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The troper known as Jay T Dawgzone, henceforth referred to as "The Creature," loves all things spooky, and even resorted to specializing in Gothic literature in school in order to be closer to the creepy side of life. This troper has a strong obsession with Vincent Price and his mellifluous vocalizations. The Creature also is very fond of riddles and Puzzles. This troper is also an aspiring illustrator, despite activities and apparent ambitions in literary academia.

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This Troper is an example of

  • Bookworm: The Creature is indeed a bookworm, choosing to pursue a career in reading books and writing about them.
  • Creepy Good: The Creature is not necessarily attractive, nor is it quite normal in its mannerisms, but it is definitely one of the good guys.
  • Delighting in Riddles: The Creature asks you a riddle. You cross the bridge. The bridge is merely another riddle.
  • Gratuitous German: The Creature loves to speak German, despite not knowing any Germans.
  • Height Angst: Inverted! The Creature enjoys being short. It makes it easier to dodge through crowds.
  • Literal-Minded: The Creature is not always able to recognize a joke immediately, as it is more focused upon the veracity of a statement than its potential for amusement. However, once the joke is recognized, The Creature generally is able to enjoy its humor.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Invoked.
  • Puzzle Game: The Creature likes puzzle games the best. Its first video game was Portal.