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Binbougami ga!:

Moderate Haruhiist

Listening to Hanazawa Kana ham it up as a self-centered bitchy rich girl with secret abandonment and loneliness issues is always an experience.

edited 28th Jul '12 9:29:06 AM by MyssaRei

 52 Shota, Sat, 28th Jul '12 11:06:02 AM Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
I LOVE the performances of the two main girls. One of the best things about it.

edited 28th Jul '12 11:06:17 AM by Shota

 53 Shota, Sun, 29th Jul '12 9:03:09 PM Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
I'd call it "If Tex Avery Was Japanese".

I was watching this purely for Hana Kanazawa (and that cute ensemble of chinese calendar familiars!) but now I can add Momou to the list of things to look out for! His masochism is hilarious.

I wouldn't count on Mamou reappearing soon if this truly is a one-cour show.

And to me, the zodiac animals don't matter. They were on-screen for two minutes and received no exposition.

[up] Well, I'll count them in as one-episode wonders or something.

 57 KSPAM, Mon, 30th Jul '12 10:22:56 AM from the ocean Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Dolphins are assholes.
I loved Momou's expression when he changed back to human form. "FUCK MY LIFE!" indeed.
I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
Momou in general is win. He's a cutie.

Binbougami ga 5: The best one so far in my opinion. Momo and Bobby make a surprisingly good comedic duo.

 60 Shota, Fri, 3rd Aug '12 9:15:47 PM Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
I find it hilarious how this is only a one-cour show and Ichiko spends one sixth of it as a little kid! Not the kind of story I'd expect to be a two-parter.

edited 3rd Aug '12 9:16:14 PM by Shota

 61 Joaqs, Sun, 5th Aug '12 9:49:44 PM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
Yeah, let's just wait and see how it ends. I find that because this is a comedic show the Cliff Hanger at the end of the episode loses its power.

 62 vandro, Sun, 5th Aug '12 9:57:39 PM from Little shop that wasn't
Shop Owner
I think this is less a comedy and more a dramedy, actually.

Moderate Haruhiist

It's a comedy with drama thrown in every so often — see Nadeshiko's arc, or heck the one that comes immediately after Ranmaru's. It's pretty like Gintama in that regard.

edited 5th Aug '12 9:59:55 PM by MyssaRei

 64 Red Savant, Sun, 5th Aug '12 10:00:30 PM from Eastern US Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
^I mean, I guess so, but most of the drama comes from the two ten-second segments per episode where Ichiko contemplates the possibility of maybe acting like a decent human being and then decides not to.

Don't get me wrong, I like her well enough, and it's good that her abandonment issues aren't being solved in one magical swoop (though I wouldn't argue with some healing sex between Ichiko and Momiji, truth be told...). Still, she'd better get her act together.
This space for rent.
Moderate Haruhiist

I'm not sure that we have the episodes for it though. A good deal of Ichiko's issues also stem from being afraid of anyone getting close to her, which only gets revealed after Ranmaru's story.

edited 5th Aug '12 10:03:38 PM by MyssaRei

 66 Joaqs, Sun, 5th Aug '12 10:16:25 PM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
Exactly, because the source of almost all the drama in this show is Ichiko, the Cliff Hanger lost its power. It was not a bad Cliff Hanger and the preview for the next episode doesn't ruin it, so if this where a more serious series then it will be really effective.

Also Nadeshiko Leaning on the Fourth Wall was fun.

 67 vandro, Sun, 5th Aug '12 10:24:00 PM from Little shop that wasn't
Shop Owner
It's a comedy with drama thrown in every so often — see Nadeshiko's arc, or heck the one that comes immediately after Ranmaru's. It's pretty like Gintama in that regard.

That's what dramedies are. Scrubs is mostly comedy with drama thrown in, for example. Most half-hour dramedies are comedies first. It's hour long tv shows in the US that have more drama than comedy.

 68 Shota, Mon, 6th Aug '12 6:12:15 AM Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
I think a supernatural rural fantasy about a lazy god of misfortune pulling out random devices that appear to be from different stories all together can't be anything BUT a comedy.

 69 vandro, Mon, 6th Aug '12 7:06:16 AM from Little shop that wasn't
Shop Owner
First. Rural? how?

Second. Momiji is an instigator of change in Sakura's life. The show is about Sakura first and foremost.

Moderate Haruhiist

I think someone is mixing up the setting with Hyouka, the latter of which IS set in a relatively rural town. :P

Indeed, Momiji is an instigator of change. If she had been any less violent and actually much nicer, and Ichiko a guy, Momiji might have even been considered a Manic Pixie Dreamgirl.
 71 Shota, Mon, 6th Aug '12 5:02:14 PM Relationship Status: Dancing with myself

edited 6th Aug '12 5:02:21 PM by Shota

 72 Shota, Thu, 9th Aug '12 7:40:30 PM Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Lemme guess.

No episode this week.

Actually, seems there was...

 74 Shota, Thu, 9th Aug '12 8:09:55 PM Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Dem sites better git to it, then!

First the upload is late, and now that it's online, the video is slanted!

edited 9th Aug '12 8:13:10 PM by Shota

 75 Joaqs, Thu, 9th Aug '12 9:03:31 PM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
Just saw it. The reason for her depresion was just a Bait and Switch :|

And Nadeshiko that is why you don't mock the staff.

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