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No Man's Sky:

 26 Thnikkafan, Tue, 10th Dec '13 6:14:43 AM from Faroe Islands (not really) Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
I'm just glad that this game doesn't have "Star" in the title as so many games like to do nowadays.
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So apparently the devs want it to be like a mix between DayZ and Eve Online from what I'm gathering, but somehow more friendlier than the two. The reason why is because the game will basically start you off on an earth-like planet in question and quickly give you a spaceship as a means to leave it and explore the local solar system. Once you do, it'll be up to the player on where to go in the galaxy and what to do, though the first few actions will probably be scavenging old outposts/shipwrecks and mining raw materials to upgrade your ship and equipment. However, the galaxy you inhabit happens to be the same one everyone else is living in, just that they're all starting in different sectors at random but can still find you early on. It's really starting to sound a lot like a 3d version of Starbound, but more heavily focused on player interaction.
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 28 0dd1, Tue, 10th Dec '13 7:55:22 AM from Nowhere Land Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Still just awesome like that
If youíre standing on a planetís surface and look up, every single dot in the sky is an actual star you can go visit.
That doesn't sound like a very good idea, considering the makeup of a star vs. the makeup of a you...

I gotta wonder, it seems like this is the kind of game where the draw distance must be incredibly huge. That's gotta take up tons and tons of processing power.

(Also, I'll ask again, does anyone know if this game is going to be PC only?)
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 30 Known Unknown, Tue, 10th Dec '13 6:44:56 PM from Here. There. Everywhere.
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This looks amazing. Throw in procedurally generated societies and factions that the player doesn't just join/work for, but actually interact with in a meaningful way, and I'm buying this so fast my cash may set on fire and be rendered useless.

I'm with Odie From The Oz: this is a game that I've wanted to see done for quite a while.

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 31 onyhow, Wed, 25th Dec '13 9:17:54 AM from Thaddis Sabbah, still fighting Vaygrs Relationship Status: Singularity
 32 Ekuran, Wed, 25th Dec '13 12:38:46 PM from somewhere. Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
The game files are almost certainly fine. The expensive computers and other electronic equipment are probably not, unfortunately. But they probably have insurance for this, and if not, a Kickstarter would probably fund their lost stuff a hundred times over considering all the positive buzz for this game.

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 33 Spooky Mask, Wed, 25th Dec '13 1:20:33 PM from Corner in round room Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Neo Geo Pocket is the biggest loss

Anyway, still not beating Project Zomboid as unluckiest project

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new trailer still looking good. I can't help but notice no release date.

[up] By all means, let them take their time. This game has amazing potential, and I don't want to see it screwed up and require a ton of "updates" before it truly shines (a lot of what's on Steam Early Access comes to mind right now, some of that stuff ain't even early Alpha worthy!)
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 36 Jerek Laz, Tue, 10th Jun '14 1:47:33 AM from Engerlaaaand Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
Their studio did get hit badly by those floods in Guildford: I'm just glad this is still going!

Hopefully there'll be something tying it all together (I know it's apparently being billed as a roguelike, with persistent discoveries etc) and it won't turn into another Spore, which kinda petered out after a bit.

At least here it looks beautiful, seamless and allows for space shootery.
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I wonder what the bigger focus would be though... The ground or space combat?
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 38 Jerek Laz, Tue, 10th Jun '14 5:09:18 AM from Engerlaaaand Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
Well the second trailer shows a laser gun being fired. I'm just thinking: "what are they going to do with the Universe?"

I mean, exploring is nice and all, plus all those ships. Is there a narrative? Are there missions? Or will it turn into Spore with no real connecting stuff between anything? Factions, pirates, a sense of you fitting into the universe?

Either way I'm still going to play it and relish space-atmosphere-space shooty fun. I just hope it doesn't have really dull "find 10 procedurally generated x's" type missions.
"If there was no God we would need to invent him" - Voltaire Mass Effect Fanfic (WARNING: SHIPPING)
[up]Probably a mix of EVE, but more friendlier and with elements of Minecraft and Spore in the sense of the randomized planets being customizable and having their own unique biomes.
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 40 Jerek Laz, Tue, 10th Jun '14 9:18:03 AM from Engerlaaaand Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
I hope so. I love Minecraft, but the joy of that comes from creating as well as discovery. This seems to be mainly based around discovery. If it can build in a connected universe (Rather than just random spaceships that you can engage) then wonderful.

Overall I am optimistic - it'll be an amazing technical achievement either way! I'm just trying to stop myself overhyping and imagining aspects of the game... like I did with Black and White.
"If there was no God we would need to invent him" - Voltaire Mass Effect Fanfic (WARNING: SHIPPING)
Well, I'll be...
I don't like how someone can claim their game to be "infinite". As if we, the audience, are too stupid to know what "infinity" means.

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What kind of a post is this??!~!!
 42 Avenuewriter, Tue, 10th Jun '14 1:32:05 PM from Tombstone Relationship Status: Robosexual
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The game looks amazing, but I hope they tone down the red because my eyes felt like they were bleeding after the first minute.
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I agree that one should avoid assuming anything about nms. While the devs do hint that there's more to the game than that seen in the trailers, making assumptions about what the end result will have is probably a bad idea. I am already imagining in-depth crafting and upgrading mechanics, as well as vibrant galactic economies, and I'm forcing myself to stop my imagination from running wild, cause that would probably end in hectic disappointment.

Even so, I'm definitely looking forward to what I can see for sure: a large scale exploration game that allows you to mine, upgrade your ship and suit, trade goods and engage in combat. Would construction be possible? And there's me being overly hopeful again...

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