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1 Psyga31516th Jun 2012 11:41:30 AM from Dungeons & Dragons No Sekai Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
The Fallen Fanboy
In honor of Pokémon Conquest being released internationally, I’ve decided to write up a Pokémon Conquest RPG. Or at least an RPG with a basic concept based off Pokémon Conquest.

Said concept is that it’s set during Medieval times, and that knights bond with their Pokémon to fight in wars and rarely other Pokémon.


In the lands of Crimena, an elegant and peaceful kingdom known as the Harmonium existed. The kingdom was ruled by a kind and elderly king, whose son’s ability to talk with Pokemon became one of the main reasons why the Harmonium became so peaceful, because from his son teaching others how to talk with Pokémon, it allowed people to bond and forge undying friendships with Pokémon to work as one unit. Any opposition in the form of rogue Pokémon or rival kingdoms were met with the combined forces of both Human and Pokémon. It was, for lack of a better term, a peaceful era.

But then, tragedy struck. King Harmonia was killed by what seemed to be his guards after a drunken night of partying over their latest victory. Soon after, all possible heirs were either killed or chased off by a horde of strange and unusual dragon Pokémon, the likes of which no man has ever seen. In alarm, the kingdom panicked, wondering what to do now that they have no possible heir. One person, the Gold Knight, stepped forth and proclaimed that they have no choice: The Twenty Knight Leaders must fight each other, to the death if need be, to obtain the throne. The story begins on the final day of peace before the war for Harmonium’s throne begins, as each of the Leaders prepare for what may be the most tragic and bloodiest battle of their life.

However, rumors across town speak of the Dragon Pokémon returning, fortune-telling witches speaking of a “frozen boundary” awakening, and those who have lost hope for the world say “Winter is Coming.”

Rules, Notes and other such stuff

This is where I blab about the rules of the RPG, both in and out of universe. Feel free to ask any questions, and I might be able to answer.


  • While this is a There Can Only Be One RPG, the rules regarding killing someone works just the same: You must PM the player of the character you wish to kill if you can kill their character.
  • There will be a limit of two human characters per person, so long as they fit in the universe of this RPG.
    • As with Pokemon, the limit is six.
  • Obviously no legendaries.
  • Knight Leaders are limited (about seventeen are available) so it’s a first come first serve thing. You can reserve, if you want.


Notes are in-universe rules that everyone knows, with asterisks saying that only Knight and Knight Leaders know.
  • Pokémon Connoisseurs do exist in this world, and their jobs are the same: judging how good the relationship between man and Pokémon. But they’re also Pokemon Secondary Language tutors, using the knowledge they had learned from Prince N. Harmonia to teach others.
  • Knight Leaders do not have to fight to the death, for they can win a battle through incapacitating both a Knight Leader and their Pokémon (which can either be knocking them out or downright killing them) *
  • Yes. Pokemon can speak.
  • Pokemon can learn more than four moves, though four is the starting amount for moves.
  • TMs and HMs * are also in the game, but rather than just popping a disk or whatever, it requires Training from Hell (though HMs are more natural and thus no training from hell is required)
  • There are such things as Aura Users in this world, but they are very rare, since they're more of an Asian concept than a European concept.
  • Pokemon start out with up to four moves in this RPG, but through training, they will get more moves.
  • A Knight Leader status has to be earned or inherited. No one can just train to be one and expect to be a Knight Leader overnight.
  • Catching a Pokemon is not like using Pokeballs. This involves bonding and developing trust in the Pokemon. When the Pokemon trusts them enough, they will join them. This includes Legendaries, but be warned, most of them are stubborn.

