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Link is a girl
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Link is a girl:

Think about it - Link wears a skirt, could have a long ponytail under that green hood, and Zelda just doesn't see Link in that way. Also, Link's voice acting is almost always androgynous (seriously, its almost impossible to tell Link's grunts apart from Lightning's voice...), and I'm pretty sure that they never refer to Link as a "he" in the Ocarina of Time timeline (I could be remembering it wrong here...), but instead refer to Link as "child" whenever a pronoun would be more appropriate.

Besides, wouldn't that make a sweet reveal at some point? Eat crow Samus, Link beat you to the "first female videogame protagonist" title by a few years!

So, what do you all think? Is Link a girl?
 2 CDRW, Thu, 6th Oct '11 11:26:19 AM Relationship Status: Mu
Link <3 Zelda



Imagine the fingering!
 3 Mr Mallard, Sat, 8th Oct '11 5:36:19 AM from Australia, mate
[up] I approve of this message.
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 4 Korochun, Mon, 10th Oct '11 6:19:20 PM from Elsewhere (send help!)
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Rule 63's way ahead of ya there, buddy.
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 5 djmaca, Wed, 12th Oct '11 2:42:09 AM from Philippines
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Can't Imagine... she has manly face then? eww....
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"Link wears a skirt"


In Ocarina of Time, Link is clearly referred to by the Great Deku Tree as "The BOY without a fairy".
Well, the term "boy" could be applied in the archaic sense; the Deku Tree DOES like his Ye Olde Englishe, dothn't he? The term 'boy' used to mean a child in general, a servant (in this case, a servant of DESTINY!) or a child with an unusally heavy burden (and Link has that last one CONVERED) because 'girls' were considered to feminine to carry out such tasks. Think about how a 'pageboy' could be male or female.

On a different note, I think I nice feminine respelling of 'Link' would be 'Lync'.
 9 Yuri Strike, Sun, 18th Dec '11 3:34:50 AM from I'm telling nobody!
So that's why the Gerudo captured her! She's hot even for a almost-single-gender-yuri-race.

Oo T is actually a yuri game where the girls all want Link.

I must be correct.
 10 Matrix, Sun, 18th Dec '11 3:38:07 AM from The Matrix, Canada Relationship Status: Less than three
quidf scire vis?
@OP: except that adult link is clearly a dude
Link wears a skirt
Try again.
 12 Zersk, Wed, 28th Dec '11 3:01:55 PM from Columbia District, BNA
Parkour: Actually, boy specifically meant servant, while girl meant child. :3
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