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The Phenomenon of Sexual Grossout And The Changing Limits Thereof:

 26 Blixty Slycat, Wed, 28th Sep '11 3:03:13 PM from Driving the Rad Hazard
|like a boss|
Like I said, I actually am not offended by that.

It's entered the lexicon to mean "stupid", oh well.

It originally meant "happy", so it's not like it hasn't changed meanings before.

It does however, make Li'l B's choice of album titles even more confusing.
go ahead and do every stupid thing you can imagine
Yeah I think it has to do with culture and what you are exposed to. There was a time when hairy chests on guys was the hot thing, now most girls I know prefer smooth chests and think hairy chests are nasty just because that is what they are exposed to.

Also I hate to use this example, but in a some fanfic writing areas of the internet, people throw around rape and child molestation, etc. so frequently it stops being squicky for a lot of them and starts just being normal (not so normal they'd do it in real life, I'd hope!).

 28 Blixty Slycat, Wed, 28th Sep '11 3:06:21 PM from Driving the Rad Hazard
|like a boss|
Reason #1 I will never get involved in the K-On fandom....
go ahead and do every stupid thing you can imagine
complete noob
I think the reason violecne and sexual stuff aren't treated the same is because we're not biologically tuned to seeing them as such. I mean, violence is something that we may feel repulsed for whatever biological reason, but it's not the same as the biological thing which tells you you shouldn't stick you log in a tree.

edited 28th Sep '11 3:43:44 PM by mailedbypostman

I dunno. I find Happy Tree Friends more repulsing than any gay porn (those make me laugh uncontrollably, for some reason). To me, violence is never funny: there's either the violence that's an outlet for my negativity, such as when I play Warhammer 400000 Space Marine or watch Evangelion, and violence that serves to paint the bad guy as bad, as in here

An action is not virtuous merely because it is unpleasant to do.
 31 USAF713, Wed, 28th Sep '11 4:58:09 PM from the United States
I changed accounts.
I just loved Happy Tree Friends for its brilliant deconstruction of everything in animation.

Perhaps it's just because I find sexuality to be a rather personal thing—AKA not my business. I dunno for sure.
I am now known as Flyboy.
 32 feotakahari, Wed, 28th Sep '11 6:04:38 PM from Looking out at the city
Fuzzy Orange Doomsayer
Is there a distinction to be made between being grossed out at sex and being grossed out at romance? I have some interest in writing gay romance, but I'm not sure what percentage of straight people would refuse to read it even if it didn't have sex.

(Actually, make that "straight men" instead of "straight people." Women seem to have grown used to teh gay in fiction.)

edited 28th Sep '11 6:05:26 PM by feotakahari

That's Feo . . . He's a disgusting, mysoginistic, paedophilic asshat who moonlights as a shitty writer—Something Awful
[up]Look at Glee: people are okay with Gay romance, but unlike straight which is taken for granted, you have to sort of ease them into it. Make'em puke rainbows: a heapful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go do-own, medicine go down...

Now I need to see Kurt sing this one...
An action is not virtuous merely because it is unpleasant to do.
I get completely grossed out by gay sex; I can read about or watch a gay romance, but the minute they get physical, that's the point when I'd have to skip the scene or put the book down. I've got nothing against people who do enjoy that (hey, whatever floats your boat, I'm not here to judge), but I myself am not particular to that. Girl on girl, on the other hand, is hot. That said, there are many more things which cause me deeper amounts of Squick, which I'd rather not mention here.

The reason many people (myself included) find ultraviolence funny is because it's Narm. Well, it's bathos; the violence is serious, the situation is ludicrous. Therefore, it makes us laugh. It's the same reason why I find a lot of horror movies funny, but I don't laugh at torture porn like Hostel or Saw.

 35 Pykrete, Wed, 28th Sep '11 8:22:35 PM from Viridian Forest
Is there a distinction to be made between being grossed out at sex and being grossed out at romance?


I fucking hate Saw's Misaimed Fandom.
An action is not virtuous merely because it is unpleasant to do.
Honestly, I like Saw because of the storyline. Jigsaw is just too much of a Magnificent Bastard not to enjoy. I don't watch it for the torture, though, but I can stand it. It's just not the reason I like the series.

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