Sign Up Sheet

Human Sheet

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Job: (Pretty much what job does your character have.)
  • Appearance:
    • Knight Armor: (Applicable only if your character is a Knight)
  • Knight Type: (Applicable only if your character is a Knight. It asks what type your Knight represents)
  • Pokémon Partner: (This is pretty much who your character’s starting Pokémon is. Obviously, no legendaries and it must have the same type as your Knight type. Your Pokémon will have a separate signup sheet)
  • Personality: (How would this character act)
  • Bio: (A little backstory of how your character is shaped to the personality listed above)
  • Leitmotif: (Optional)

Pokémon Sheet

  • Pokémon’s Species:
  • Pokémon’s Nickname: (If it goes by a nickname)
  • Pokémon’s Age:
  • Pokémon’s Gender:
  • Pokémon’s Moves: (List up to four moves below; though make sure your Pokemon knows them)
  • Pokémon’s Personality:
  • Pokémon’s Bio:

Cast List

Knight Leaders

  • White Knight (Normal)
  • Red Knight (Fighting)
  • Indigo Knight (Flying) (Held by Deadbeatloser)
  • Arcen the Magenta Knight (Poison) (Monopolated Light)
    • Hareton the Crobat
  • Brown Knight (Ground)
  • Blair the Amber Knight (Rock) (Tachi)
    • Tara the Larvitar
  • Sir Sentus the Lime Knight (Bug) (Krautman)
    • Tausend the shiny Scolipede
  • Violet Knight (Ghost)
  • Lyle The Gray Knight (Steel) (Endark Culi)
    • Mackenzie the Mawile
  • Guy the Orange Knight (Fire) (Gray Star)
    • Luke the Torchic
  • Pierre the Blue Knight (Water) (Falkon)
    • Paladin the Vaporeon
  • Edwin the Green Knight (Grass) (Ud The Imp)
    • Stumpy The Breloom
  • Joshua the Yellow Knight (Electric) (Strigon)
    • Perun the Zebstrika
  • Tobias the Black Knight (Dark) – Psyga315
    • Absol
  • Purple Knight (Dragon)
  • Isador the Crimson Knight (Psychic) (Xargnio)
    • Maya the Espeon
  • Derek the Cyan Knight (Ice) (Death Chariot)
    • Camellia The Froslass
  • Joan the Turquoise Knight (???) (Ragna The Saviour)
    • Auron the Samurott
  • MacBeth the Gold Knight (Shadow) - (NPC)
  • Hamlet the Silver Knight (Bird) – (NPC)


  • Zolo Arkham the Thief – Psyga315
  • Hilda Waldstein the Knight - Grey Star
    • Jade the Snivy
  • Rin Mizuki the Knight - Raineh Daze
    • Chill the Glaceon
    • Eevee
  • Erzsébet Hoffmann the Tavern Owner - Moerin
    • Franci the Pichu
  • Gertie the Pokémon Connoisseur - Endark Culi
    • Silverwing the Skarmory
  • Annalina Cristella Clarwind the Noble - Anno
    • Cansten the Snorelax
  • Lord Ishtar Melmat - Xargnio
    • Daedalus the Alakazam
  • Tacitus the Soldier - (des)
    • Divum the Umbreon

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Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
2 RainehDaze16th Jun 2012 11:44:19 AM from Scotland Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Mu
Hnn... I reserve the Dragon Knight, because I'm going to have dinner in about five or ten minutes. [lol]
3 Krautman16th Jun 2012 11:45:31 AM from Hiding from the man, man Get RP Mod
Reserving the Lime Knight.
...and that's terrible.
Walking the path of heaven, ruling over all...
Reserving ghost knight!
5 Adannor16th Jun 2012 11:50:37 AM from effin' belarus Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Reservation on red knight!

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Looks interesting. I'll try to get something written up for...hm...the Amber Knight.

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Eh, never mind.

