Three Sisters' Story:

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Three Sisters Story is quite the interesting game. Those of you who are interested in the plotline should look for it on Wikipedia.

Now, some of you might be wondering if this thread is better off in the Visual Novels section. To tell you the truth, there seems to be a disagreement across sources like Wikipedia and Moby Games. Wikipedia says that it is a Visual Novel. Moby Games says that it is an adventure game with Visual Novel elements. Personally, I see little difference between a Visual Novel and a Video Game.

I have to say that having played this game (and a version of it that is translated into English), it is definitely one of the better games, as far as a game being Plot with Porn (some might argue Porn with Plot) goes. It does give a stark demonstration of Revenge and He Who Fights Monsters. There are parts of the game that involve rape (most of it is optional, and only one is a But Thou Must! situation). The game attempts to justify the one But Thou Must! rape by showing the female guard as a Complete Monster who would have killed main character Koichi without a qualm, and who would not lift a finger to help Koichi prevent her boss and his older brother Eiichi from raping his girlfriend Emi. Yuki and Risa are appalled by Koichi's actions, but then it is quickly forgotten. Well, think of it this way: was this instance of Video Game rape as bad as instances of Video Game rape in Virgin Roster?

With that pointed out, there are parts to the game where Koichi is encouraged to have a condom with him when he has sex. Failure to use a condom in three cases will result in the girl getting pregnant at the end of the game, and having Koichi's actions revealed to Yuki, Emi, and Risa. You can be sure that you will get a bad ending from this. Also, having sex with Yuki and/or Risa will result in a bad ending. Apart from having unprotected sex with three girls in school, and having sex at all with Yuki or Risa, Koichi can have sex with any female character without any bad consequences to speak of.

Below is a response I got from my fellow troper dorkatlarge:

The Visual Novel Database considers Three Sisters Story (original title: San Shimai) to be an "interactive adventure game" or a "western style adventure game." See;m=0;o=a;s=title for a brief description of this category, and an alphabetical listing of all games in this category.

Three Sisters Story was my introduction to visual novels and H games. I didn't find the gameplay especially appealing at times it could get tedious. Haven't played it much since 2002.

Even in the good ending, I wasn't sure if the main character had learned much, and I couldn't decide whether or not he was a respectable person. I like the idea of a main character who's capable of good and evil, but I believe it could be written much better.

If I had not discovered True Love 95 and Kana Little Sister a few months later finishing Three Sisters Story, then I would probably have left the fandom.

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I just played this through. Good game!
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