Princess clean house in the dungeon and go mad with power in "Vault of Bones".
* Flame Princess adopting Finn's method of battle (which she considered boring) so not to burn him when he's captured.

[[AC: "The Great Bird Man"]]
* Xergiok's DisneyAcidSequence in "The Great Birdman" was pretty awesome both musically and visually.

[[AC: "Simon & Marcy"]]
* Simon [[spoiler:fighting against the effects of the crown long enough to protect Marcy from some [[NuclearNasty radioactive creatures]], all while singing the theme song to ''Series/{{Cheers}}''.]]
* Earlier, in the Soupery, just when it looks like Simon is going to break his promise to Marcy, he instead bludgeons one of the [[NuclearNasty Nuclear Nasties]] with the Crown itself.
* Admit it, scary or not, Simon was CrazyAwesome in Ice King mode.

[[AC: "Shh!"]]
* How about the fact that Beemo commands an army of Bikini babes? Makes you wonder what he does in his spare time...

[[AC: "The Suitor"]]
* Peppermint Butler: You should have given him to ME! *slap*
* In a way, Princess Bubblegum bluntly describing Braco's infatuation with her as coming from "overvaluing an imagined relationship with me".

[[AC: "The Party's over, Isla de Senorita"]]
* Ice King's battle with the Party God, including him summoning a giant ice sword, freezing a cloud so it crashed onto the Party God's head, and then throwing him into space until he's only a twinkle in the sky.

[[AC: "One Last Job"]]
* The entire operation, from the Flying Lettuce Brothers impersonating the warden, Tiffany blowing up the vault door, and Jake maneuvering the Hall of 1000 Deaths.
* Jake going PapaWolf [[spoiler: on his gang when they betray him.]]

[[AC: "Five More Short Graybles"]]
* In a twisted way, it '''is''' pretty impressive that Lemongrab's mouth is so big and his body so flexible that he actually had the ability and capacity to shove the [[spoiler: other Lemongrab inside of him]].

[[AC: "Wizards Only, Fool"]]
* That Princess Bubblegum actually ''goes on a quest''. We've only seen her do this sort of thing a couple of times before, but this is pretty much the first time we see her so active.
* Bubblegum's escape from 'Ron James's Spell Palace', particularly as she doesn't take the easy way down (read: Jake) but [[LeParkour rolls and runs her way]] out of a ''four story drop''.
* Either Abracadaniel for actually challenging Princess Bubblegum to an 'honorable prison stabbing to the death' (a KnifeFight) or Peebles taking all of ''12 seconds'' to blind, disarm, and knock him to the ground.

[[folder:Season 5 part two]]
[[AC:"Jake Suit"]]
* Finn getting the top of his dunked in lava ''and still refusing to give in''. Hardcore.
** This is enough for Jake to admit defeat and let Finn go. The first thing he does after regaining his body and donning Jake Suit again? ''Jump right into the said volcano.''

[[AC:"Be More"]]
* The chase scene in the Mo Factory.
* Finn meeting [[spoiler: another human]], who somehow survived using cybernetics and artificial parts. He even remarked that [[spoiler: only his skin was human]].
* "I am not non-mo. I am BMO!"

[[AC:"Sky Witch]]
* Marceline beating the Crabbit.
* Bubblegum's SherlockScan.
* Bubblegum's speech about forming a fist in your brain to punch away sleepytimes.

[[AC:"Frost & Fire"]]
* Flame Princess and Ice King's various scraps throughout the episode. Especially the final one, which involves full powered Flame Princess and Ice King using a ''mountain'' as a walking weapon.

