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  • Ep 1:"The More Things Change" Part 1-August 1, 2012
  • Ep 2:"The More Things Change" Part 2-September 22, 2012
  • Ep 3:"A Jolt From The Past"-September 29, 2012
  • Ep 4:"Trouble Helix" (first 11 Year-old Ben centric episode)-October 6, 2012
  • Ep 5:"Have I Got a Deal for You"-October 13, 2012
  • Ep 6:"It Was Them"-October 20, 2012
  • Ep 7:"So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies?"-October 27, 2012

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2 RandomChaos31st Mar 2012 04:42:20 AM from My own little world
No Dragon Power
It looks dumb but I want to check out the new aliens.
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Is this the one about the new series with time travel?

I'm cautiously optimistic. I love the original show and never really liked the AF/UA sequels so maybe a fresh start is exactly what's needed here.

Don't get me wrong, I love Dwayne Mac Duffie and Glen Murakami's work but their UA/AF stuff felt like a dud in an otherwise long series of awesome works.
[up]This. I can't say that UA/AF was some of their better work and it pains me to see that it was Dwane's last.
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5 Chariot31st Mar 2012 09:32:52 AM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Just as the spell says.
I've seen very little of AF/UA but if this mean.s we get to see more of Charmcaster and Gwen's old designs and we get the original artstyle/close to the original artstyle back I'm okay with this
[up][up]Well technically there is Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, All-Star Superman and Justice League Doom which he did alongside Ben 10 which were his 'last works' aswell.

I try to remember him more for those works aswell as JLU and Static Shock than I do with his Ben 10 work.

I hope the new series plays the superhero angle again. I felt that AF/UA were trying too hard to be a full on sci-fi show than a superhero one hence the retcons with Gwen and Kevin which didn't work for me at all.

As long as it's a show with aliens, magic, mutants with other crazy stuff all in one big melting pot with a special focus on aliens I will be a happy customer.

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[up] From all of Derrick Wyatt's comments on Formspring, he seems dead set on returning Ben 10 to it's roots and putting almost everything from Dwayne Mcduffie's crappy sequels behind us.

It's not going to make the franchise any less of a zombie, but it'll be nice if the show can be fun again, especially after the downright abysmal-ness of Ultimate Alien.

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8 qtjinla1531st Mar 2012 05:56:49 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
Once again, just because you didn't like it doesn't mean its terrible. It had terrible ideas, filler episodes, and the characterization needed some work but I did enjoy it. People, please let's be subjective and compile reasonable and intelligent reasons why something is bad.

This is the internet. I am smart and savvy enough to know 90 percent of the people I talk too are probably under the age of 17 and very excitable, but you intelligent and mature 10 percent out there, help me out a bit.

I like to go to one place, whether here, fanfiction, youtube, or the hundreds of other sites I visit and have a back and forth with one of you.
9 Geostomp31st Mar 2012 07:14:52 PM from Arkansas, USA , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
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[up]Aside from the arrogant assumption that you're both smarter and more mature than everybody else, the series just isn't that good.

It has it's moments, but the writing is all over the place and generally poor in terms of characterization, story, and general continuity. They built a bland action series on top of a premise that was never meant to support such a thing and never managed to get around that. They lost most of what was good about the original series, but never really managed to replace it with anything deeper or as interesting.

Anyway, I'm kind of optimistic about Omniverse. It might just remember that this series was supposed to be a fun fantasy instead of the dull semi-action that followed.
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[up][up]No one has even called it terrible yet. Just that they preferred the original version over the sequels and you won't win any favors by implying that those who have posted criticisms on this thread are being unreasonable and unreasonable here.

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11 Chariot31st Mar 2012 09:45:21 PM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Just as the spell says.
I never watched past the first few episodes of AF and a bit more here and there but I definitely like the original more. Yeah at times it was a bit repetitive but aside from that it was rather fun. AF looked promising when I first heard of it but the first few episodes killed that for me.
No one has even called it terrible yet.

Actually, I called it abysmal. And I stand by that belief.

OK, the earlier days of both AF and UA brought some good things about, but the later episodes tended to ruin all of them.

