• 7 Mar 19th, 2017 at 6:06AM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Mar, 2017 10:17:39 PM
    Is it okay to recreate the Twilight page? It seems like there are enough examples with citations to warrant it, and the reason the page was cut was because the examples had no citations. Reply

      Are they different examples than what's on the main page?

      Mostly, there are about four entries common to both pages.

      So will it be possible to do so?

      Well, you won't be able to do it directly since cut pages are automatically locked. I would suggest using a Sandbox, and then bringing your request to the Locked pages thread.

      Okay, so it should be like Sandbox.Twilight? This is my first time creating a sandbox.

      To minimize potential overlap, your best bet is making it Sandbox.Night Shade 96.

      Okay, thanks for the help.