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For a light Space Marine setting I'm working on, I've got two sets of soldiers that are used for "bug hunts". There's one group of soldiers that are like the Colonial Marines from Aliens: essentially Badass soldiers, primarily used for low-level infiltration/"extermination" assignments.

Another group, developed by "Project Vympel", are trained from a much younger age to be hardcore soldiers (check The Spartan Way for ideas of the things they go through, including gene therapy using DNA harvested from deceased special ops soldiers). They're also sent on missions at a younger age than the regular crew (generally around 15-16 years old, as compared to the 20-22 for the regulars).

Anyhow, a blend of cybernetics, genetic engineering and nanomachines grants both the regulars and the Vympels enhanced strength (about 4-8 times that of a normal person), and cuts down on their need for food, water and sleep. Lightweight Powered Armor (kinda like a blend of clone trooper armor and some of the armor suits from Rifts) is their standard uniform (with different designs for both squads).

I also wanted to give the Vympels a "trigger scent" like X-23, causing them to go into random berserker rages. Should they have any other weird abilities, or should they otherwise be similar to the regular squads?
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the designs look good enough to me. If you want I think adding Attack Drones would be nifty but that's probably more about their equipment than their body-mods. Would the mods or equipment vary by rank or would it be unimportant to the story?

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