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Nicknacks is a student in his early twenties from, Sydney, Australia and not as he's at least once mislead people to believe, from Russia. He's never even left the country. He's six foot tall, has been cover featured several times, and has an IQ so high that they couldn't chart it. He's also a compulsive liar (but feels compelled to point out here that the best lies are those based on truth.)

In the process of thinking about maybe adding some tropes possibly. In the meantime, gaffiti all you want.

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Favourite Stuffs

Grr, still can't believe I fell for that Russian act - ShadowScythe

Hey Aussie! - Stolen By Faeries

Patty wack? - Spirit
  • Give a dog a bo—(shot) - X2X

Graffiti? Don't mind if I do! - whataboutme

Nicknacks (noun) - from the Latin meaning "he who hates everything" - Johnnyfog

''Graffiti waz here" - T4448ight