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Has anyone here read Melmoth the Wanderer or The Monk by Matthew Lewis? I find the dead Gothic novelists much more frightening than our contemporary fantasy.
2 Rhea26th Sep 2012 06:23:34 PM from Syracuse, NY, USA
No, but they're both public domain so I'll get on that. I'll be back.
I've only heard of The Monk because it is mentioned in an adaptation of Northanger Abbey...

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Haven't read them yet, but The Monk is on my To Read list. I haven't read a whole lot of gothic novels at all, but I'm planning to.

Interestingly, right now I'm reading The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope, where the central character is a rich tycoon named Augustus Melmotte. I remember wondering if his name was a reference to Melmoth. (There's nothing supernatural or even remotely gothic about the novel or Melmotte's character, but who knows?)
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The Castle of Otranto (1764) is often regarded as the very first gothic novel.
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6 Rhea29th Sep 2012 04:29:22 PM from Syracuse, NY, USA
The Castle of Otranto is hilarious, I recommend it. The Monk is good so far. It's like Don Quixote combined with copious amounts of melodrama.

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Let's face it, most Victorian fiction is fun because of the sheer amount of meladrama that's so purple you could have sworn it was being choked by a pulp magazine in a fist fight. Having sadi that, Varney the Vampyre, the Monk, Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, and Carmilla are my favorites. not because two have unique takes on vampires by today's standards, but there's a genuine feeling of creepyness to them. though varney is like a good pulp novel sensational, fun and shallow, but genuinely moving at the climax. Btw, how Carmila got passed the sensors at the time I'll never know.
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I only read Frankestien and Dracula. I guess those are like newbie starter pack novels.
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Is it okay to revive old threads like this? I just love Gothic literature, from its origins to contemporary lit. Reading Mysteries of Udolpho currently. So far, so gothic. My favorite Gothic books are probably We Have Always Lived in the Castle (1962), The Monk (1796), Dracula (1897), and The Bloody Chamber (1979).Anybody here read Bloody Chamber?
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