[[AC:"Too Old"]]
* Lemongrab [[spoiler: 2 somehow survived being eaten]]. Many fans were amazed and pleased by this revelation.
** And despite his damaged, malnourished condition, or perhaps because of it, defying Lemongrab at various times, like considering the "dinner act" acceptable and giving food to the starving lemon child. He even takes advantage of Lemongrab being entranced by Lemon Hope's flute playing to release Hope, Finn and Bubblegum from the dungeon, likely knowing he'd either suffer more or be entirely consumed.
* [[spoiler: Lemongrab 2 crawling out of Lemongrab's stomach, freeing all of the children, and giving them defiant words of hope before he's finally consumed again. Doubles as a Tearjerker.]]
-->'''LEMONBROTHERS STOP ! STOP AND LISTEN! [[spoiler: It has cost me much but I have learned that Lemon need not squeeze lemon to survive. Lemonhope! Go forth! Grow strong and return for us!]]'''

[[AC:"Earth & Water"]]
* Flame Princess [[spoiler:taking over the Fire Kingdom with '''CINNAMON BUN''' of all people and giving her old man a taste of what it's like to be locked up]].
-->'''Flame King:''' Right, can you believe this nonsense? Once I get outta here, I'm gonna ground you for real. No snacks, no friends, no popular music.
-->'''Flame Princess:''' [[CallingTheOldManOut You never let me have any of those things! You were a selfish king and a bad parent!]]
-->'''Flame King:''' But I did it for you, honey—for you not to overthrow me like you just did.
-->'''Flame Princess:''' You belong in that lamp! And if you don't settle down, you'll have to answer to Cinnamon Bun!

[[AC:"Time Sandwich"]]
* BMO's Skateboard trick gets Awesomer and Awesomer as more things get thrown into the slow-mo bubble.
** Until it winds up looking like [[http://i.imgur.com/Az0r3zHh.jpg this.]] New page-image?
* Jake successfully gets his sandwich back by making himself sad.

[[AC:"We Fixed a truck"]]
* Finn, Jake, BMO, and Banana Man use their fixed up truck to [[CarFu fight]] a giant lizard monster.

[[AC:"The Pit"]]
* Jake, even with some of his blood stolen and stuck in a pit, doesn't really lose his cool ''at all'', much to Keeoth's growing frustration.
* Finn kills Keeoth the demon by tricking him into inhaling a blessed sword made of frozen grape juice. Thinking it was made of blood, [[HoistByHisOwnPetard Keeoth inhales it and explodes]].
** Let us rephrase this: Finn kills a powerful, evil demon by being ''smart''.
*** What's more? The sword was blessed by Shelby
* JOSHUA. He pretty much made Keeoth his bitch, and he made it look ''easy''. Highlights include him ''drinking'' holy water so the demon couldn't suck out his blood and him taking the sword Keeoth created ''himself'' to try to escape!

[[AC:"Root Beer Guy"]]
* Root Beer Guy, an average candy person, proves that he's more competent than the [[PoliceAreUseless banana guards]] when he solves the case of Princess Bubblegum's kidnapping. It turns out [[spoiler:that the whole thing was a test to see how well the banana guards can solve cases. The banana guards hadn't even noticed Bubblegum was gone]]. As a reward for his competence, Root Beer Guy was made the captain of the banana guards and now his life is so much better.

[[AC: "Apple Wedding"]]
* Tree Trunks calling out Princess Bubblegum for taking over her wedding then ruining it by arresting the King of Ooo. Calling PB a tyrant was harsh, but she still had a point considering PB broke into the King's blimp, destroyed it, arrested him, and tried to sweep her own wrongdoings under the rug.

[[AC: "Blade of Grass"]]
* Finn's use of the titular sword through out the episode. He gets so good at it that he's able to perfectly cut his face into something as small as a price tag.
** Finn taking down a giant grass water-bear by making the blade spin like a saw.
* Finn accepting the curse of the grass sword, and then gaining the ability to "sheath" the sword by turning it into grass wrapped around his arm, and then back to a blade.

[[AC: "Rattleballs"]]
* Rattleballs himself is just made of this. He's able to school ''Finn'' at swordplay.

