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Well, I do. And I can't think of anything better in regards to moving away from snowclones.
Here's some problems I see with the description as it is...

So this trope about an individual character who is badass and tribal, right? If I wanted to figure out if a particular character qualified, the indicators would be what —- that they kick a lot of ass and that they display their tribal identity by 1)mentioning in universe that they grew up in the tribe/on the reservation, 2)talking a lot about the culture or 3)wearing the costume? If the story isn't set on Earth and doesn't have clear analogous cultures to ours, how do we tell if a fictional culture is "native" - should they come from a Proud Warrior Race or are we looking for other stereotypical clues like "ethnic" costumery and shamanic/animist religion?

And are we sure this only applies to the narrowly defined examples in the description? What about the Martial Races defined by the British Empire —- like the Gurkhas? It sounds from the current trope description about traditions of war that this is exactly what the British were trying to invoke. What about the mythic Scottish Highlanders - the WW1 Germans had stories about their terrifying badassery in battle... which they went into wearing kilts? Do these sorts of examples qualify and if not, what identifying traits could we mention in the description to help differentiate between these cultural types when dealing with entirely fictional cultures?

Also, is it really Always Male? There's already one female example in the Real Life section.

There's also still a big problem with examples - lots of Zero Content and some that may be misuse (like the Sioux as Aryans example). I can't be much help with that though since I'm not familiar with most of the zero contents but I'd be happy to work on the description, if I can make sure I understand the trope first.

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I think the indicator would be that you are a stereotypically native group. I think it can also be expanded to Tough Natives in general.

Also bumping this, in order to get it resolved.
In hindsight, TRS'ing the various badass tropes separately isn't working. We should use the general badass thread, like we use the appearance thread. Locking this.
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