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This trope is about anchovies. Not pineapple or mushrooms or goat anus. Anchovies, and how it's always specifically excluded when almost no one asks for it to begin with.

There is plain and obvious misuse on the page itself. My question is: cleanup or expand? Is expansion worth it? Cleanup is much simpler.

Note in addition that the name itself is predicated on this trope being limited to anchovies, so if expansion is chosen, well...

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2 SeptimusHeap14th Feb 2014 01:39:58 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I question that "pizza toppings" is a trope. That said, I am not sure if the page as is is about "No anchovies please" or "Anchovies are not normal pizza topping", partly because of the bad Example as a Thesis.
Depending on what you mean, I think it's the former, with the added factor of "WTF is it with the expectation that anchovies will actually be on the pizza when it's so unpopular?"

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The trope is about the dislike of anchovies on pizza, there's a suggestion about the source of this in the Real Life examples section stemming from LA based writers asking for no anchovies on a commonly ordered pizza and it working itself into scripts as an in-joke. It's interesting if apocryphal but I don't really have the time to research if it's true.

Anyway, I'm fine with this being only about anchovies as a topping, the name at least has to go if nothing else.

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I feel like this one wants to stick to anchovies only.
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Perhaps a crowner is in order? Options would be redefine, cleanup only, and cleanup/rename?
I think it just needs a rename and cleanup alone as the trope is really specific about this being anchovies generally being disliked enough to be elevated to a common phrase. Nowhere in the description does it mention any other sort of topping at all but anchovies (pepperoni in passing sure but...) so I'm not sure why people are umming and erring about what the trope is about, doubt the EAAT is the actual issue.

The image will need to be pulled ASAP, it's only related to the trope by connection to pizza topping and throwing tropers for a loop. Because of that I'm proposing maybe we need another trope created possibly to deal with "weird" pizza toppings, this one just being a significant subtrope of it.
There's already a IP thread on the pic. It's getting changed regardless of what's happening here. Even if it gets expanded, it should still fit.
hold on. Before we go off on rename/cleanup stuff, we need to answer this one simple question: Is this a trope? I mean, a trope about anchovies/pizza toppings sounds like chairs to me

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Pizza toppings would be chairs, anchovies are a trope.
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More specifically put, pizza toppings in general would be Chairs. "Weird" pizza toppings (including anchovies) are fairly tropeable.

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....anchovies are a weird pizza topping? They're a fairly common topping, and pretty delicious at that.

But anyways, yeah I can see your point. Pizza with bizzare or wierd toppings IS a trope(and should have a few examples from various comedy series, if nothing else!).

Now, how do we fix this?
I did have weird in quotes! This trope is about anchovies but other toppings such pineapple or cucumber amongst others do sometimes frowned upon as weird similarly to anchovies mainly because "no anchovies" became such a cliche.

Actual weird toppings like goat anus probably aren't this trope but we should be finding out if we want to expand the trope out to other toppings seen as odd or be far more clear about it being limited to anchovies or some other third thing. I still like my proposal in @7 but would like to see more input.

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As someone who can't get enough anchovies, I take offense that no anchovies is such a cliche.

...up until I remember I'm the only one in my family who likes anchovies :P. Nevertheless, I think this should be expanded to wierd and wacky toppings in general, rather than specifically anchovies, simply due to the fact that this would then simply be a list of times someone said hold the anchovies or similar
16 GnomeTitan17th Feb 2014 01:38:22 PM from Scandinavia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
If "pizza with weird toppings" is a trope, perhaps it should also include "pizza with everything" — that is, a pizza with a combination of toppings that normally don't go well together?
17 Madrugada17th Feb 2014 02:01:15 PM , Relationship Status: In season
The trope is "no one wants anchovies on a pizza, and for some reason they have to tell the pizza place that every time. A character will happily and correctly assume that if they don't ask for pepperoni, they won't put any on the pizza. You don't have to say "No pepperoni" or "No black olives" or "No ham" when you order. Anchovies are treated differently, and you must specify that you don't want them."

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[up][up]As someone who works at a pizza place, I can say that "pizza with everything on it" isn't a particularly odd order.

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[up][up]That sounds like Chairs Sit On People, honestly.
Not entirely, I think Mads might have extrapolated too far and came up with something very specific when it's dealing with the simple Stock Phrase of "no anchovies" and related stuff coming from that. Unwanted pizza toppings could be some other trope but I'm in two minds regarding expanding the trope to take in other pizza toppings with a similar reputation. This isn't a difficult trope to solve, it's just finding what we need to do and agreeing that's the issue.

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21 Madrugada19th Feb 2014 11:08:05 AM , Relationship Status: In season
The trope isn't the phrase. The trope is that people in fiction feel the need to say "And NO anchovies!" when ordering a pizza, as though it was a default topping that would be on every pizza whether they asked for it or not.
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Then it's both that expectation and it being a stock phrase as a result or at least that's what the description says and the examples suggest. Eitherway, it does feel like we need to gain a better definition or at least a description that makes the trope far more clear than it is.
The trope can also easily be Justified if they're not ordering the pizza when they say it—for example, Alice is ordering pizza on the phone, and we hear Bob yell "No anchovies!" from the other room. The situation actually comes up all the time in Real Life when a group is trying to decide on a pizza that everyone will eat. (Not usually with anchovies, though. The prevalence of anchovies in fictional pizza orders is legitimately weird.)
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Clock is set.
For the record, so far, neither the OP nor anyone else has given any specific examples of misuse.

Alternative Titles: Least Common Pizza Topping
16th Jun '14 12:05:56 AM
Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
At issue:
With an agreed upon redefinition and rename of this trope to "a character requests that a certain ingredient in a food be withheld when the food would not commonly have that ingredient," what name should Least Common Pizza Topping be renamed to?

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