[[AC: "The Red Throne"]]
* Cinnamon Bun, FULL STOP. He's seemingly gotten smarter over his time in the Fire Kingdom, and ends up saving Finn and Flame Princess ''more than once'' during the episode. He also saves FP from Finn's misguided attempts at flirting, and [[spoiler: at the end of the episode, he gives a speech of why FP's a great ruler, and reveals that he's in love with FP]]. Oh, and he taught a Fire Wolf to fly.

[[AC: "Betty"]]
* Simon punching out [[KickTheSonOfABitch Ash]] and stealing his magic carpet.
* [[spoiler: Betty]] is pretty much awesome incarnate in this episode.
** Her fiance has just gone crazy, which is bad enough. Then she runs into a portal from the future created by her fiance. Within seconds, she learns that he'll go crazy, she'll leave him, and there's nothing either of them can do to change it. Her response? [[spoiler: [[StableTimeLoop Leave Simon for Future Simon by]] ''jumping into the portal''.]] She changed her entire life on the dime because she loves him ''that much''.
** She then learns he's dying. Response? Take the magic carpet, head off to the creature that caused this mess, and ''deck him''. [[spoiler: Betty]] destroyed a horrible monster that took out dozens of trained wizards ''[[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu with a single punch.]]''
-->'''[[spoiler:Betty]]:''' Surprise!
-->'''[[spoiler:Betty]]:''' Tranch.
** Finally, she survives all this and plans to cure Simon of the Ice King so they can live happily ever after. That's one hell of a fiancee.
** [[spoiler: Finn is no longer the last human!]]

[[AC: "Lemonhope"]]
* Lemonhope's climactic battle with Fat Lemongrab upon returning to free his brothers. [[spoiler: Lemongrab friggin EXPLODES!]]
** The fact that [[spoiler: Lemongrab 2 is still alive after being eaten by his brother. Also crosses over into NightmareFuel, but you have to admire his determination to stay alive. He even helps Lemonhope defeat Lemongrab 1 by removing his earplugs. Crosses into Heartwarming as well, since it's less for his own sake and [[PapaWolf more for the sake of his children]]]].
* The entire episode in itself is a triumph of sound, visuals, and narration.

[[AC: "Billy's Bucket List"]]
* Finn not only manages to complete Billy's Bucket List, [[spoiler: but he conquers his fear of the ocean]].
** How does he do this? He [[spoiler: ''physically slices his fear spirit in half.'']]

[[folder:Season 6]]

[[AC: "Escape From the Citadel"]]
* Finn [[spoiler:defeats the Lich by throwing the Guardian's regenerative blood on him, reducing him to a harmless infant. Let us reiterate: Finn did what ''nothing'' else has ''ever'' done: beat the Lich ''twice''. And seemingly beat him ''for good''.]]
** On a meta level, [[spoiler:the ''way'' the Lich is defeated is filled with ''glorious'' irony. He's defeated by what he wanted to destroy: life]].
* The Lich's performance in this episode was magnificent. [[spoiler: By acting like a hollow and defeated husk he allows his enemies to explain their plans right in front of him and he snaps to attention and takes advantage of that opportunity by killing Prismo and opening up the gateway to the Citadel. From there he plans to rally the criminals located in that prison and use them to conquer as many planets as are necessary before all life in the universe is extinguished. The Lich even comes extremely close to killing Finn with relative ease, the only thing that saves Finn is the Guardian Blood that makes the Lich into an organic baby with horns.]] The Bad Guy almost won, and only someone as clever as The Lich could pull something like that off.
** The Lich's speech to Finn in particular is horrifying in regards to what it makes him symbolically become. In every meaningful fashion that speech establishes him as Death itself, the destroyer of worlds, an all consuming darkness that will extinguish all light simply because it can. You can't overcome an enemy as powerful as Death, and the sense of fear and awe that you feel when you see the Lich operate on that level is palpable.
*** Hell, [[AnthropomorphicPersonification Death's]] at that party in "Wake Up", and we see that the Lich [[EvilerThanThou creeps him out.]]
* Only an implied awesome but the implications of the way Finn's Dad acts so casual in the Citadel prison and actually [[spoiler: commands the criminals there with a few words]] speaks volumes of how badass he probably is underneath that surface of silly behavior.
* The Guardians get one too. While they ultimately lose, they manage to kill nearly ''all'' the criminals imprisoned there before falling, including one that can destroy ''planets''.

