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    It's a movie that I only saw a trailer for, in mid-2015 (in a theather), and it has been bugging me since then.

    I think it was an American thriller/horror - something that felt a little like The Grudge (but that wasn't it). The things I think I remember about it are: 1. The protagonist was a white woman in her 20s/30s; 2. There were some shots of her swimming in a pool, wearing a swimming cap, goggles and one-piece swimsuit, filmed from underwater; this, probably combined with some other shots I can't remember, gave me the feeling there was some kind of water theme in the movie (which led me to thinking it was Dark Water, but it wasn't) 3. Lots of dramatic music (yeah, like that's gonna be helpful...) 4. Some very dramatic scene of the protagonist running (?) between the cars on some city street (at night?), there might have been a car crash involved (I'm... really not sure what I saw)

    I cannot find a single trace of this movie. I watched tons of trailers for films released in that timeframe, none fit it. I've checked literally all even vaguely fitting movies that were screened in my country (Poland; not that it would help a lot) from mid-2005 to mid-2006, and none ring a bell. Though of course, I could have always missed something.

    At this point, I'm almost certain that I'm mixing up two different movies (still, I'd like to know, what movies?) or just dreamed the whole thing up (which is not impossible). I'm just giving it a last chance here; maybe someone proves me wrong. Reply

      Could it be Gothika? There's a pool scene, I believe, and an almost car crash instigates the plot. And it ends with the protagonist walking passed some cars and and a ghost boy disappearing through a moving bus. As for the water, there's a lot of rain in the movie and a really creepy shower scene.

      Unfortunately, it's not Gothika :( Alright, I guess I really might have dreamed that one up.

      Gonna bump this, with some minor clarification about 4. There WAS some kind of car crash involved, with cars somehow vertically stacked on top of each other, and the MC was standing in the middle of that. (Like... she caused it? Or something around her did? That's what it felt like.) Also minor details about 2: lots of light blue in this scene; the pool was most likely outdoors, but it was a sport pool with lanes and all.

      At this point, I think scenes described in #2 and #4 might have been from two different movies, and it's possible neither of them was horror (could've as well been drama, action thriller etc.) - but I'd still like to know what movies they were because it just keeps bugging me. (They're movies from freaking 2005, they can't be this forgotten?) Also I'm 100% sure these scenes didn't come from Dark Water, Gothika or The Grudge.