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8 Krautman16th Jun 2012 12:52:52 PM from Hiding from the man, man Get RP Mod

Human Sheet

  • Name: Sir Sentus of Pede, Spear of the Swarm
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Male
  • Job: Knight Leader
  • Appearance: This. But with red hair.
  • Knight Armor: Made up of molted shells of bug Pokemon. The pauldrons are made from Scizor claws, the chestplate is made from the shell of a Durant, the rest is made of Heracross shells. His shield is the top half of a Forretress, and he wields a lance tipped with a Beedrill's... drill. Some see this as morbid, but he asks permission of the Pokemon for the use of their shells when they molt. It's a sturdy, lightweight material, even if it can't be repaired. Thankfully, heracross are more than forthcoming with cast-off shells, so it's easy to keep the center of the armor in shape.
  • Knight Type: Bug
  • Knight Leader Color: Lime
  • Badge: Molting Badge- a badge resembling a cast-off insect's shell.
  • Pokémon Partner: Tausend the Scolipede
  • Personality: Sir Sentus is actually one of the most noble of the knights, despite coming from a Scot family. He does not care for the throne, only wanting to keep evil people from taking it. Because of this, he'll ask his opponents just what they hope to gain from becoming King or Queen. If he likes the answer, he fights fairly. If not, he refuses to give up the badge, regardless of how dishonorable that would be.
  • Bio: Sentus and his family are part of a group of Scots (or the equivalent thereof) in service to the throne. During a visit from the king years ago, a young Sentinus rushed to the defense of the king's procession when a swarm of rampaging Combee came to attack. His intervention wasn't necessary, for the king's procession contained competent fighters and more than a few fire types. Still, this act of courage impressed those present, and for his bravery, Sentus was taken in as a squire of the previous Lime Knight. When he was slain in combat with a Tyrannitar, Sentus rode out atop his Scolipede Tausend to avenge his mentor, returning triumphant and earning his place as the Lime Knight.
  • Leitmotif: Then face me as befits a knight!

Pokémon Sheet

  • Pokémon’s Species: Scolipede (shiny)
  • Pokémon’s Nickname: Tausend
  • Pokémon’s Age: 14
  • Pokémon’s Gender: Male
  • Pokémon’s Moves: Mega Horn, Rollout, Pin Missile, Venoshock, Iron Defense, Agility
  • Pokémon’s Personality: Tausend is a Chick Magnet for bug types, and he fights dirty. He doesn't see why he should hold back except to avoid killing. He prefers to stay in close combat where he can hammer away at his foes.
  • Pokémon’s Bio: Tausend is the son of the previous Lime Knight's Beedrill. He fights alongside Sentinus after years of training, viewing himself as a part of something larger than himself due to his station.

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9 RainehDaze16th Jun 2012 01:08:37 PM from Scotland Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Mu
  • Name: Arturia Pen Draig, Maiden of the Lake. Maiden of the Drake
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Job: Knight Leader
  • Appearance: Only her sword is a bit... fancier.
  • Knight Type: Dragon. Thinks it's Water.
  • Knight Leader Color: Purple but all of her stuff is Blue.
  • Badge: The Rising Badge. Arturia thinks it's supposed to be a sea serpent or some such...
  • Pokémon Partner: Dratini.
  • Personality: Arturia has the ideals of chivalry drilled into her mind: face everything with honour, protect the weak, shun any and all criminal activities, and accept any challenge. She will never lie, instead telling the truth exactly as she knows it. Given that, chivalric notions aside, she often leaps to wrong conclusion or is distracted and mishears something—she doesn't even know her correct type, instead thinking Dratini is a water type—and takes food extremely seriously. She believes it is the duty of those in power to protect any beneath them and will pick a fight if she sees any abuse of power.
  • Bio: Arturia is the older of two twins, the other becoming the Violet Knight. Due to complications arising from childbirth and a crowded castle's being considered no fit place to raise an ill child, she hasn't seen her younger sister for years, though she dearly wants to. This is partly what has spurred her to go wandering, during which she inherited—and misheard—her title and found an egg sitting in a pond. This egg has hatched into her 'baby', which she refuses to allow to fight.
  • Leitmotif: Normal situations. Battle theme.

