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From what I hear, the plan was to have Sulley open the door and the voice saying "kitty?" be that of an adult woman. Apparently, people found it depressing.
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Wow, that is a better ending.
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Yeah, I kinda have to agree that sounds depressing. Also, brings up some fridge logic for what happens in the "new form" of scaring, where monsters sit with the kids for a while...
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I don't understand. Are you saying that all the monsters are paedophiles?
the world is so complicated
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They go and tell jokes to the kids. So they sit down with the kids, outside of the doors, for a while. So if time moves faster or slower in Monster World, and the monsters are out of it for minutes at a time...
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Mastodon will be providing a song for the film. Think this is the first time we've gotten Metal in an animated Disney film.,89494/

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Eh. College. Figures.
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This looks like it has a little more variety to the monster designs, so I might like to see it for that...but I wish the SETTING of Monsters Inc. wasn't so damn boring. We have a parallel universe of tentacle creatures and slimes and giant shaggy beasts and their architecture and technology is indistinguishable from ours? Really? It pained me throughout the original film. No sense of world-building, no set design that was at all interesting or beautiful to look at in any way; just plainly utilitarian and soul-crushingly mundane. Wow, locker rooms. Wow, sidewalks.

I get that's supposed to be part of the whole idea, that it's just like our world, but there's monsters, it's just that other monster-centric stories, like Aaahh!! Real Monsters, are perfectly relatable while placing their characters in an entirely alien setting to normal humans. Any well written fantasy is.

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Actually, they put monster design elements in the details of the settings. Doors have multiple smaller holes so smaller monsters can enter. Sharp shapes that look like claws or teeth are found everywhere in motifs.
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How old are they in this movie? The first movie confirmed that they knew each other since the 4th grade at the earliest! Mike says, "You been jealous of my good looks since the 4th grade, pal," and in one of the teasers, Sully recounts how Mikey would spend their classtime passing notes back and fourth to Susie Boilles in the 5th grade! Did they meet in elementary school, or college?? Is 4th grade considered a year you take when you're already an adult?! What gives, Pixar!??!
I know, right?! They couldn't get the ages right! I mean, that was so important in the original, it makes me soooo angry! What gives, Pixar?! HUH? COME ON! Can't you keep up with the continuity of a minor detail?! Oh, this movie is gonna SUUUUUCK!

Dude, chill, I'm sure they'll address it in the movie.
The way the video put it, it made it seem like they were rivals at a young age and things got worse when they both wanted into the scare program. "Thing really come to a head when they both arrive at Monster University." I think is the line.
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I like the new characters. And it looks like it will be as funny as the first. But will it be as moving, or as thrilling? I doubt it, but we'll see.
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[up][up]But then he outright says, " Mike and Sully met for the first time."

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"...Since grade school." tongue

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Yeah, the FOURTH GRADE at the earliest. Granted, the teaser fails to tell you what their ages were when they attended fourth grade.

Now you're right. There could be some detail in the movie that explains they already know each other when Mike arrives at the university for the first time, but in the meantime, that video just makes it all confusing.

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How will they work in a movie about monster from under your bed, if it doesn't feature any humans in it?! Without them, it will just be your standard "college" story only with the characters being monsters for absolutely no reason!
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Well, "Cars" was just Doc Hollywood with cars instead of humans, and it worked well enough. I think the movie will only suffer because people will compare it to the first, which (probably) was more moving.

Btw, do you think they will explain why monsters think humans are poisonous in this movie? That always left me baffled in the first film.

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[up]I fear they will not.
Okay, "I CAN'T GO BACK TO JAIL" was great.
1:01 SO this IS the first time the two met!

CANON DISCONTINUITY!!!! They completely forgot the what was in the script from the first film!!

A MINOR DETAIL! This movie is gonna suuuuuuuuuck!

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