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    Is there a trope for when a character gets caught trying to sneak into somewhere and they say they were just looking for a bathroom? Or for when a character plans to use looking for a bathroom as an excuse if they get caught? I've noticed this happens commonly in fiction, especially Movies and Live-Action TV (though I have found some examples from other media, but I've searched all the bathroom tropes in the index and have yet to find it if it exists. Reply

      I don't know but it sounds familiar.


      Implausible Deniability

      Mentioned in the description and examples of I Need to Go Iron My Dog.

      I Need to Iron My Dog sounds like it's just about obviously untrue excuses used by a character trying to get away from someone or somewhere, rather than excuses used by a character to explain why the character is somewhere they shouldn't be. I think it's more like Plausible Deniability than Implausible Deniability, since in the former the excuse used is believable, even if it isn't believed, whereas with the latter the excuse isn't believable at all, even if it is. For example: In Legend of Korra, Korra sneaks into the gym in the Pro-Bending Arena. When she's caught by an old man, she says, "Uh, I was just looking for a bathroom and I got lost."