Need help writing a story with romance?:

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With the Grumpy Bear as a protagonist? I'm working on a story based on love, and with some action in it, but this is what I had so far:

The first idea was to keep it modern (like Bakuman and Need A Girl) and based on dating and through the stories of three different characters and how they meet. Two of them eventually gain girlfriends, while one of them is a Celibate Hero who's happens to be jaded and bitter over love for certain reasons. Originally, the Grumpy Bear was planned to be the antagonist who threatens to spread his negativity around and destroy everything in the process via powers or some sort. I know it sounds stupid.

The second idea was the main character being a Knight in Sour Armor, with the genre rather fantasy-like. The three characters are linked throughout the journey while crossing paths with the main characters, trying to save their abducted loves. The protagonist, however, finds romance to be a stupid thing, and find the others to be complete idiots for going to such lengths to rescue them.

I know it all sounds really stupid, but I haven't thought things through, so I basically need help with the characters to start off while I work with the plot, as I'm going with the second one.

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