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I was on the internet the other day and heard about the gem that is Conservapedia, but I read a few articles and found it actually quite uninteresting.

Anyways, because I felt like spicing things up a bit with some solid trolling, I tried to create an account, and quickly found that the create account button was nowhere in sight.

Where is it? Can one even make an account anymore?

Oh and I don't want to hear about how sad I am for wanting to troll a conservative website. I'm VERY BORED.
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Accounts can only be created at certain times of day, in order to allow manual username checking. I believe that if you try at the wrong time, then the "create account" thing just won't show up. At the right time, then click on "log in" in the upper-right corner and you should be able to make an account. No idea what times of day are good, though.
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[up] Interesting...

Though FYI only course.

We're cetainly not encouraging you to troll conservapedia (seriously, don't do it, it'd count as Exporting Drama).

Personally I wouldn't revisit the place. There are wikis on almost everything else and even the parody ones can have rather surprisingly high standards.
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[up][up] Hmmm, interesting...dammit, though, I live in Australia, so time zones are all opposite to where conservapedia is based. So I'll have to stay up till midnight to make an account, and I'm not THAT bored...
You actually bother to read this?
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The question's been answered. Locking this thread.
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The system doesn't know you right now, so no post button for you.
You need to Get Known to get one of those.

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