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So the trial version is out at Manga Gamer with the full version coming around the end of June

Edit: Could a mod rename the thread to Dengeki Stryker

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Hmm... You seem suspiciously like someone who was sent to advertise for Manga Gamer. The Suspiciously Specific Denial on your troper page doesn't really help your case.

That aside, I heard this was an Affectionate Parody powered by Rule of Cool. Good enough for me. My current VN backlog is crammed with Utsuge and Psychological Horror. With this and My Girl Friend Is The President on it, there will be a little more balance.

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Nabeshin's animation and Shinji Ikari's voice in stuff with porn...what the hell.Then again,after hearing so many well known V As doing porn by now and even seeing Makoto Shinkai involved in ef,nothing else shocks me anymore...

by the way,what is the Chou Dengeki Striker I see on VNDB?is it a Updated Re-release or something?

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It's not surprising. Norio Wakamoto is the voice of quite a few characters of H Games. He's even the voice of the Big Bad of Taimanin Asagi, the infamous ninja vs Tentacle Monster H-Game.

Anyways, Chou Dengeki Stryker looks like an updated rerelease.

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one month after Mangagamer's release of the original version...*Wall Banger*
Sadly that happens way too often in this medium to be funny =/ Anyway. I want to give it a go as soon as it gets released. Hopefully I won't be too busy IRL to do so.

The only thing that I'm kinda sad is about the art style. It's the same style as the one in Kira Kira: I loved that one (in fact is one of my favorite VN's), but the art style, geez...
The art style is interesting; Shinji Katakura drew the characters for Edelweiss, Kira Kira and Dengeki Stryker, while another artist, Fujimaru, did the character art for Dear Drops. However, while in Kira Kira Katakura showed a more "realistic" style, he switched back to something similar to the Edelweiss style for Dengeki Stryker. I imagine it was because of the shared fantastical elements of the two stories.
Really? I thought that his art style actually improved a lot between Kira Kira and Dengeki Stryker, judging from the CG shots that are in the MG blog and its product page. Oh well, it's way too late here and tomorrow I have an exam so I'll compare those later.
Played it, loved it.

Final route was just so badass.

Worth every penny spent in buying it. I have never been so moved by a visual novel ever since Katawa Shoujo. It's most unfortunate we only get 3 routes in this game though so here's hoping the folks at mangagamer will consider bringing Chou Dengeki Stryker over.

Story: 9/10 Characters:8/10 CG:8/10 Music:10/10 (Masaki Endoh, nuff said) Overall:9/10

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Three routes? I thought that the game only had two!... Or am I missing a "True End" of sorts?

Starting the VN this week (There's something seriously wrong with me starting this one when I still haven't cleared the Riho route in Dear Drops just because I'm lazy, but oh well). I should have impressions later on.

Btw, the novel seems awfully short.
It is. I was able to finish it in a day.
There are 3 routes: The Zero route, The Heaven Saga route and the Empty Route which is apparently the canon one. Not sure how long would it be if you just skim through the text or actually listen to the dialogues like me but it took me about 3 days all in all. There are 2 extra scenarios in the end simply for the eye candy so I guess those don't count. The issue with the story length is that the divergence doesn't come in until around mid game, but the intriguing plot more than made up for it in my opinion.

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Well, dang. Nothing I can do until they decide to release Chou in english, though.

Still going at it, Jack is awesome grin
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How do you get on the third route? Do you have to do the first two like Fate/stay night?

I just recently got the game and am on Chapter 9 of the Hanako route and then I just happened on this thread. XD
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It's automatic. When you complete her route, there'll be an option on the main menu to go to Heaven Saga which starts the game from the beginning, but you end up with Sayaka instead. Choices don't matter. After you finish Heaven Saga, an option for Sky Saga shows up. Sky Saga is a direct continuation of Heaven Saga.

Can't really blame you for forgetting Haruna's name. She was a pretty forgettable character in her own route. I liked Sayaka more.
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Right, thank you.
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Oh hey the story got interesting all of a sudden. It stopped being deliberately campy bad!

Meh. I wanted the cyborgs to live much more than Haruna. Why can't Roches come back to life?

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Don't worry, they'll manage to stay in the Sayaka route. tbh now that I've managed to finish the secound route the first one seems kinda... could have used more work sad

Still, says a lot about the VN if even my least-liked route managed to win me over. And... I want even more the Updated Re-release ;_;

Now onto the Sky saga!
Except Murray. Probably. I'll note that if she's dead her crushing on Yamato hasn't gone anywhere yet.

I suppose it's too much to hope that A. Yamato will realize Jack is a girl and B. the final route will actually use this fact? Well, even if not, Sayaka is more interesting than Haruna.

I suppose everyone will be killed off in Sky Saga then. Super Assassin Haruna will get them all.

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So a downer ending, huh? The original Yamato dies, the original Haruna is left all alone and all the cyborgs cease to exist. Gloomy.

Anyway checking out the extras tab and I appear to be missing the last two pages of Jack's diary. Odd.

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Just finished the VN. Goddamnit so much with that ending. And it was so good before that...

I also missed two Jack's diary pages. The last ones, to be more exact, but I don't feel like replaying the game to search for them. Now, if we were talking about Chou...

Hey, I can dream, can't I? ;_;

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Just finished yesterday. My head is so full of f***s after that ending. Seriously.

Nothing wrong with the art style but it was a bit too much like Kira Kira, which suggests to me that whoever their artists are might not have a whole lot of range. Stryker costumes were the standout for me. Music was nothing special, aside from that one piano piece they use in the "romantic" scenes. Even the OP was kinda bland and not even Masaaki Endoh could save it.

Ending aside, I thought it was pretty clever how they took the idea of a kid's innocent wish and ran with it to its logical conclusion. It wasn't super grimdark or anything either.

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Is there some stuff I managed to miss despite playing through all the routes, or is there no payoff where Yamato ever realizes that Jack is actually female?

I was surprised that Rin ends up being a complete non-love interest. Having only two girls with their own routes out of a larger cast of girls attracted to the protagonist runs counter to everything I've come to expect from visual novels.
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It's not clear whether Jack is female or not. Yeah, yeah, the diary pages, but a lot of them cheat.

And yeah, that was a little surprising. Though technically I guess there are three heroines, only two of them are pretty much the same.

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