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It was short, but worth my $15 at least. Interesting world-building, interesting characters, good plot twists, and stuff like that. Definitely an improved version of Digital: A Love Story. If you liked that, you'll definitely like this. If you didn't... then you probably won't like this. Not the best English Visual Novel, but it definitely tugged my heart strings.
I'm stuck trying to get the harem ending, and there are no walkthroughs for the game up yet. I know I'm close, but not quite there. It's quite frustrating. The game itself is amazing, though.
[up]I heard you have to cheat or something. I don't know the details thoguh. Type in harem or something?
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So, I got ending 3, and I'm trying for Mute's good ending. Is it possible to get it if you're on the ending 3 path or whatever, or do you have to mess around with relationship points?
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[up] I know that you either have to say that you're male or somehow convince Mute that you're a lesbian. When I retry the game, I'll do the latter For the Lulz.

Relationship points probably are related somehow.

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I can't get ending 5. Everyone's all 'break the game!' but I think I need a more solid hint. I tried using the copy command but it didn't seem to work.

Endings 2-4 are good though. I loved *Hyun-ae—thought she was so adorable even though she isn't very stable.
Figured out how to get Ending 5. I'll throw two hints here: Start a New Game, don't load saves from your first play-through. That search box in the log block selection screen isn't entirely useless.

And two more, spoilered hints for those who want a little more than that: Don't so much as look at *Mute's questions, doing so flags the reactor sequence to start, and the reactor sequence starting makes ending 5 impossible. Those Random number/letter combinations near the date for each log? Also not entirely useless.

That said, it definitely doesn't feel like a 'legitimate' way to get ending 5, because you have to apply knowledge that your character shouldn't have. (Well, you could theoretically guess the right log numbers through trial and error, but...)
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Yeah, I figured it had something to do with the numbers. But are you just supposed to use trial and error until you get something new, or is there a method to the labeling? Thanks for the help...
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Anyone know how to get the first log in block 6? That's the only one I'm missing and I just can't figure out how to get it.
To get ending 5 you don't need to use the search-box at all if you're just a little patient. Although what Silver Fayte said about not touching *Mute's questions is true. Just talk to *Hyun-ae until she gives you all of the logs for Block 7 then show them to *Mute afterward.
There's a walkthrough up on Jay is Games, if anyone still needs it.

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The first log in block 6 is one that is actually unlocked as the first few logs you're given by *Hyun-ae. This log is written by *Mute however, and when you show it to *Hyun-ae she says it shouldn't be there, apologizes and removes it. I guess you could keep it unlocked by not showing it to *Hyun-ae but I just loaded a save were I was at the *Mute ending, and accessed the log manually (It's code is 6-22A) and asked *Mute to comment upon it. The unlocked it and when I completed the game, I had the 100% completion.
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At ten euros in Steam now.

Visual Novels don't really count as games, but I'm interested .-.

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I got all the endings save for the one where you leave with Mute. I can't get the dialogue option to take her with me - she keeps saying that she has to stay on the ship and I get forever alone ending 3. Is it because I'm a girl? Am I supposed to agree with her views all the time?

EDIT: I got the ending as a girl by agreeing with her about Hyun-ae and convincing her that I'm a lesbian. I don't know they're both needed or if only one is needed. I'll try it out again. Though if the latter is required it's weird that I will only have Mute as a traveling companion if she thinks I'm gay ahah.

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(EDIT: Damn bullet point) *Mute is tsundere like that. She denies ever feeling anything for the investigator, but if you tell her that you don't have the hots for her, she's about to say "So you think I'm not good enough" before quickly correcting it. It's obvious that deep inside, she wants to be loved and she doesn't care about who loves her.

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Okay, guys. This is up on Steam and I'm currently trying to decide whether or not to buy it.

To that end, let me know what you think. What do you like about it and what do you dislike about it? /completely indecisive.
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Played the demo for a good 40 minutes. Thought it was very interesting, though I kinda wish I bought it earlier since it was on sale a couple weeks back on Steam. Now it's $9.99 instead of $14.99, which is a better overall price for this sort of game, as well as a soundtrack bundle for $12.99.

