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1 rumetzen3rd Jun 2010 09:28:53 PM from Austin, Texas
The best there is
God I love these books. Anyone else here used to read them?
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2 Latia3rd Jun 2010 09:59:30 PM from The Bottom of Texas
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Hell to the yeah! I LOVED them, still do!

It's a great Deconstruction of the "Teen Superheroes" stories. I loved the fact that it picked apart several cliches and showed how nightmarish it would be for kids in this situtation but still managaed to be side-splittingly hilarious.

But they seriously got dark for what was supposed to be a "kid's series". I mean, they got away with an alien getting cut in half and eating one half. And that's only one example from a series full of violence. I'm seriosuly suprisd that the series never got on any banned book lists at schools. Which kind of has Unfortunate Implications: descriptions of killing and violence is okay if it's not human.
3 feotakahari4th Jun 2010 12:10:21 AM from Looking out at the city
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I sort of got lost—there were 50 books, and the library only had 20 or so in no particular order. Good series, from what I could tell, though, and still the only series I've read that stayed fresh after the tenth entry. Couldn't tell much in regards to deconstruction, but I read them so young that there wasn't much to be deconstructed in my eyes. (Though come to think of it, this series might be why the standard teen hero seems so empty to me—I've already seen it done better here.)

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Yeah I used to love this series. Especially the specials. I would say this is one of the great literary pillars of my youth, along with Goosebumps.
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5 rumetzen4th Jun 2010 12:32:08 AM from Austin, Texas
The best there is
The thing is goosebumps lost its edge but this is still really really good.
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'Cause they blow heads like that dead clothes designer
Protector of the Realm
The series definitely had it's moments (especially when the characters were time travelling or floating in Zero-Space), but the ending was, well, terrible. Or perhaps just too sad for me.

I think the series just got dragged on for too long.
One of my favorite series when I was a kid. Tobias was definitely my favorite character.

I remember eagerly watching the Nick series, thinking I'd finally see one of my favorite book series on television, and being extremely disappointed.
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I loved this series, up until, I don't know, close to the thirtieth book or so? I liked it for a while after that, but the ghost writing and superfluous plot threads dragged it down and I dropped it before the final arc. Which is a shame, because I think I would have enjoyed it, depressing as it was.
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9 MacPhisto4th Jun 2010 09:46:18 AM from Cloud Cuckoo Land
Tell Me A Lie...
I remember some of Visser Three's forms being pure Nightmare Fuel

and the Hork-Bajir Chronicles was a major Tear Jerker
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This series is how I discovered that you can max out your library card.grin
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11 Latia4th Jun 2010 01:17:35 PM from The Bottom of Texas
life is hard U_U
On a related note, check it out. This guy's doing illustrations of all the alien species in the series.
12 Nexus4th Jun 2010 04:05:54 PM from The Other Side , Relationship Status: Singularity
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Unfortunately, I never got to read the books when they were first released, but I wanted to since I kept hearing about how popular the series was back then.

Now I have the whole series downloaded and I'm slowly reading through them. And I see that I was missing out.
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Really good book series. I read a few, back at my old prep school, and just recently downloaded all of them. I find I can appreciate them much more now.
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Son I am disappoint.
I used to love this series. I'm not sure where to find it nowadays.
15 MacPhisto5th Jun 2010 02:59:31 PM from Cloud Cuckoo Land
Tell Me A Lie...
I still have the whole series!

sell it to you for a thousand bucks
Tell Me A Lie... And Say That You Won't Go...
Son I am disappoint.
I'll pay you tuesday.
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That series was awesome. Sadly, I got bored with the plot going nowhere and stopped reading them... a couple of books before everything started happening.

I watched a couple of episodes of that TV series. Nothing special, and quite terrible compared to the books.
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18 Latia5th Jun 2010 09:10:47 PM from The Bottom of Texas
life is hard U_U
Did you all ever get nightmares? I didn't, but looking back, I'm suprised I didn't.

I mean, in the first book alone! The friendly alien gives the kids superpowers and back then, even when he said he was hurt, you think, "oh he's going to be their mentor, like Gaea!" And then Visser Three morphs into some blobstroisty and EATS HIM. And the book also describes the Taxxons catching and eating the falling remains.

But you know what? Out of all the Body Horror and violence, I don't think anything in the series is as horrific as the end of Book 22, The Solution.
19 MacPhisto6th Jun 2010 09:25:14 AM from Cloud Cuckoo Land
Tell Me A Lie...
don't forget, even though they close their eyes and cover their ears, the kids still "hear" Elfangor screaming for his life
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20 Verdandi6th Jun 2010 06:42:09 PM from City of Brotherly Love
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This series pretty much shaped my expectations of softer sci-fi to this day.
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I got about a thrid of the way into the series through Solastic book orders, then stop getting them. Always wanted to finish the books, but don't know where to get them.
In the span of three books, David passed Visser 3 as my "love-to-hate" villain in the books. Mostly because he was so friggin effective.
23 Latia8th Jun 2010 10:56:02 AM from The Bottom of Texas
life is hard U_U
Made a Nightmare Fuel page. It deserves it.
24 Deboss13th Jun 2010 01:24:45 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
This was the first series I ever read. One of my all time favorites.
Fuck. Yeah.

I only have a couple of books on hand, though I've read about ten-ish. I should read the series through when I have time to go to the library.

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