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Not Thriving: Afraid Of Doctors get usage counts

I'm pretty sure this is a trope, but it has all of one example. It didn't go through YKTTW either and the only reason I found it was during cleanup of another trope.

I recommend we cut this and send it back through YKTTW.

 2 oneuglybunny, Thu, 28th Feb '13 6:53:08 AM from Binghamton, New York, US
useless legacy
Actually, Arda, The Commander 236 has an identical trope going in the YKTTW section titled "Afraid Of Doctors" where it has already garnered about ten examples, and a couple of Hats. If I knew how to link to things better, I would. Sorry about that.

That trope is kind of different. It should probably be expanded upon.

edited 28th Feb '13 7:05:13 AM by Arha

When I first saw the title, what I thought of was something I sometimes see is shows about Ye Olden Days (1930's and earlier) where there is always some country boy or old person that doesn't trust them city doctors with all their book learnin and such and would rather stick to old fashion home remedies. Of maybe someone he had lost a relative who was being cared for by a doctor and thinks they are all quacks.

I run across it a lot in shows like the radio version of Gunsmoke but danged if I can remember any examples specific enough to describe in detail on a trope page.

I think we should consider merging the concepts and make a general trope about characters that refuse, for whatever reason, to seek out professional medical treatment. We can split it up latter if the resulting trope thrives and collects a ton of examples,

edited 28th Feb '13 8:06:32 AM by Catbert

 5 Septimus Heap, Thu, 28th Feb '13 8:29:10 AM from Zurich, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
A Wizard boy
236's YKTTW is here.

^^ I agree. That's what I think of when I see this title, not someone who is afraid of doctors. The two concepts are close enough that they should be merged together.

Agreed. I described why they should be merged on my discussion. Whoever launched that page didn't know how to index it and didn't know the rules for launching a page.
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 8 Larkmarn, Mon, 4th Mar '13 8:45:43 AM Relationship Status: Hello, I love you
I say just axe this.

 9 Editor Pall Mall, Mon, 4th Mar '13 8:54:06 AM from United States, East Coast
Don't Fear the Spiders
Axe it. If we need it, we can always resurrect it with a YKTTW.
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 10 X Fllo, Mon, 4th Mar '13 12:56:13 PM Relationship Status: Every rose has its thorn
I am also for cutlisting it.

I already took the description and used some of the lines for my Afraid Of Doctors YKTTW and took the example and added it to my page. Cheers.

edited 4th Mar '13 1:39:06 PM by Thecommander236

Don't make me destroy you. @ Castle Series
The page does have a single inbound (not much I know, but more than zero) and the name isn't that bad, so I'd rather turn it into a redirect for the new trope that is being worked on right now.

That is fine. The new trope just needs two more hats and some refining and it's ready to go.
Don't make me destroy you. @ Castle Series
 14 Septimus Heap, Mon, 1st Apr '13 4:41:45 AM from Zurich, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
A Wizard boy
Afraid of Doctors has been launched some time ago. Since it's description intentionally doesn't elaborate on why someone is afraid from doctors, we can say that Doesnt Trust Doctors is redundant to it and we'll redirect this to Afraid of Doctors if no objection occurs.

I think there is a minor difference between being afraid of someone and not trusting them to be effective. I think we can merge the articles, but could use some tweaks in the description to incorporate both concepts.

 16 Septimus Heap, Mon, 1st Apr '13 7:29:17 AM from Zurich, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
A Wizard boy
I agree with the tweak.

 17 Another Duck, Mon, 1st Apr '13 7:31:39 AM from Stockholm Relationship Status: Chocolate!
No, the other one.
Yeah. They're both about an aversion to doctors. I don't think the difference is significant.
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I have no objections. Since it's launched, anyone can do the tweak. Just make sure there's a consensus.
Don't make me destroy you. @ Castle Series
Afraid of doctors is a narrower title than the trope actually is, though. Should we address that before the trope really gets entrenched?

 20 Another Duck, Mon, 1st Apr '13 1:08:39 PM from Stockholm Relationship Status: Chocolate!
No, the other one.
Well, it's an aversion (not that kind), as I said. Why not call it that?

Merging two very similar tropes is enough of a justification for a rename in my book, if there aren't other problems.

edited 1st Apr '13 1:09:52 PM by AnotherDuck

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Doctor Aversion is what I assume you're suggesting, though Doesnt Like Doctors would also work.

 22 Another Duck, Mon, 1st Apr '13 3:52:11 PM from Stockholm Relationship Status: Chocolate!
No, the other one.
That or Aversion To Doctors. I think Doesnt Like Doctors, while not exactly dialogue, doesn't sound like a trope name.

Either "Afraid" or "(doesn't) trust" brings up too narrow connotations, though.

Though we should probably agree on a rename in the first place.

edited 1st Apr '13 3:52:42 PM by AnotherDuck

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Just throwing out suggestions.

YKTTW Old suggestions: Alternate names: Fear The Medical Professional, Fear The Doctor, Afraid Of Medical Professionals, Does Not Trust Doctors, Does Not Like Doctors, Afraid Of Medical Professionals

New ones: Suspicious of Doctors, Wary of Doctors, Concerned with Doctors, Concerned about Doctors, Ambiguous Trustworthy Doctorate, Doctor Untrustworthy, Distrusting of Doctors, Doctor Trustless

Before you ask, I save all my launches' YKTTW write ups on Microsoft word. (I always lose my bookmarks since I have 10000+... No that isn't a joke or exaggeration...)

edited 1st Apr '13 4:45:56 PM by Thecommander236

Don't make me destroy you. @ Castle Series
 24 Septimus Heap, Thu, 23rd May '13 1:44:54 PM from Zurich, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
A Wizard boy
OK, since the article Doesnt Trust Doctors never evolved past the stub stage and duplicates Afraid of Doctors, I cutlisted the old article and retagged this thread to point to Afraid of Doctors since @21 suggested to rename that. I am not sure it's necessary tough.

Afraid of Doctors is narrower than the trope, but I don't really care anymore.

edited 23rd May '13 1:54:27 PM by Arha

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