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This is lifted from the Literature forum—sort your characters into Hogwarts houses. I'll be the first to say that this is just an exercise in fun and nothing brilliant or deep enough. Enjoy, and I'll be back to deliver a more complete response later.

Admittedly, I didn't even finish the Harry Potter series; the idea of Slytherin getting spammed by my guys just amuses me.
An accurate depiction
Gant- Ravenclaw.

Itou- Slytherin.

Holz- Slyterhin.

Gerem- Hufflepuff

Dage- Gryffindor.

Le Grane- Slytherin.

In short, the commanders are Slytherin, the Blood Knight is Ravenclaw, the Psycho for Hire is Gryffindor, and the Tragic Monster is Hufflepuff.
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My little magical girl thing:

Lucy: Gryffindor

Allie: Gryffindor or Hufflepuff

Dare: Ravenclaw or Slytherin

Nikolai: Hufflepuff or Slytherin

Hadrian: Ravenclaw or Slytherin

Nat: Hufflepuff

Llewellyn: Slytherin

Nim: Ravenclaw

Erela: Hufflepuff, of the Zacharias Smith sort

Rahu: Hufflepuff

Tora: Ravenclaw or Gryffindor

Kiril: Hufflepuff

Yuri: Ravenclaw

Aaron: Slytherin

Damn but Gryffindors are hard to write. How does Rowling do it?

The Puzzler
Rainar Tvalgar: Gryffindor/Hufflepuff  *

Some characters I made up sort of recently, thus their names are not set in stone.

Hersik Dvangar: Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff  *

Kafros Dvergar: Hufflepuff /Slytherin  *

Ekhenna Tvongar: Hufflepuff  *

Avulna Tvungar: Slytherin

Faluon Dvilgar: Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw  *

Dross Dvilgar: Breaks the Hogwarts Houses  *

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Where, you ask? C'mon, that one's a gimme; that there is a kid who would've wanted to go into Ravenclaw (better-quality partners-in-crime there, y'see), but whom the Hat would've shouted down with Gryffindor!

Spam time. The list:

  • Lux III: Gryffindor by a narrow margin. He has the brains for Ravenclaw, but what he does with them is too adventurous to ignore.
  • Kenichi: Hufflepuff, self-destructively.
  • Demetrius: Does not even have to be wearing the hat to get Ravenclaw. The hat needs only be within a six-mile radius of him to start shouting the name of the house.
  • Aubrey: Slytherin. Why not Gryffindor? He possesses that house's qualities more than is safe! But the sad truth is, if Harry could persuade the hat to move him out of Slytherin, Aubrey could do the opposite and self-deprecate himself into the wrong house. Baka. I can see him existing on its fringes, not really belonging, but quietly keeping the house's real assholes in line.
  • Corvus: Would be an easy Slytherin, except for the whole manipulating herself into all four houses simultaneously to troll them thing.
  • Baron Lyon: Hufflepuff—picture the Dr. McCoy of hackers. And that after the huge timeskip, he's still trying to break through the Fates' Neuromancer-grade firewall implies some loyalty.
  • Vox: Would have no chance of fitting anywhere but Slytherin. And if they had any sense, even they would throw him out before everyone else in the house died of "idiopathic blood atrophy".
  • Lux II: Nowhere. Is at the end of the list because he would blast the hat with a laser as soon as it started talking because WTF TALKING HAT, spoiling it for everyone.

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Oh, hey, Affy. Didn't realize you'd changed your name again.

An accurate depiction
I recognized you by the characters, myself. It might just be the only thing left intact of your avatar and user name.
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Pretty much. It's a filter—who is clever enough/knows me well enough to find the connection? tongue
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Ok, here I go Mr. Sorting hat.

  • Zenjiro - Griffidor, borderline Hufflepuff
  • Kojiro - Ravenclaw if a bit of Slytherin
  • Janice - Ravenclaw
  • Nadeeda - Slytherin

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Colour scheme/art style of your avatar, believe it or not.

Plus, y'know, Lux II is kind of hard to forget. ^_^;

Jerome Derringer- Griffindor. Ignoring house moralities, maybe Slitherin. Marty-Hufflepuff

Valerie-Slytherin Damien-Hufflepuff for lack of more redeeming qualities Marissa-Ravenclaw Orson-Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff

@eldrich-I'd put him in Racenclaw. Think luna lovegood.

Jack-Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff, Griffinor if the hat feels like pulling another Longbottom.

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