[[AC: "James II"]]
* When the [[spoiler: toxic mutants invade]], one of the banana guards incompetently stabs himself with his spear. Finn immediately grabs it and tries to fight off the [[spoiler: mutant]], but the spear melts. Normally not awesome, but good to see that [[spoiler: dismemberment]] hasn't slowed Finn's heroics down one bit.
** And [[spoiler: the James clones']] unusual method of saving the day was nice to see.

[[AC: "The Tower"]]
* Finn manifests psychic powers and creates a phantom limb. He then uses his telekinesis to craft a tower so tall, it reaches into ''space''.

[[AC: "Breezy"]]
* Breezy's MagicalGirlWarrior-style EmergencyTransformation [[TransformationSequence Sequence]] and final form.
* Finn [[spoiler:grows a huge tree out of his right arm flower]] with [[ThePowerOfRock The Power of Song]] and ThePowerOfLove for [[spoiler:Bubblegum]] (of whom Breezy creates a hallucination so she can successfully [[spoiler:pollinate the flower]]). [[spoiler:The tree breaks off, revealing his full new arm]].

[[AC: "Food Chain"]]
* The Food Chain song. A [[AwesomeMusic beautiful]] piece sung by Finn and Princess Bubblegum about one of nature's most [[MundaneMadeAwesome mundane miracles]].

[[AC: "Something Big"]]
* The premise itself is pretty awesome. Maja summons a colossus to assault the Candy Kingdom. An epic battle ensues between the colossus and the forces of the Candy Kingdom.
* Colonel Candycorn with a sword. Even more awesome when you consider that just a few minutes earlier, he was seriously distracted by moping over being a widower, and the diffculties he's having getting back into the dating game.
** Colonel Candycorn and five others shooting themselves out of a cannon at Darren!
* Then there was Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant's fight with that giant creature.
* Finn gives the killing blow to the colossus with a stab to its head. It's like something out of ''VideoGame/ShadowOfTheColossus''.
* Bubblegum being her badass leader self and riding her laser swan into battle when Finn vanishes.

[[AC: "Little Brother"]]
* The very end, where it's revealed that Kent's defeat of the Rat King not only fulfills his relatively small quest for self-discovery; it also [[spoiler:brings the treehouse's tree into bloom for the first time in many years]].

[[AC: "Joshua and Margaret Investigation"]]
* Margaret, despite being heavily pregnant, is still a top notch detective and adventurer. When Joshua is poisoned, she heads out to extract venom from the beast who bit him to make an antidote.

[[AC: "Is That You?"]]
* [[spoiler:Prismo]]'s convoluted contingency plan to bring himself back to life in case he died. Even he wasn't sure if it would work. [[spoiler:And it does. Prismo is back, baby!]]
** As icing on the cake, an unintentional side effect of the plan results in Finn getting the Finn Sword, [[spoiler:a sword made from an alternate version of himself]].

[[AC: "Dentist"]]
* Finn and Tiffany put aside their differences and straight up annihilate the giant worms. [[BashBrothers They make a surprisingly good team]].
** Despite fighting [[GoodOldFisticuffs barehanded]], Tiffany is able to keep up with Finn in regards to the number of giant worms they fight.