  • Pokémon’s Species: Dratini
  • Pokémon’s Nickname: Spaghetti
  • Pokémon’s Age: <1
  • Pokémon’s Gender: Female
  • Pokémon’s Moves:
    • Wrap
    • Leer
    • Thunder Wave
  • Pokémon’s Personality: Spaghetti is exceptionally shy around strangers, as her 'mother' does her best to keep the Dratini away from anything dangerous, despite her being a Pokémon. Even though she's not allowed to do any fighting, she still loves Arturia, and anyone that tries to attack her whilst her back's turned will have to contend with a six foot serpent that normally spends its time wrapped around Arturia's shoulders.
  • Pokémon’s Bio: Found as an egg by Arturia, even Spaghetti isn't aware that she's not, in fact, a water type... despite knowing an Electric move. Odd, really.

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I'd like to reserve Yellow Knight.
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Reserving Indigo.
"Yup. That tasted purple."
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
I'll get mine posted soon.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
Being more ambiguous.
Reserving magenta. Also, is there any reason that the only two applicants have, so far, only listed one pokemon? Did I miss something in the intro?
Just own everything, and the rest will come to you.
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[up] It's the Pokemon they start with in the RPG. They'll get more later.

Both are accepted.


  • Name: Tobias
  • Age: Late twenties
  • Gender: Male
  • Job: Knight Leader
  • Appearance: "Don't ask me why I fight."
  • Knight Type: Dark
  • Knight Leader Color: Black
  • Badge: Dusk Badge, a circular badge with mixtures of white and black metals to make it look like a waning moon.
  • Pokémon Partner: Absol
  • Personality: At first glance, Tobias seems like he would do malicious things, though on the inside, he is quite passive. However, the perception of his shadiness isn't helped by his demeanor, in which he'd act like he had a stick up his ass for quite a while and he isn't the nicest of the knights. However, he's well intentioned, even if he doesn't show it.
  • Bio: Tobias grew up in the slums of Nightingvale, where he was subject to several crimes, in which he gained a dark way of thinking of life, that only the pricks of the earth would survive and everyone nice and innocent person would rot before the bloom into adulthood. However, he wished to changed this perception after seeing the original Black Knight, Drake, neglecting to stop several people from beating an Absol up. And so, he took the Black Knight's sword, stabbed him with it, then proceeded to kill the others, saving the Absol. He then disposed of the bodies and took Drake's armor. He then used his newfound power to make it so that it'd look like Drake was just a thug who stole his armor rather than the other way around. He took his job very seriously, and pursued criminals where ever they roamed. When the King died and the proposal for the battle for the Throne was made, Tobias decided to partake in the tournament, with a new idea in mind for how to remake the Kingdom to make it an even more peaceful place.
  • Leitmotif: Non-Battle Theme, Battle Theme


  • Pokémon’s Species: Absol
  • Pokémon’s Nickname: —
  • Pokémon’s Age: 5
  • Pokémon’s Gender: Male
  • Pokémon’s Moves:
    • Pursuit
    • Bite
    • Sucker Punch
    • Night Slash
  • Pokémon’s Personality: Absol only trusts his master, and for good reason, as every other human he came across would beat him up. He'd even fiercely protect his master if need be. Since he trusts his master more, he'd tell him about oncoming disasters and weather changes exclusively.
  • Pokémon’s Bio: He'd go around town, trying to warn people of oncoming diasters, but was accused as a doom-bringer and was beaten up, chastised, mocked, and bullied by everyone. When Tobias saved him, he decided to devote his entire life to Tobias.

Zolo Arkham

  • Name: Zolo Arkham
  • Age: Looks to be in his twenties
  • Gender: Male
  • Job: Thief
  • Appearance: Oh Hai There
  • Personality: He's extremely antisocial towards other people, often stealing from them instead of talking to them or anything normal. He also likes to scarf down food like there's no tomorrow, almost like he's a hungry animal than an actual human. He also shows lots of cockiness.
  • Bio: Zolo is those kinds of people that you never know about, and then when you try to know them, they're gone, along with your gold. Zolo had a reputation of not getting caught by any guards, even when chances seem slim for him. No one can really say for sure what his story is, however. He is like a whisper, barely noticeable.

