• 5 Nov 8th, 2017 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 9th Nov, 2017 09:16:28 AM
    Troper Euodiachloris made some entrees to the Dark Souls character page for the Dark Souls Main Characters And Lords and the overall phrasing seems really poor to me. For example;

    • Determinator: Kaathe keeps trying to end the Age of Fire, no matter how many poor saps get corrupted in the meantime. If he'd been less bull-headed in trying full-on people-experiments in closely-related places, he might have been able to step back and ask himself a little more about what connected all the failures. Instead of victim-blaming people, he might have found clues to look a little more at the flipping seal in the actual Ringed flipping City and wasted a whole lot less of everybody's time on religious frippery and lies.

    This seems to be filled with a lot of natter plus the overall entree really feels off. Reply

      Reads like someone venting their grievances with the character. I think the spoiler part can be taken away, though further elaboration on how Kaathe keeps trying to end the Age of Fire might be needed to prevent it from being a Zero-Context Example.

      That's what I was trying to figure out how to describe his wording. It seems like venting and not simply adding to the page.

      It's more of a main course than an entree (Sorry, couldn't help myself).

      It almost sounds like trying to shoehorn something like What an Idiot into the Determinator trope.

      I'm not at all familiar with the character but that does read very grousey.

      Judging from all his edits and the way there spread out, we might wanna undo them. I could sit down and go through all their edits but part of it could also be more than just poor additions for this page.