[[AC: "The Cooler"]]
* Flame Princess calls out Princess Bubblegum for [[spoiler:orchestrating the freezing of the Fire Kingdom]] and gives her a ReasonYouSuckSpeech. This actually hits Bubblegum hard and she [[CharacterDevelopment decides to change her ways]] starting with [[spoiler:shutting down her spy network]].
** That overshadows Princess Bubblegum A) getting ''Ice King'' of all people to cooperate with her in a Fire Kingdom bum-rush (keep in mind that his powers have been shown to not work very well in hot environments), B) getting Flame Princess to outright destroy the machines with her own attacks, and C) fighting her to a standstill with prep time and an appropriate equipment rollout. And after all that, they part on relatively good terms.

[[AC: "Gold Stars"]]
* Despite being a completely evil monster, the Lich's MindRape of the King of Ooo and Toronto [[PayEvilUntoEvil was pretty cool to see]]. [[AmbiguousSituation It's hard to tell with the Lich, especially given the strange nature of his rebirth]], but considering that he and Sweet P appear to be distinct entities, [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation he may have actually]] [[PetTheDog been defending the poor kid]] after all that humiliation and threats.
-->'''The Lich:''' Here's your gold star!

[[AC: "The Mountain"]]
* Lemongrab renouncing the ecstasy of ego-death promised by Matthew and instead deciding to destroy him and his unobtainable enlightenment, using little symbols of Lemongrab's own imperfect self and his past mistakes: [[CallBack LemonJons.]] His explanation for doing so is pretty poetic.
-->"If you are the head that floats atop the ziggurat, then the stairs that lead to you must be infinite! Infinite stairs are [[CatchPhrase UNACCEPTABLE!]]"
* Lemongrab coming to accept his own imperfections and find peace with himself. Finally.

[[AC: "Dark Purple"]]
* Most of the episode consists of Susan Strong showing off how much of a badass she is. She effortlessly beats up hordes of brainwashed workers in her quest to save the kidnapped baby.
** At one point, a giant jelly-dog seems to have her in a tight spot... until her two friends show up in a BigDamnHeroes moment.

[[AC: "The Comet"]]
* When he's stuck drifting through space, Finn ''wills the universe'' into saving him, summoning his father riding a giant space moth to pick him up, and Banana Man's space ship to rescue Jake.
* Seeing Orgalorg absorbing the comet, Finn jumps inside the EldritchAbomination and grows back his grass sword (this time in the form of a [[CombatTentacles Combat Tentacle]]), slicing the monster apart from the inside.

[[folder:Season 7]]
[[AC: "Varmints"]]
* Bonnie's multi-funtion shotgun. Settings include "battery", "tunnel", and "two guns" (which shoots out another shotgun for dual wielding).
* Bonnie and Marceline's fight against the mother varmint and her brood. At one point, Bonnie hops into the broodmother's mouth and tears her way out of the chest.
[[AC: "Stakes Miniseries"]]
* The Moon looks like she was ready to kill everyone but Peppermint Butler literally stabbed her in the back with a HUGE stake, giving Marceline the opening she needed to absorb The Moon.
* The Candy People rebelling against the King of Ooo. He had it coming for a long time. Bonus points for Crunchie, the chief victim of his abuse, [[TheDogBitesBack pushing him into a fire place]] forcing him to melt into a glob of wax.
* '''All''' of the Kingdoms of Ooo throwing everyone they have against the Vampire King's Essence even if it didn't work it was still mighty impressive.
* Marceline's [[HesBack She's Back]] moment after her TenMinuteRetirement. Also her absorbing the Vampire King's essence.
--> '''Marceline''': I'm gonna poop my pants if Finn kills this guy before me!
* The Vampire King makes it pretty apparent that he could take out all of our heroes if he so desired. It just so happened that killing them wasn't what he wanted, and he managed to keep them all at bay long enough to explain that he was tired of the endless repetitive cycle of violence.
** Finn gets one for facing VK without showing any obvious fear, even when he was being held, his neck exposed.
** The Vampire King's fantastically hammy BadassBoast about how he isn't afraid of the unknown. At least before it starts to get weird.
* When the Vampire King attempts to surrender, Marcy goes in to stake him anyway. But halts when she finds Finn blocking her path. It's against Finn's moral code to slay a foe who has their butt in the air.
-->'''Marcy''': ''Dem's your rules.''
-->'''Finn''': ''Dem's good rules.''