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Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
Wild Horse
  • Name: Guy Cecil
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Male
  • Job: (Pretty much what job does your character have if they are not a Knight or Knight Leader. This includes *Knight or Knight Leader.)
  • Appearance: The name's Guy.
  • Knight Armor: Looking good.
  • Knight Type: Fire
  • Knight Leader Color: Orange
  • Badge: Burning.
  • Pokémon Partner: Torchic
  • Personality: Despite his title as the Knight of Fire, Guy himself is pretty cool headed both in and out of battles. He is jovial and friendly to all that he meets, and generally likes to poke fun at both himself and others in good nature. He has a severe case of gynophobia, and freezes up if women get near him. He also acts a bit like a protective father and spoils younger friends.
  • Bio: The only survivor of the Main House due to a raid during turbulent times, this young nobleman wishes to restore his House to its former glory. He was then a traveler for a couple of years, biding his time until he took the position of the Orange Knight through armed combat, closing in on his goal.
  • Leitmotif:

Pokémon Sheet
  • Pokémon’s Species: Torchic
  • Pokémon’s Nickname: Luke
  • Pokémon’s Age: 2
  • Pokémon’s Gender: Male
  • Pokémon’s Moves: Scratch, Ember, Peck, Sand Attack.
  • Pokémon’s Personality: A Torchic hatched by Guy personally, this little bundle of joy is prideful and stubborn, though it has a bit of a cowardly streak. Because Guy spoiled him, Luke can get away with a lot of things. He enjoys showing off and tends to wander off every now and then.
  • Pokémon’s Bio: Guy chanced upon its egg upon his training journey and took it under his care. It grew up under his studious care and is now a stalwart if somewhat capricious companion.

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Being more ambiguous.
  • Name: Arcen Fawley
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Job: Knight Leader
  • Appearance: Legault from Fire Emblem Seven, if anyone is interested.
  • Knight Armor: Not exactly magenta, but it was the closest I could get. Just nix the ninja star, large scarf, and katana, and imagine it magenta...or don't, because that would look like of weird. Anyone, that's Shadowman.exe from the Megaman Battle Network series.
  • Knight Type: Poison
  • Knight Leader Color: Magenta
  • Badge: Toxin badge. Resembles a skull and crossbones.
  • Pokémon Partner: Heath the Crobat
  • Personality: Quiet and reserved, Arcen prefers to reveal little about himself to his associates. At the same time, he tries to establish himself via action, in that he avidly seeks to prove himself to the other knight captains. He carries a very strict sense of belonging and place in the world, endlessly pursuing his own. Likewise, Arcen has an established sense of some almost karmic balance, believing that one only receives his fair share. As Knight Captain of poison, he feels largely neglected by the populace, as his regiment is more associated with assassination and espionage rather than gallantry.
  • Bio: Like many of the other peasant families of the kingdom, the Fawley clan suffered having too large a family and too little land to till. Barely getting along, they happened upon a rare opportunity; the Poison Knights, an unpopular regiment with low membership, sought new recruits in order to strengthen their numbers, offering a modest amount for children whom they could develop into future knights. Arcen, at a ripe age of 9, was traded by his parents to the Knights for a few months' worth of sustenance for the family. Since then, he has desperately latched onto the idea that he has some role, some fate in becoming a knight, and now seeks that answer in his dedication to his duty. Ivy, former Poison Knight captain, mentor to Arcen, and one of the knights who selected him to join, retired, deciding that she had aged too much to properly continue her work as captain. She appointed Arcen as her replacement, who eagerly seeks to prove himself to his predecessor.
  • Leitmotif: Right behind you- Spy's theme from Team Fortress 2.

  • Pokémon’s Species: Crobat
  • Pokémon’s Nickname: Hareton
  • Pokémon’s Age: 9
  • Pokémon’s Gender: Male
  • Pokémon’s Moves: Brave Bird/ U-Turn/ Toxic/ Thief
  • Pokémon’s Personality: Unlike his master, Hareton lives lightly with little care about his position or status. Born by two of Ivy's Crobats, he has inherited most of his moves, and was expected to partner with a knight before birth. Desiring neither freedom nor responsibility, Hareton simply does what he is expected to do, and little else. Hareton puts more effort into avoiding his work than doing the actual work.
  • Pokémon’s Bio: After Arcen completed his beginning year of training, he received Hareton as an egg, tasked with training him. Since Hareton's birth, he has been partnered with Arcen since. While they aren't conventionally compatible, their years of partnership have made Hareton loyal to Arcen, and he places his friendship with Arcen above his duty to the knights.

