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At one time I thought about making a YKTTW called Fighting To Survive or Fight For Survival or something about works with just that as the plot, stories centered around a fight for life. It would have a lot of overlap with Disaster Movie and would have included other fight-for-survival works like Film/{{127Hours}} or Apollo13.

Anyway, I was too lazy to ever get around to that, but it turns out there IS a trope called Fighting for Survival. The only problem is that it's not about batting to survive, precisely, it's about when the random people that The Hero is trying to save also fight against the bad guy. A typical example is the famous scene from Spider-Man where the people on the bridge start chucking things at the Green Goblin while he's screwing with Tobey Maguire.

This seems to me like a case of a fairly specific trope having a name that is too vague and could describe a lot of situations that don't match the trope definition. New name?
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Actually, I think getting rid of Fighting for Survival is technically part of the clean up for Dying Like Animals (, which is stalled due to sheer number of wicks. If you want to help, cleaning up wicks would be greatly appreciated.

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reads Dying Like Animals discussion

So I see that the winning option was this,

"Cut the pages and distribute examples to more appropriate pages".

The page for Dying Like Animals has been stripped of examples but the Analysis page remains. So the thing to do here is to delete all the examples from Fighting for Survival while leaving the Anaysis page intact? I won't get my account auto-blocked if I delete the examples, will I?
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Dying Like Animals is... incomplete. Eventually, it'll be dewicked entirely and the main page and the analysis will be cut.

I'm fairly certain the Fighting for Survival is the same given the two of them were both listed in the Crowner, but let's wait for a mod to make sure this is the case.

So...strip out Fighting for Survival?
6 Larkmarn28th Mar 2014 01:53:09 PM , Relationship Status: Hello, I love you
If a mod doesn't say otherwise in a few days, I'd say that would be safe. The crowner explicitly says it's about both tropes, and a mod called it for cutting them both.

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Alright, no mods have chimed in. Hack away, I say.
8 DAN00417th Apr 2014 04:31:38 PM from The 0th Dimension
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More like we can put (and rephrase) all examples of FFS into this ykttw and replace FFS' content with something new as gallium said.
I got an hour or so, I can give a hand chopping wicks
ok, so I've cut Dying Like Animals wicks to under 300 currently, would like a bit of a hand so this goes faster. I'll also get started on Fighting for Survival wicks in a bit

Edit:Down to 252 wicks, including the Dying Like Animals pages themselves and the sandbox I set up for the examples in case we found some salvageable, as well as a couple ghost wicks I can't find anywhere on the page in question.

edited 18th Apr '14 4:19:12 PM by tryrar

So, with Dying Like Animals (likely to be) cutlisted finally, we need to step up and clean up all the wicks for Fighting for Survival, so we can cutlist this as well. It's only 80 wicks or so, so if I can get a hand...
12 SeptimusHeap21st Jun 2014 08:20:32 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Hammered the T wicks.
I got up to Matthew Reilly on the crosswicks
aaaand that's all the wicks gone(with the exception of the ones in the soon-to-be-gone Dying Like Animals, and itself of course). Putting this on the cutlist
15 SeptimusHeap21st Jun 2014 10:33:57 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Page is cut. I've tagged the discussion and cutlisted the only subpage.
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