• 5 Sep 13th, 2017 at 4:04PM
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    OK, someone put Hate Sink in the YMMV section The Wheel And The Butterfly Saga, so I removed it and put it in the main section. But someone went and put it back! I don't want to start an edit war, so I need clarification: Is Hate Sink a subjective trope or not? Reply

      Which YMMV page are you referring to? And can you give a link to the edit history of said page? It would be an immense help if you did.

      [ETA] I am asking because, from the looks of things, we may already have an Edit War from the other person alone. As for whether Hate Sink, that is an objective trope; it cannot be placed as an example on YMMV pages since it is deliberate on the writer's part.

      @The Nerf Guy:It is The Wheel And The Butterfly Saga.

      Hate Sink, from what I've read, is a character trait. It's a trait used to ensure the character it's attached to is a hateable character based on how they act. One of the examples I've seen it attached to on a main character page is Lady Tremaine the stepmother from Cinderella.

      My own search on the YMMV history page of The Wheel and the Butterfly Saga only shows Hate Sink once, BTW.

      I've removed the Hate Sink entry from the YMMV section.

      There were only 6 edits prior, and the last one to concern the Hate Sink entry was from last year.