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You've run into our anti-spambot shield, it seems.

Also, Bullet Points. It makes it so much easier to read your sheet.

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Okay, Grey Star, one thing.

Knight Type: Knight Leader

Knight Leader is sort of a rank above Knight. Knight Type is what their specialty is. Think of a Knight Leader as a Gym Leader.

Other than that, he's accepted. As is Arcen.
Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
19 Adannor16th Jun 2012 03:41:15 PM from effin' belarus Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
>Think of a Knight Leader as a Gym Leader.

But we're the guys with the badges, ergo we are Gym Leaders, are we not?
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Yes. That's why I said think of them as Gym Leaders because that's pretty much what they are. Just they do more fighting than just ordering their Pokemon
Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
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I'll take Turquoise then, changed my mind!
Speaking of people changing their minds, I've changed mine too. I won't be joining after all, sorry.
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
  • Name: Lily Clefae
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Job: Knight Leader
  • Appearance: "It's a pleasure to meet you."
  • Knight Type: Normal
  • Knight Leader Color: White
  • Badge: A very simple badge. Pure white and triangular, with two smaller triangular ear-like projections from the top.
  • Pokémon Partner: Clefairy
  • Personality: Lily is a sweet-natured and kind girl. She is friendly towards others and believes that all people deserve to be treated with kindness and respect... at least, unless they forfeit their right to being treated in such a way. Lily has a strong sense of honor and justice. Even against those who have earned her hatred, she seeks an honorable one-on-one battle with them. However, at the same time, she is zealous in slaying them. She believes that those who do evil must either be willing to atone for such things or, if they go too far or refuse to atone, must be killed in retribution. This is a strange juxtaposition against her sweet and kindly personality.
  • Bio: Born into the Clefae family, Lily is a cousin of a certain pair of twins. She was brought up on her family's values of kindness and good will towards others unless the lose the right to it. She was also trained in swordplay. She has decided to take part in the tournament to fulfill her desire to create a Kingdom that protects the innocent and destroys those who are truly evil.
  • Leitmotif:

  • Pokémon’s Species: Clefairy
  • Pokémon’s Nickname: Maybelle
  • Pokémon’s Age: 14
  • Pokémon’s Gender: Female
  • Pokémon’s Moves: Magic Guard, Pound, Sing, Encore
  • Pokémon’s Personality: Maybelle is quite enthusiastic about just about everything she does. She has boundless energy and enjoys helping her partner very much. She's extremely cheerful and bubbly, as well.
  • Pokémon’s Bio: Maybelle's life wasn't particularly extraordinary until she became Lily's partner when she was two. From there, Maybelle came to support her Master fully.

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Lord of the Avians

Human Sheet

  • Name: Sir Willi von Brentfuehrer IV, Yellow Knight and Guardian of the West
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Job: Knight Leader
  • Appearance: This.
  • Knight Armor: Giant sword not included.
  • Knight Type: Electric
  • Knight Leader Color: Yellow
  • Badge: The Thunder Star, a golden 4-pointed star with a blue thunderbolt engraved on both sides.
  • Pokémon Partner: Friedrich
  • Personality: Willi is normally calm and collected, and is a very friendly and easy-going person. Hurt or threaten his honor, however, and you will find yourself faced with a truly vicious opponent.
  • Bio: Born in the far western corners of Crimena, he was trained from a young age in the ways of honor and chivalry to become a knight. When he was 7, he served under an old knight as a page, running messages, cleaning, and training to fight, beside his Shinx, Friedrich. At the age of 12, he became a squire, and was sent to serve an active knight, under whom he was constantly exercising, practicing combat, and caring for the Knight's horse, armor, and weaponry. During this time, Friedrich evolved into a Luxio. When he was 21, he completed his training, and returned home to serve under his father, earning the title of "The Yellow Knight". When he was 23, his father died, and he became the new protector of the far western edges of society. With the throne open, Willi prepared to take control, so as to bring greater honor upon his land.
  • Leitmotif: None for now.

