• 8 Jul 17th, 2017 at 2:02AM
    Lastest Reply: 18th Jul, 2017 04:08:15 AM
    I'm about to create a page on something related to worldbuilding, someone else's created world, but it isn't a unpublished work and not something I've created personally, so which namespace does this belong in?

    The work is hosted on various sites that disappear within a few years and mentioned on Reddit at their worldbuilding subreddit, so it's not an unpublished work. Reply

      Is it a creative work or a reference work? We don't generally have articles for reference works because, while they may discuss tropes, they don't utilize them in storytelling. Also, I'm suspicious of something that "constantly moves around", as it becomes extraordinarily difficult for anyone to verify the content.

      It's a creative work, not a reference work. The author said he chose hosts that were free, but free webhosts tend to disappear unfortunately. However, there are traces of his creative work on Reddit, if that's a verifiable source.

      No, not really. As far as namespacing, it'd probably go in Web Original for lack of a better place.

      I'll leave this until they have an actual host that's independent of being on Reddit, since you said that's not a source.

      Try the WebArchive? Encourage them to post to a forum or something else with some durability, like SufficientVelocity, FictionPress, WordPress or something?

      Forumotion has been pretty solid the years I've used it. Except for that time they rejiggered the Canadian web addresses a while back.

      Google does blog hosting if that format is preferable.

      ^ Courtesy link: blogger.com

      Thank you. :)