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01:03:55 AM Nov 26th 2014
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Why isn't Vanguard G in its own page ? like yugioh GX ?

Also i want to add "Clockwork Creature" because Gear Chronicle.
02:02:12 PM Nov 26th 2014
Probably because nobody has thought of making a separate page for it before.
01:01:35 AM Feb 10th 2013
edited by Aurabolt
Kourin's reasoning to prevent Misaki from joining the club are only hurting her own cause, so why did she do it? Making Aichi impotent to bring her in...when she wanted to help someone she cared about, that's endearing and worthwhile not to mention very noble. There's no question as to Misaki's ability, and that she cares for her fellow teammate and Vanguard. Why the hell did Kourin do all of that? If this was some sort of jealously-fueled distrust or tension against Aichi built up for no reason, its not really acceptable for the club's development.
01:22:33 AM Nov 21st 2012
"New Rules as the Plot Demands: Averted. Though the animators do make the occasional screw up with power and shield scores, the characters play true to the real life game and there is exactly one card that exists in the anime that does not in real life. Said card hasn't been seen since Episode 11."

Shouldn't what card that is be in there for those of us (myself included) who don't know which one it is?
11:37:57 AM Jan 3rd 2013
It's "Oracle Guardian, Hermes", a card Misaki used during the first shop tournament. If I remember correctly, it was only used in one episode.
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