Pokémon Sheet

  • Pokémon’s Species: Luxray
  • Pokémon’s Nickname: Friedrich
  • Pokémon’s Age: 18
  • Pokémon’s Gender: Male
  • Pokémon’s Moves: Spark, Thunder Fang, Discharge, Wild Charge.
  • Pokémon’s Personality: Extremely loyal to Willi, Friedrich is a vicious creature in battle, and outside of battle he is stubborn when his master takes a stand, and is extremely paranoid, constantly scanning the world around him with his amazing vision.
  • Pokémon’s Bio: Given to Willi at birth as a present for becoming a page, Friedrich has trained with him his entire life, developing extreme loyalty. During Willis's training as a squire, Friedrich evolved into a Luxio. A year prior to Willi's father's death, he evolved into a Luxray, and his personality developed to match his fully-developed form.

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Welp, here we go! A rare serious Moerin character. You should all feel priviledged.

  • Name: Morrigan Pen Draig, Knight of Death
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Job: Knight Leader
  • Appearance: "I've lost my battle before it starts..."
  • Knight Type: Ghost
  • Knight Leader Color: Violet
  • Badge: Phantasm Badge.
  • Pokémon Partner: Jeanne the Misdreavus
  • Personality: Whilst armoured and acting as the Knight of Death, Morrigan rarely shows any real emotion at all. She always speaks in a low pitched, calm, quiet tone, which can come off as unnerving to people not used to her. An utter cynic who despises weakness, especially her own. Outside of the safety of her armour, however, she shows a different, more vulnerable side; no matter how much she tries to mask her own insecurities, she will always be a scared little girl who is well aware of her own weakness and mortality, something that terrifies her to no end.
  • Bio: The younger of the Pen Draig twins. Due to some complications arising from her birth, which unfortunately claimed the life of her mother, she was always sickly and weak as a child and had to be moved away from the crowded castle so that she was in the right environment to properly recover. Even then, there were many times when she almost died of her illness, and to this day her deathlike pallour is a reminder of a childhood spent in near-constant agony. Her sickness as a child led her to develop the belief that she was weak and inferior to all those around her, especially her twin sister. This led to her training herself almost to death as soon as her illness had finally cleared; in order to prove her strength and worth, she became determined to become the most powerful knight in all the land by any means necessary. During the worst parts of her sickness, she was often beset by hallucinations, and believed that she was seeing the spirits of the deceased. Since recovering, she no longer sees them anymore, and feels like they have abandoned her.
  • Leitmotif: Regular. Battle.

  • Pokémon’s Species: Misdreavus
  • Pokémon’s Nickname: Jeanne
  • Pokémon’s Age: 13
  • Pokémon’s Gender: Female
  • Pokémon’s Moves:
    • Psywave
    • Ominous Wind
    • Sucker Punch
    • Confuse Ray
  • Pokémon’s Personality: Tries to act as Morrigan's conscience, but is far too meek and cowardly to be any good at it. She's incredibly loyal, though, and follows orders dutifully even if she finds them questionable. Jeanne is surprisingly confident in battle, however, somehow overcoming her meek nature for the sake of Morrigan.
  • Pokémon’s Bio: As it turns out, not all of the spirits that Morrigan saw during the worst of her illness were delusions. Drawn by the fear Morrigan had of finally succumbing to her weak, frail childhood body, the Misdreavus that would later be known as Jeanne somehow felt sorry for the poor girl and ended up constantly keeping her company. To tell the truth, Jeanne is the only friend Morrigan has ever had, and the only one who's really always been there for her for as long as she can remember.

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