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30 Rock:

IOU one title
I thought it was all right, but diidn't feel as tight, which I thought affected the jokes.
Not An Avatar
I'd like to echo an opinion I've heard elsewhere and say it was a good episode and well done Live Episode, but I'd be glad if they never did it again. It just doesn't work for the show.
We're not just men of science, we're men of TROPE!
 28 Darling Nikki, Sat, 16th Oct '10 10:53:21 PM from The Emerald City
For Science!
^ Ditto that.

I did think casting Julia Louise Dreyfus as Flashback Liz Lemon was brilliant though, especially since it allowed them to do the usual Liz Lemon throw to bizarre memory gag that is a staple of the show.
Some of you look a little more Asian to me.
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Best line: "I'm a corrupt cop, my brother's a corrupt fireman. He's going to set you on fire and I am not going to investigate it."
We're not just men of science, we're men of TROPE!
 30 Jumpingzombie, Fri, 3rd Dec '10 9:34:36 AM from a hill in Washington
Queen of Hyperbole
Ok this week's episode was...surreal. Admittedly, I thought it was worth it for Jack's little monologue about being a protein.
"JZ doesn't like romance flicks. She likes bloodthirsty carnage." - Imipolex G
^It definitely was surreal. It was kind of sweet yet kind of vulgar. Harold the Father Pig definitely made me squirm. HOWEVER the Christmas episode was lovely! I thought it was really nice and sort of simple in the greatest way.

Like the night my girl went away,
gone off in a world filled with stuff
Just seen the live episode.

I think They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot with that one. Somehow it shows what editing does to the show. Jack was devoid of his usual kickassery and Liz felt weird. Then we have the commercials which although very fun, I wanted to watch 30 Rock today, not SNL...

Sierra 117
My sister got the Fourth Season on DVD.

Is it just me, or is the show... not as good as it used to be? Granted, it's still very funny, but it's just lacking, somehow. Maybe I've just gotten used to it.

Maybe it's how they keep trying to push Liz as being horrifyingly ugly. Back in Season 1 - 2 (maybe 3?) she wasn't portrayed as hideous, just socially inept and permanently stuck at the "before" stage of She Cleans Up Nicely.

Jenna and Tracey remain as they were: completely and utterly nuts. It's starting to wear thin, at least for Jenna. Tracey still has a lot of funny lines and storylines.

Jack remains awesome. Let's leave it at that.

Kenneth has, unsurprisingly, become my favourite character. Especially all the "been alive forever" gags.
It's not over. Not yet.
 35 cheeseypoofs, Mon, 24th Jan '11 6:46:55 PM from my happy place
I saw the first episode of the 5th season today. If this is any indication of what the 5th season is like, the show will be better this season.
Mr. Dr.
You know what 30Rock needs? A Crossover with The Muppet Show. I mean think about it, 30Rock references them about every season, Liz Lemon is shown to have some weird affection for Kermit, and they even brought in real Jim Henson Muppeteers to act out a cameo! Not to mention that the shows are so similar, it would be the utmost natural setting for both.
Who wants to play Video Games!
 37 Medicus, Wed, 26th Jan '11 2:23:01 PM from Australia
Sierra 117
There needs to be an episode viewed entirely from Kenneth's POV.

Not only does it consist entirely of muppets, it also doubles as the show's Musical Episode.

edited 8th Feb '12 4:18:54 AM by Medicus

It's not over. Not yet.
 38 Jumpingzombie, Fri, 28th Jan '11 10:22:34 AM from a hill in Washington
Queen of Hyperbole
Ok, I thought last night's episode was pretty good. My favorite part by far, though, was Robert de Niro's pre-taping for the natural disaster.

"This devastating wildfire...this horrible flood...this wonderful flood that put out that devastating wildfire."
"JZ doesn't like romance flicks. She likes bloodthirsty carnage." - Imipolex G
 39 alliterator, Sat, 29th Jan '11 1:34:07 PM from Southern California
professional crastinator
I like the tornado that hit a gun store and became a gun tornado.
 40 Jumpingzombie, Sun, 13th Feb '11 12:19:30 AM from a hill in Washington
Queen of Hyperbole
Welp, looks like Caroll is gone. I was wondering was this relationship would end: turns out he and Liz are both too stubborn and he would waste her as she uses an old man as a body shield.

My favorite line from this episode:

"I never quite anything. I'm still in Girl Scouts. I have 9, 000 badges."
"JZ doesn't like romance flicks. She likes bloodthirsty carnage." - Imipolex G
 41 alliterator, Sun, 13th Feb '11 10:40:20 AM from Southern California
professional crastinator
It would have been even better if she said "I have over 9, 000 badges."
Sierra 117
I've been catching up on the Season 4 eps. Still haven't seen all of them, but the finale...

Oh God. Wesley Snipes. Wesley Snipes.

This is awesome.

edited 13th Feb '11 10:14:05 PM by Medicus

It's not over. Not yet.
Mr. Dr.
Wow, that was a... surprisingly dark twist ending even by 30 Rock standards. And I loved how Tina Fey referenced Michael Scott.
Who wants to play Video Games!
Holy crap, Jack almost got outplayed in his own game! Forecast: Jack and Kaylie will destroy each other and Kenneth will take over.

 45 cheeseypoofs, Fri, 18th Mar '11 2:01:22 PM from my happy place
QUEEN OF JORDAN=WIN. That's all I will say.
 46 Jumpingzombie, Fri, 25th Mar '11 9:17:13 AM from a hill in Washington
Queen of Hyperbole
I thought this weeks episode was better than the reality TV show one last week.

My favorite line/part was Liz as the world's worst hooker.

"You wannna party? It's 500 for kissing, 10, 000 for snuggling. End of list."
"JZ doesn't like romance flicks. She likes bloodthirsty carnage." - Imipolex G
 47 cheeseypoofs, Fri, 15th Apr '11 3:54:12 PM from my happy place
Tracy is coming back! Yay! Also, Tracy's pizza order: A large pizza with one slice missing so that I can feel like I'm eating Pac-Man, like my hero, Blinky the Ghost.
 48 Jumpingzombie, Fri, 22nd Apr '11 8:28:22 PM from a hill in Washington
Queen of Hyperbole
Opinions on the 100th episode?
"JZ doesn't like romance flicks. She likes bloodthirsty carnage." - Imipolex G
 49 cheeseypoofs, Sat, 23rd Apr '11 11:21:19 AM from my happy place
I loved all of the Continuity Nods, and props to 30 Rock for creatively hiding Jane Krakowski's pregnancy.

edited 23rd Apr '11 11:21:37 AM by cheeseypoofs

 50 Nicknacks, Fri, 29th Apr '11 6:16:10 AM from Land Down Under
Ding-ding! Going down...
Magaret Cho as Kim Jong-Il wutidon'teven
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