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Age of Empires III:

 1 RL Nice, Sun, 28th Oct '12 3:00:14 PM from a computer
Bigfoot Puncher
Thinking of re-installing this game and its expansions. Never really quite understood why it was hated so much by the fandom, maybe it's because I never had a raging nostalgia hard-on for Age of Kings to color my view.
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 2 Journeyman, Sun, 28th Oct '12 3:39:35 PM from Here and there.
It's the Over Lord!
It was quite a bit different from the earlier games, IIRC.

Personally, I like the card system, although the levelling up can be abused to Hell and back. Just have to keep someone alive and let your experience rack up. Especially if you add to it with the supply vehicles.

edited 28th Oct '12 3:41:51 PM by Journeyman

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 3 Demetrios, Sun, 28th Oct '12 8:42:51 PM from Northbrook, Illinois
 4 Vuther A, Sun, 28th Oct '12 9:05:54 PM from Canada Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
I like cheese.
[up][up] There are experience limits per game last I checked, though.
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Yep, there's an experience cap. 25k or something; I forget. It makes it appropriately hard to get to level 40 and 50, which is nice.
 6 CPF Mfan, Sun, 28th Oct '12 11:13:23 PM from A Whale's Vagina
I am serious. This is my serious face.
I remember loving this game. It was especially fun to play as the Russians and just throw hundreds of strelets at my enemy's base. evil grin
 7 Emperordaein, Mon, 29th Oct '12 1:45:39 AM from Australia Relationship Status: Hugging my pillow
Praise the Sun!
Bah! Strelets nothing! I focused on building my Oprichnik Loot N' Burn squad, who would proceed to sever the enemy supplies by murdering their villagers and burning down their farms and Barracks while their army were away/still being formed. A few dozen worker corpses and supply building ashes later, and the enemy was in my grasp as the rest of the army came in. Fun, fun times....
 8 Loose Cannon, Tue, 30th Oct '12 2:38:43 PM from Everywhere and Nowhere
The Groose Is Loose
I liked playing as the Dutch. Halberdiers with Skirmishers are hard to beat.
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 9 Journeyman, Wed, 31st Oct '12 6:44:20 PM from Here and there.
It's the Over Lord!
Tercio and Musketeers for me, y'all. And walls backed up by a fort and mortars, booyah!
When the hammer falls and your world shatters, I'll be there to cut the handle and pick up your pieces.
 10 Demetrios, Mon, 5th Nov '12 5:25:19 PM from Northbrook, Illinois
[up]I agree that the Dutch are fun to play as. When I build all the banks I can, and there's a whale in the sea nearby, I like to imitate Gonzo and say "We're gonna be rich!"

edited 5th Nov '12 5:28:12 PM by Demetrios

Dungeon Man
I really loved whenever I played as Germany. But damn, those cards give you too many Uhlans which results in serious beatdown whenever their spearmen come. sad
"I'm afraid I just blue myself" - Tobias Funke
 12 Demetrios, Tue, 6th Nov '12 3:55:12 PM from Northbrook, Illinois
I shot them before that happened. :)
 13 Krika, Tue, 6th Nov '12 4:01:49 PM Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
I originally like the Spanish, but after the Asian Dynasty's came out, Japan became my preferred choice. So much fun to be had with them.

 14 ABNDT, Tue, 6th Nov '12 4:51:00 PM from where you're not looking
You can't kill a stone....
I'm a big fan of resource trickle, so the Dutch and Japanese are both high on my list.
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 15 Flaminghello, Sat, 21st Dec '13 1:36:44 PM from Somewhere else
The Experientialist
Can anyone offer help installing Age of Empires III on linux (fedora 18)?
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 16 jemu 99, Sun, 29th Dec '13 4:46:38 AM from Shadow-Earth... or is it
It's a drop kick!!
I love the Aztecs. Nothing but infantry as far as the eye could see, and no trace of gunpowder at all. It felt like playing WarCraft versus StarCraft.
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