Tropers / Doxiedame

I've been a little more active, so why not.

I'm a 30ish-yr-old woman who is still emotionally stuck as a teenager. Well, partially. Being from the south, drop the "g" from "ing" words, lengthen single syllable words to double-syllables, and shorten double-syllables to single-syllables and you have a fairly good idea what I sound like.

Editing is done here and there when I see something that needs added/fixed/tickled. Having just added my first works page, however, you will likely see me there quite a bit.

You can also see me popping up in various forums discussions and trying to help out with ideas in YKTTK.

I'll try to be respectful, but sometimes, my snark gets the better of me.

Now for tropes that apply to me:

  • Unusual Euphemism: Yes, we Arkansawyers can turn quite the phrase from time-to-time. Although I try to keep it to a minimum on the wiki for clarity.
  • Cool Big Sis: I bought my brother his first Transformer. I refused to buy him Optimus Prime, because at that time, they had him as a fire truck.
  • Cool Uncle: Well aunt. This is my nephew's opinion. I've introduced him to a multitude of video games and comic books and am one of the main contributors to his Super Mario, Spiderman, and Batman paraphernalia collections. He hasn't even started kindergarten yet and can beat me at Fruit Ninja. His training is nearly complete.

Feel free to add any examples. I'll be adding more when I come back from the lock. ;)