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Yes, I know it is probably in the wrong place to ask, but I wonder if you can get viruses and such trough the Private Messages?

I happened to send some messages while I had some viruses or something on the computer... (Stupid I know...) I wonder if it is I could have sent the viruses to those guys together with the messages.

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2 SeptimusHeap2nd Mar 2012 07:59:47 AM from Zurich, Switzerland , Relationship Status: Mu
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I don't think that this possible. Even PMs are text-only stuff and don't carry software. Something that doesn't carry software can't carry viruses or malware either.
Just passing by...
I honestly don't know anything about computers and I tought it was best to
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4 VmKid2nd Mar 2012 04:33:23 PM from Shuggazoom City , Relationship Status: Robosexual
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No worries, man. Just as a security warning, if you receive external links from a username you don't recognize, I recommend ignoring the PM. If a person is being problematic, click the yellow triangle to holler at the moderators.

In addition, if you think an advertisement is a problem, please report it to Eddie in this thread.

5 storyyeller2nd Mar 2012 05:55:47 PM from Appleloosa , Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
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Well if there's bugs in the forum software then it's theoretically possible.
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