Super Hexagon:

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Jonah Falcon
An iOS action maze game... or should I say the action maze game.

I can't imagine playing for 8 seconds before I get my ass kicked. Or maybe that's just an advanced level.

Coming to PC soon, too.

Jonah Falcon
2 Psyclone11th Sep 2012 07:45:52 AM from Somewhere else
A Superior Spider-Man
This game is the I Wanna Be the Guy of iOS and as addictive as they come. I both want to hug and kick Terry Cavanaugh in the balls for making it.
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3 Psyclone11th Sep 2012 04:55:45 PM from Somewhere else
A Superior Spider-Man
Finally managed to complete the first level. Also Terry Cavanaugh is at the top of ALL LEADERBOARDS? I never thought I'd ever say this but... HAX! I CALL HAX! tongue

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Any child can follow rules. True adulthood is knowing which ones to break and when.
Dude. He created the game. It'd be hax if he wasn't the best player in the world at it.
5 Mukora11th Sep 2012 06:35:20 PM from a place , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
Have you ever seen developers play their own games? They're almost always terrible.
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6 Psyclone12th Sep 2012 03:49:37 AM from Somewhere else
A Superior Spider-Man
Besides, this is a game that requires borderline superhuman reaction times.

Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if this game were part of some The Last Starfighter type deception to recruit super warriors or something. tongue
Any child can follow rules. True adulthood is knowing which ones to break and when.
[up][up]Nah, he confirmed on Neo Gaf that it is him and he is that godlike.

So for lack of Super Hexagon, I've been playing the original, inferior Hexagon. It's pretty addicting. I've gotten up to 84.5 seconds.

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Just got this today. Pretty nice for a $1 game. I've already spent probably an hour or two playing it and unlocked the first two Hyper modes, but can't even get halfway on Hexagonest. And if the leaderboards are any indication, most other people can't either. (With a record of 27:30, I'm on the top 5% of the leaderboards. I was definitely not expecting to be so high in the rankings.)

A couple things I've noticed:
  • The hitbox is very small, just at the tip of the triangle. (I'll let the rest of you imagine your own "the tip is the most sensitive part" jokes here. :P) It looks like stuff will pass harmlessly through the base corners. (This is different from the original Hexagon, where the hitbox seems to be the center of the base.)
  • Unlike the original Hexagon, Super Hexagon won't let you move sideways into a wall. This make those spiral patterns much more doable.
  • The game really likes to throw the same wall at you multiple times in a row but with every other one rotated 180 degrees.

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Técnico Electromecánico
The game is now out on Steam.

I am sad I learned of this game just today sad
Aaauugh. Hexagonest was devised by Satan. It's the only explanation.
If anyone else wants to look up Packbat in the Tropers Steam group, I wouldn't mind having people to compete against as I try to unlock Hexagonest and the three Hyper modes.

(The game's still 33% off until the 4th — with 16% off on top of that if you're buying a two-pack to play with a friend!)
(I technically haven't beat Hexagoner on Steam, but I don't think it will take too long — I was able to do it on the iPhone.)
Just beat it (all 6 modes) a second time, and recorded the ending this time. Here's the ending if anyone wants to see. (Spoilers, obviously.)
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