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[up][up] I've always assumed that humans have an advantage over other species in some non combat related aspect we never saw.
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102 Sijo15th Jul 2012 07:47:43 AM from Puerto Rico
[up][up][up]Didn't the series at one point try to say that magic was ALSO an inherited alien ability? A particularly hated retcon I recall.

Also (as I VERY clearly said) the attitude about humans in the show annoys me it doesn't stop me from enjoying the series or I wouldn't even be here discussing it now. Are you people selectively ignoring what I say? Please carefully read and *ask* in case of doubt, don't jump to conclusions, its annoying to have to explain the same thing over and over.

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Didn't the series at one point try to say that magic was ALSO an inherited alien ability? A particularly hated retcon I recall.

Yep. Some BS about magic being derived from "mana", which is alien in origin.
[up] EVERYONE on youtube was calling major BS on that. The only thing that ever got any of them to shut up was when Ben and Gwen's Grandma showed up. And even then everyone was devided over her character since she you know, tried to force Gwen out of her skin and make her go to [planet name insert here!] Also whatever happened to Ken?
105 Etheru19th Jul 2012 04:22:10 PM from somewhere in the south , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
[wolf noises?]
Maybe he was eaten by a Crack in Time?

But yeah, I dunno. The writers probably just... Forgot about him.
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There was a bit about magic not actually being magic that was quickly retconned away. Though the way people still gripe about it you wouldn't believe that it only applied for maybe one episode before they dropped it.
There was a bit about magic not actually being magic that was quickly retconned away. Though the way people still gripe about it you wouldn't believe that it only applied for maybe one episode before they dropped it.

Except it wasn't dropped, there was instead (as I just said a few posts up) a clumsy way to claim that it was both magic and alien power by saying there is no magic but there is "mana", which is what the Anodytes are made of and what magic spells are actually powered by. I still say that's overly explaining things when they should've just stuck with: "It's magic. You don't have to explain it."

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108 Sijo20th Jul 2012 09:58:17 PM from Puerto Rico
I don't mind magic being explained, in fact mana is a pretty common term in fantasy games these days. Its the insinuation that Gwen (and Charmcaster?) only had those powers because they were related to aliens that is annoying. Why couldn't humans have such an ability too?
[up]Because human's are only good for making hybrid babies -_-

And somehow kicking complete ass in impossible situationsevil grin

aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddd that's about it.

Also I saw a new trailer (well new for me) and it made me grin very much.

I'm actually thinking the show will fix a lot of stuff that went horribly, horribly wrong in the last two series.
^^^ I'd buy it being an overexplanation if "magic being composed of mana/magical energy" wasn't kind of an easy explanation for magic that's been around for decades and is used all the time. It's not like it's something atypical, or even unfitting. It's actually kind of standard, to be honest.

It retconned the "magic is alien in origin / there is no magic, only alien biology" retcon and replaced it, so... yeah. No use griping about it, since the writers themselves realized their folly and decided to forget it.

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111 Sijo21st Jul 2012 09:42:55 AM from Puerto Rico
Because human's are only good for making hybrid babies -_-

That's even worse. X(

And somehow kicking complete ass in impossible situations

Only for the main characters (even without their powers, Ben and Gwen were ridiculously competent for preteens.)

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In this series, it appears that humans are very good at being extremely average. They have absolutely no special abilities or traits, so the badass ones have to be twice as badass in order to match up.

And that's why Max has always been my favorite character. He's four times badass as the average human, 1.5 times as badass as every other character on the show, and is consistently the least obnoxious character in any scene he's in.
113 GeekCodeRed26th Jul 2012 03:11:53 PM from A, A, B, B, A , Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
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Why is there an alien made of LEGO? I haven't watched any of UA and little of AF, but c'mon, an Alien made of LEGO? It's like they're begging for toys.
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Why would I write that?
Might be a robot like Upgrade.
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I like the Lego Alien. waii
116 Sijo30th Jul 2012 08:18:32 AM from Puerto Rico
I don't mind it. Its obviously an Upgrade Expy, not to mention a possible toy, but as long as they use it well... besides, part of the idea (I think) is to bring back the kid's cartoon charm the first series had; the later ones were obviously more aimed at teens.
How is he an expy. Blocks(?) is suppose to have streach powers where as Upgrade controls machines.(and shoot lazers but that power seems to have been forgotten early on). If anything Blocks is more comparable to Goop.
118 Soniman0321st Aug 2012 05:56:29 PM from admist the brambles
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Well I liked what I saw.
119 zam1st Aug 2012 05:59:45 PM from Orlando, FL . , Relationship Status: Heisenberg unreliable
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Same here. Now to track down that theme song.
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I like it. I'm iffy on the theme song, but it helps recapture the feel of the original series.

I also like the fact that Gwen and Kevin have been put on a bus, and Rook seems like an interesting foil to Ben.

I think I'll enjoy this show more than I did Alien Force or Ultimate Alien.

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You know what's funny is that there were LEGO Ben 10 Alien Force sets, though I believe they weren't well received due to the piece to price ratio.
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Well so far i like what i see, uping the humour, light colors, and more background characters definitely a good thing.

Too bad gwen and kevin were bussed off but I expect they will come back, probably not this season though.

Ohh, i also like how they delt with collateral damage which always bugged me about AF/UA now they just need to get rid of that whole refusal to call Aliens "People" thing and ill be a content clam looking to become happy

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I haven't seen more than a few clips, but I think it's already a large improvement, especially getting rid of Gwen and Kevin as well as Ben's characterization.
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Forget Ben let's make the Rook and Chicken show. Those guys were awesome.

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I just found out that Derrick J. Wyatt said that Jetray won't be appearing in the first four seasons because he's been overused.

A fan asked "why not do the same with Humungousaur since he appeared more than Jetray" and he said "because Humungousaur is awesome".

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