So, I haven't bought it yet, but what I've seen is quite interesting. I'll probably buy it sometime down the road since I'm REALLY short on cash right now.
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So I just played this game. Got the *Hyun-Ae ending.

That was some pretty powerful storytelling. I don't usually feel such terribly strong emotion over a work of fiction, but this time I wished I could reach through the screen and give the poor girl a hug. And go back in time so I could break her tormentors in half. (yes, that's quite exactly what I was thinking. No hyperbole.)

It just pushed all my buttons, you know? While playing games or visual novels, I usually play like a Lawful Good Paladin, because that's the kind of personality I admire. I also have the strong faith that humanity constantly reaches for new heights on both a scientific and cultural level. So seeing an entire nation forget about hundreds of years of advancements in both areas and abusing women like they are a bunch of baby-producing toys angered me to the point that I wanted the game to present me anyone guilty of such practices so I could yell at them.

Normally, I advocate peace, turning the other cheek, revenge is not the right way, that kind of stuff. But this time, even though it was certainly wrong what Hyun-ae did in the end according to my moral standards, I didn't have a very hard time forgiving her for committing freaking genocide. The game managed to make me feel so strongly about this girl's fate that I completely forgot about my moral and rational thinking. That's some real quality writing right there.

And then I decided to follow up on this gaming session by doing an Archive Binge of old Game Overthinker videos. His early works featured some material on the subject of sexism in games, which made do a little introspective thought experiment: would I have had such a strong reaction if Hyun-ae had been a boy?

The result was "probably not", which I considered to be quite the shocking revelation. I had a serious case of White Knight going for Hyun-ae, but I'd probably just feel pretty bad for the hypothetical guy in a similar situation.

It's pretty weird realizing that you've been guilty of the same crime that you hold against someone else without knowing. Though I suppose wanting to protect girls is marginally better than practically enslaving them, it's still something I should work on. No one like s a hypocrite.

Yay! I learned something today!
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Got the *Hyun-ae ending, trying to go for the Harem one. Do I need a New Game+ for that?

Also, *Mute's name is quite ironic, considering what she is/was seen as. Also, I feel like I should introduce her to Gla DOS, for an example of a true murderous psychopath.

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From what I've heard "Harem" ending can be only gotten by cheating by doing something that you can't know without having completed game at least once.
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However, according to azuwolf, I only need *Hyun-ae to give me the block 7 logs. Any way to get them without going to *Mute's questions?

Also something I thought- it should be possible to install the AI onto a robot, allowing them to have a more human life- as long as the robots can be fully articulated, that is. Just have to make sure this (check last panel) doesn't happen.

Also, I found *Hyun-ae's real-time editing of her speech amusing- it's basically the same as people switching words mid-sentence (maybe just to clue in that she was a human?). But still, what's the difference between "when I died" and "when I was still alive", especially when talking about something more than 600 years ago, probably ply still beyond the people's life expectancy. Plus, I wonder whe she had such an objection to *Mute's log about her?

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Yep, whoever named Mute definitely has a sense of humour. And well, why wouldn't Hyun-ae object to Mute talking about her as a genocidal psychopath?
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[up]Because it's kinda-sorta true?
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[up]Trouble is, the only log posted by *Mute that *Hyun-ae objected to was *Mute saying that she would be a good wife. She seems to not object to any other logs frm *Mute, well, except the questions, but mainly because she thought it would ruin the relationship with the investigator.

Also like I said, Gla DOS would be one I would consider a psychopath- one who has no qualms about having killed everyone, and even joking about it. Not *Hyun-ae, who was forced to do it.

And I'm still stuck at 67%/68% complete, with no idea how to continue.

EDIT: Managed to get 100%, but required to open up the second log from Block 6 to get Hyun-ae started on revealing the rest. Another thing I noticed: like *Mute's Questions, Forever Silenced ends the game. You need to switch directly to *Mute before reading the log, or *Hyun-ae's going straight for the confession and proposal.

Plus, *Mute in the harem ending: "Silence is a virtue". As if her name wasn't ironic enough.

Also, for two AI's that hated each other's guts, they sure seem to be getting along quite well.

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[up][up]While it is true (at least, the genocidal part, maybe not the psychopath part), Hyun-ae herself would certainly object to it, no?

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