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As per wanderlustwarrior's suggestion, I thought I should edit this page (plus to get rid of the red text my username is written in. :P

Hi, I'm The Drifter. I'm a guy, a comic book nerd, I love cartoons, manga and anime so if you want to fine me, I'll be in those sections most of the time. I hang out at One Manga and Livejournal as well, in case you want to contact me outside of tvtropes. I came here through LJ first, lurked here for several months and nearly a year on the forums before joining. As you can tell, I'm a lazy arse most of the time so I don't really bother getting into flame wars or long dragged out debates. I just like to chill most of the time.

English is my second language so yeah, you are bound to notice the occasional bouts of bad grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes and likewise, even throughout this short bio. So you've been warned.

My current manga/anime reading list includes One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and Drifters. Other stuff I have read are Death Note, Hellsing, Full Metal Alchemist, Freezing, Karin and Maid-sama. The last four...I have read up to a point....>_> just need to start reading them again.

I don't get to watch as much tv as I used to, I don't gush alot about my favorites but I love speculations and I love complaining when it involves stuff that I think deserves more flaming. Hence why most of my posts in the Western Animation section has been compromised of complaining about Ben 10: Alien Force. I love fan art, I love fan comics and music.

As for comics, well, I have been drifting away from comics for a while now. Most comic book fans aren't my type of people (not to say that they are bad or anything) and clearly I'm not the target audience for the type of comics that DC and Marvel are putting out these days so my interest has diminished over the years.

Though I enjoy most of the animated and live action movies, save for the current DC Animated Movie series and the X-Men. I have watched most of the animated and live action stuff, DCAU is my fav, I love Batman: The Brave and the Bold, I love The Batman (yeah I said it), I love the Iron Man movies and I love the Marvel Movie Verse, one that's slowly been building up and anything to do with Robert Downey Jr is automatically win for me.

I don't love the Nolan Bat-verse and as a huge Batman fan bringing that up is one of Berserk buttons. I've already complained about it several times, I'm tired and I'm not bringing that up again.

Well,that's that. This is my personal bio for now and I'm sure someone is going to be plotting to use this information against me,like my archnemeisis and the secret government conspiracy. :P This will probably change a couple of times over the next few weeks, months or years but enjoy it for now, this is the best that I could come up with on such short notice. :P