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 51 Pykrete, Tue, 18th Sep '12 11:15:13 PM from Viridian Forest
Now by the best football mascot ever.

 52 Wicked 223, Tue, 18th Sep '12 11:36:39 PM from Death Star in the forest
so just in case nobody's seen it already
You can't even write racist abuse in excrement on somebody's car without the politically correct brigade jumping down your throat!
 53 Larkmarn, Wed, 19th Sep '12 8:51:02 AM Relationship Status: Hello, I love you
 54 phoenixdaughter AM, Wed, 19th Sep '12 10:49:53 AM from Cursed college Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
This is my power!
Eh, Huyna isn't always writhing. She's also doing those cheesy dance moves!

edited 19th Sep '12 10:50:30 AM by phoenixdaughterAM

 55 Trivialis, Wed, 19th Sep '12 11:46:02 AM from contemplation
Oh man, the Saturday Night Live version was hilarious. First have the parodies and then actual Psy cameo at the end.
I don't need praise, I need help.
[up] The actual cameo was a crowning moment of awesome/funny for me. Maybe they should have had him as the musical guest. I usually skip the SNL musical performances, but I'd watch him. I love how unexpected the whole thing was.
We Koreans shall slowly take over your media. Beware!
Stay awesome, people.
 58 Physical Stamina, Thu, 20th Sep '12 2:42:33 PM from be real, it doesn't matter aaanywaaaaaaay Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
 59 Trivialis, Fri, 21st Sep '12 3:29:18 PM from contemplation
 60 Physical Stamina, Fri, 21st Sep '12 3:39:28 PM from be real, it doesn't matter aaanywaaaaaaay Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
What is wrong with her legs?
223 million views?

Holy crap...
Stay awesome, people.
 62 eternal Noob, Sat, 22nd Sep '12 4:24:26 AM from yer mum Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Number eleven in the billboard 100 right now.

It's officially in the charts.
If you wanna PM me, send it to my mrsunshinesprinkles account; this one is blorked.
I had to dance to this (and a dubstep remix of it) for college orientation....and I thought I was going to be able to let the craze pass without having to do the dance.
[up][up] It's also number 1 on the Amazon Mp3 store's pop section. It's certainly taking hold.
 65 Pykrete, Sat, 22nd Sep '12 12:37:13 PM from Viridian Forest
Hah. I was lucky enough to skip freshman orientation because marching band practice was already on. The only thing they made me attend was the thing that explained the registration site that I already knew how to use.

edited 22nd Sep '12 12:37:39 PM by Pykrete

The sheer popularity is just mindboggling. I mean, I should be glad, but I just have hard time actually believing this.
Stay awesome, people.
It just hit my campus these last two weeks. In the dorm common area there's this constant chain of "what the heck are you listening to" followed by "You haven't seen it yet!?!" followed about 3 minutes later by "what the heck did I just watch?"

People are starting to do the dance at random times for no reason. This can only end well.
 68 Physical Stamina, Sat, 22nd Sep '12 8:15:16 PM from be real, it doesn't matter aaanywaaaaaaay Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
 69 Bur, Sat, 22nd Sep '12 9:12:16 PM from Flyover Country Relationship Status: Not war
My boss was trying to sing this at work the other day. He's the most accountant-y looking accountant on the planet, so... yeah, it was probably the funniest thing I have seen or will ever see.
 70 Knightof Lsama, Sun, 23rd Sep '12 2:48:00 AM from The Sea of Chaos
Americans Love Gangnam Style, apparently.

Given that it is apparently topping the Australian iTunes charts as well, I think its safe to say that its more than just Americans.
Welcome to the Sea of Chaos
Oh no, Gangnam Style has achieved COMPLETE. GLOBAL. SATURATION.
 72 Physical Stamina, Sun, 23rd Sep '12 11:37:31 AM from be real, it doesn't matter aaanywaaaaaaay Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
 73 Knightof Lsama, Sun, 23rd Sep '12 4:53:16 PM from The Sea of Chaos
[up] Yes. Yes I am.

Edit: Yep, just confirmed for myself. Gangnam Style is sitting at the top of the Australian iTunes singles chart at the moment.

edited 23rd Sep '12 4:56:29 PM by KnightofLsama

Welcome to the Sea of Chaos
 74 Physical Stamina, Sun, 23rd Sep '12 7:15:17 PM from be real, it doesn't matter aaanywaaaaaaay Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
I just had an idea: Gunmen Style!

Wiki Magic, make it happen! Please?

edited 24th Sep '12 2:44:22 AM by PoochyEXE

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