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76 TotemicHero8th Oct 2010 03:54:08 PM from the next level
Crowner seems to have stabilized, with a clear leader. Go for rename?
77 Madrugada8th Oct 2010 04:00:49 PM , Relationship Status: In season
Looks like it's a go.
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78 TotemicHero8th Oct 2010 04:58:42 PM from the next level
Rename and re-indexing complete, with a little cleanup in the description. Moved the Laconic and Playing With subpages over, and killed the Quotes subpage (which was just one quote that had practically nothing to do with the actual trope). Someone braver than me can decide what the heck to do with the Troper Tales page (which seems to be just people bragging about large penises).

Don't lock this thread yet though, as the real work is just beginning. I'm going back through the examples on the main page now, and clearing out all the bad ones. Then we can start on the links. I can't do that alone, so someone else probably should go for that now.

Edit: Oh, and move discussion over too. Should I kill the page image?

Edit 2: Chainsawed a metric ton of bad examples off the main page. I'll start on the links tomorrow - I'm done with this for today.

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79 MarqFJA9th Oct 2010 03:21:58 AM from Saudi Arabia , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Question: Why is Big Fancy Wang a redirect to Gag Penis? None of the other "Big Fancy X" tropes are primarily comedy-oriented, so should logically go to either Bigger Is Better in Bed or a trope for "unusually large penis".
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Both page quotes seem to encourage the idea that this is just about having a big member (the second maybe more so than the first). Those should be looked at.

And should there maybe be a more explicit mention in the intro about how this is different from Gag Penis, to discourage future entries that don't deal with sexual prowess?
81 TotemicHero9th Oct 2010 06:50:15 AM from the next level
Fair enough. Took out the second quote, and tweaked the description a little. First quote seems fine to me.

Also went ahead and killed the page image (for now).

Will start on the links a little later.

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82 TotemicHero9th Oct 2010 02:16:37 PM from the next level
Started on the links (with the ptitled ones), but it's two steps forward and one step back, as people were adding more (at least 2) links to Biggus Dickus as I worked. *facedesk*

Can I get some help here?
83 MarqFJA11th Oct 2010 05:29:05 AM from Saudi Arabia , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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You know, I think Bigger Is Better in Bed would work better if it was "a character has a big penis, because writers (incorrectly) assume that Bigger Is Better also applies to penis size in relation to sex". Isn't that the rationale behind practically every instance of huge penis size in fiction that doesn't count as Gag Penis or isn't explicitly mentioned to be the result of a medical condition that causes abnormally large penis size?

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Ash-shaʻb yurīd isqāṭ ḥukm al-ʻaskar
The problem with that definition is that there would be too many cases where the only way to truly prove the use of this trope would be Word of God. Assuming what a creator's intentions were is a very big can of worms, and I for one don't want to have to deal with that.
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