[[AC: Angel Face]]
* BMO using a real laser gun to shoot the ropes off Finn's hands from a long distance, freeing Finn. Its even more impressive when contrasted with BMO's very silly play acting through most of the episode.

[[AC: King's Ransom]]
* Ice King is unable to freeze his way across a stream of molten lava, so instead he leaps across each stone in the lava, even as they burn his bare feet.

[[AC: "Crossover"]]
* Finn and Jake manage to handle both Ice Prince Finn from Farmworld and the Lich-infested Jake, at the same time! They defeat the Lich, preventing him from destroying the multiverse and even manage to restore Farmworld to its previous state.

[[folder: Season 8]]
[[AC: "Jelly Beans Have Power"]]
* Patience's plan of messing with Bubblegum to develop her elemental powers.

[[AC: "Min & Marty"]]
* Martin actually risking his life to save his baby son and he turns out to be a pretty tough guy.

[[folder: Season 9]]
[[AC: "Hero Heart"]]
* Lumpy Space Princess saving Finn not once but twice. First by [[spoiler:snapping Fire Finn out of his IrrationalHatred and turning him back to normal]], then again when she [[spoiler:jumps in front of Finn and blocks an attack from Princess Bubblegum.]]

[[AC: "Skyhooks II"]]
* LSP, of all people [[spoiler:saving all of Ooo by tapping into her own elemental power (lumps, which turn out to be the thing that holds the universe together) and creating a WorldHealingWave that returns everything back to normal.]]

[[AC: "Whispers"]]
* Sweet P [[spoiler:possibly destroying the last remnants of The Lich for good.]]
** Also the revelations of what [[spoiler: The Lich said. He said Finn has bested him in ''many worlds.'' Recall how his hand was scattered across the Multiverse. This implied that the alternate Finns ''beat back and defeated'' the various Liches much like our Finn. ]]

[[AC: "The Wild Hunt"]]
* Huntress Wizard willingly standing in the way of a rampaging Grumbo in order to motivate Finn to snap out of his HeroicBSOD and slay the monster.

[[AC: "Seventeen"]]
* A villainous example. [[spoiler: Fern/The Green Knight utterly curbstomping Finn in their arm wrestling match. He may very well have killed Finn, if not for Gumbald's intervention, who wanted to make a point by showing PB that he has her beat.]]

[[AC: "Jake the Starchild"]]
* Jake outsmarting Warren Ampersand by switching their belts and manipulating him into stretching into various shapes to re-absorb his stolen stretchy essence.
* Jake throwing Warren Ampersand into the singularity to protect his pups from him, [[HeroicSacrifice despite knowing that Warren's his only way back home]].

[[AC: "Gumbaldia"]]
* Finn and Jake attempting to stop a potential war by themselves.
* The entirety of the fight between Finn and Fern/The Green Knight is awesome on its own, but Jake's ShutUpHannibal moment takes the cake:
-->'''Fern/Green Knight:''' I used to want to be you, but now I'm a better you! I've proved it! There's nothing that you have that I-
--> (Jake knocks out Fern and barks at him as he retreats back to Finn)
* No matter how powerful Fern gets, Jake will always have Finn's back and the bond the two of them share is something they'll always have over him. Also doubles as a CrowningMomentOfHeartWarming.
* Finn saving Gumbald from falling to his death, despite how much of a bastard he is, [[spoiler: even if that was all apart of [[XanatosGambit Gumbald's plan.]]]]
* [[LegionOfDoom Gumbald assembling several antagonists from the past to fight for him]] in what he dubs The Gum War. [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers Also Ice King's there]].