Just that they preferred the original version over the sequels

It turns out that this opinion is even more widespread than I thought, as Derrick Wyatt has stated that CN has actually made it a mandate that "Omniverse" restore alot of the original show's elements because the original still maintains the best ratings worldwide. I don't know why, but this surprised me, as I had only thought this was an "internet thing", I never thought there was a ratings issue about all this.

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Experience shows that when a writer is more concerned with returning things to their apparent "roots" or a kind of Fan Myopia "way things should be" than with writing and being creative bad things happen.

Let's hope this doesn't turn into something Quesada-like.
[up]And in some cases you have stories like Ultimate Spider-man and Spectacular Spider-man that also 'returns to the character's roots' but at the same time applying an Occum's Razor to the canon materials creating a completely different series from the original while still acknowledging it's roots.

[up][up]That's interesting to hear because I thought AF and UA were more successful than Ben 10 probably because of all the merchandise and adverts I keep coming across.

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Let's hope this doesn't turn into something Quesada-like.

Define "Quesada-like". If means having Ben do something like making a deal with the devil in order to set things back to how they were, I highly doubt that'll happen.

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^^ Ultimate Spiderman is a new universe, not a continuation, however. And Spectacular Spiderman is an adaptation (unless you're talking about the comics title, which is in the main universe), also not a continuation. Neither are intended to be in the same universe as the main series, and if someone did try something like that in the main series it wouldn't go over well. Heck, that's one of the main lessons Marvel has learned about diffusing poor storylines - just trying to write them off leads to even more problems.

^ I define Quesada-esque as any style of writing that unwisely and even clumsily throws away plot elements and conventions - for better or for worse - that were established after a certain point in order to bring the media back to what it was before that point, in such a way that it is jarring and poorly meshes with the canon despite the intentions.

I'll reserve my judgment for when I see it, but generally when a writer's entire commentary about their intentions with something boils down to phasing out what came before them in favor of nostalgia warning bells go off in my head.

But yeah, I'm cautiously optimistic. Maybe Wyatt will be more like Don Rosa than Joe Quesada.

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I'll reserve my judgment for when I see it, but generally when a writer's entire commentary about their intentions with something boils down to phasing out what came before them in favor of nostalgia warning bells go off in my head.

Er, by the definition of nostalgia, Wyatt has no nostalgia for the original series. He wasn't a kid when it was running, and I'm not sure he even watched it (or AF and UA) until selected to work on "Omniverse". And again, the decision to phase out AF and UA's influence and move back toward the original was a CN mandate. Wyatt says he's certainly happy to do so, as he prefers alot of stuff from the original too (though he really likes stuff from AF equally. It's just UA that he apparently just dislikes), but it wasn't his decision, it was CN's.

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Semantics (but thanks for the correction). I stand by and even reaffirm my point, even if I did misuse the word nostalgic. The fact that the phasing out was Executive Meddling and not his idea is... I'm not sure whether that's reassuring or troubling.

You could replace my reference to nostalgia with "trying too hard to give into fan demand" and my explanation would pretty much be the same, particularly as apparently as you said the mandate was made in order to grab ratings. In fact, that might even be worse - bending over backwards to cater to fans rarely works out, particularly when you consider that the most outspoken fans also tend to be the most fickle and/or unpleasable.

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Wait, this isn't a completely new universe/slate?
As far as I know, it's still a continuation. A few clips have reformed Kevin, for example.

From what I've heard, the premise is UA-Ben involved in time travel shenanigans, with everyone's younger forms entering the fray or something. Which is something I would've liked to see more in AF-UA, to be honest.

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Despite what everybody is saying I doubt that premise would be centered around time travel. I think young Ben will appear by flashbacks.
Um? It's been confirmed a looong time ago that this series revolves around time travel.
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23 qtjinla1513th Apr 2012 07:04:27 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
Aah fans, they refuse to believe things and half of them don't even consider doing research and seeing if things are true or not.
[up][up] and [up] Links or it did not happen. I didnt find anything.

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Cautiously optimistic, I really disliked AF/UA but I sort of enjoyed Destroy All Aliens so that revived my interest in the Ben 10 franchise. Nitpicky, but I still feel weird that they kept cockyBenvoice!Yuri Lowenthal.

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