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Once upon a time, there was a thread (I think here) for reporting pages made mostly of Zero Context Examples. I can't find it now.

There's also an Administrivia section for listing pages that need various forms of Wiki Love, but this isn't one of the options.

When a page is as bad as Bloody Moon or Bran Mak Morn, I can't move 2/3 of the page to discussion. There should be a Special Efforts thread or Administriva page to keep track of this sort of problem.

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It's here

And we really need an "About" thread here in Special Efforts that links all the other important threads. I'll probably bringing up in Wiki Talk.
Thank you.
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[up][up] I'd be willing to create and maintain such a thread. As long as the mods give the okay, I could just start it. I read or skim every thread in this subforum, so it wouldn't be hard to keep track of, although we'd have to decide what we wanted listed (just threads which deal with multiple pages, like the cleanup threads, natter alert, quotations, etc., long-running threads dedicated to a single issue like the Complete Monster thread, every thread (probably defeats the purpose...), etc.).
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I'll open a Wiki Talk thread on this. Just know that I am willing to update such a thread as well.


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Note that a lot of people seemed to think (especially in the early days) that a trope should be described on the trope page and merely listed on the work page. So if you find an older work page with a lot of Zero Context Examples, it may simply be a victim of this sort of thinking. I've fixed up several work pages simply by copying the descriptions over from the trope pages, e.g. Retief, which was almost entirely Zero Context Examples when I found it. (It's still not perfect, but it's far better than it was.)

(Also, a few people seem to have thought the reverse—that if a trope was described on the work page, the work could be a Zero-Context Example on the trope page. Basically, a lot of people seemed to think that forcing lots of click-throughs was a good thing—this was also a common excuse for cryptic trope names.)

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