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It's time for the second TV Tropes Halloween Avatar Contest, theme: cute monsters! Details and voting here.
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Opaque name, a magnet for zero-content examples: The Barnum get usage counts

 51 Septimus Heap, Thu, 10th Jan '13 4:56:49 AM from Zurich, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Another Wizard boy
I am leery at using an argument that works with a supposed "prime example" of the trope.

 52 Marq FJA, Thu, 10th Jan '13 4:58:38 AM from Saudi Arabia Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
O' Allah, save Egypt
I'm not the one who's holding it as a prime example of the current writeup, for your information; she used to be more or less described as such for "The Barnum", though.
Ash-shaʻb yurīd isqāṭ ḥukm al-ʻaskar
I don't think Trickster Philosopher conveys the trope very well. P.T. Barnum was a lot of things, but The Trickster he was not. Bugs Bunny is a trickster. The Barnum is more of a con artist.

"Philosopher" isn't right either. This character isn't philosophical so much as he is completely unashamed of what he does—as far as he's concerned, it's his god-given right to part a fool from his money, and if you didn't want your pocket picked, you shouldn't have kept your wallet there.

edited 12th Jan '13 12:08:36 AM by troacctid

Rhymes with "Protracted."
Bumping for votes.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
 55 Larkmarn, Tue, 5th Feb '13 11:53:51 AM Relationship Status: Hello, I love you
I like going with the alliteration of Contented Con Man, but not going to list it if other people don't care for it.

 56 Septimus Heap, Tue, 5th Feb '13 11:56:49 AM from Zurich, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Another Wizard boy
The Shameless Con Man is my first choice,

 57 Xtifr, Wed, 6th Feb '13 7:22:48 PM Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
World's Toughest Milkman
I'd prefer it without the "The", but otherwise, it does seem like the best suggestion so far.
"Existential Despair" is an oxymoron.
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Alternative Titles: Trickster And Thinker
23rd Nov '12 8:19:04 AM
Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
At issue:
Pick a name for this YKTTW.
Total posts: 57
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