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Optimistic Cynic
Wait so not a downer or bitter sweet ending? It was actually a happy ending? FINALLY!?

The subs for me aren't up yet but that's almost too good to be true.
527 OmegaRadiance24th Jun 2012 03:35:39 PM , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
They still never explained why Mykage took Donars original waifu.

[up] Yeah if you consider Zessica suffering and never getting the guy to be a Happy Ending.

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Assuming you don't like Zessica, then yes, it was.

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529 OmegaRadiance24th Jun 2012 03:53:29 PM , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Even then it's still not that good of a ending for a show like this. I especially like how Kagura just gets off free and gives up on Mikono for no real reason. Honestly thanks to the past couple of episodes I now like Kagura and just disgusted with Amata.

And it has nothing to do with choosing Mikono surprisingly enough.

At least Mykage got his happy ending. He deserved

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The show was a complete trainwreck. Here are two images that purport to show the actual feelings of Kaji Yuki, Amata's seiyuu, as framed in Amata's perspective.

I can only hope the manga adaption can salvage this.
531 OmegaRadiance24th Jun 2012 04:17:43 PM , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Doesn't he hate Mikono as well? I believe I heard that somewhere.
Optimistic Cynic
Its not that I don't like Zessica its that I've been banking on Amata and Kagura staying separate and I think she goes better with Kagura than Amata. *Shrug*

From the sounds of it Kagura and Amata stay separate though?

Edit: If what I said contradicts anything I've said earlier its because I try to stay objective for the purposes of not lighting the fuse on a flame war. So I try to keep my own personal opinions out of this. The whole wham episode with finding out Apollo (and Amata) weren't Apollonius was too stupid for me not to nerdrage on though...

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[up] Amata and Mikono hook up, despite having no chemistry whatsoever and being bland characters. Kagura and Zessica suddenly go all OOC and support them, despite their obsessions being the driving motivations of their characters for the entire series.

Mix becomes a girl again, and Andy never gets to prove whether he'd indeed follow on his promise to love her even if she is a boy.

EDIT: As I've said before, the reincarnation game isn't really a problem for me, since it was intended to be revealed in Genesis before the Apollo/Silvia romance overtook it. They could have handled the revelation a bit better, though.

EDIT: As for the Pollon thing, here's the question I've seen posed the most: did you enjoy Apollo and Silvia because they were predestined, or because of their interactions in the present?

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534 OmegaRadiance24th Jun 2012 04:44:10 PM , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Because of their interactions in the present. I really can't say the same for Amata and Mikono though.

[up]x2 That wasn't stupid for me. There was some hinting though most people took those hints to mean Rena was the dog.

Now what was bullshit was the whole Mykage is Toumas hatred vomit. Especially when his whole thing in the final episode of Aquarion was figuring out that Humans weren't soulless cattle but actual people. Not to mention he says several times that Solar Aquarion is Apollonius and not Apollo.

I would have found Otoha being Mykage to be more believable. Fueled by hatred for the man who broke the man she loves heart and him dying to save the accursed wingless ones.

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[up] Well, my interpretation was that Toma was inside the Aquarion, which he claimed was Apollonius. Then it turned out that Apollonius was never there to begin with, and Toma was now boning Apollonius' page boy (Pollon). So the reason he is angry is because Apollonius had trolled him... so he decided to be an even bigger troll?
Optimistic Cynic
[up] more or less.

I liked Silvia x Apollo because they were great together.

Is there a trope for Fanservice couple? Cause that's what Kagura and Zessica would be if they were together.
Honestly, a Zessikagura pairing is the only small solace that could be drawn from this trainwreck.
Optimistic Cynic
And it would be amazing.

Anyone have the subs yet?
539 OmegaRadiance24th Jun 2012 11:01:25 PM , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
If OV As ever get made I hope they don't do something stupid like have Zessica be the reincarnation of Baron.
Gunpla is amazing!
I dropped after the dog episode.

I'm really bummed. I loved this show at first, you all saw.

Maybe I'll watch the rest when i feel like it, but it really floundered in the end it seems...

Why did the show have to get all dark and serious?

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Optimistic Cynic
The ending is absolutely amazing and pretty much ships Kagura and Zessica as hard but subtly as possible.

I am happy beyond words now. So totally worth the wait.
542 OmegaRadiance25th Jun 2012 01:29:58 AM , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Subs are out!

Just watched it myself. I knew I was right when I put that Mykage is the dark half of Touma but now I wonder what happened to the pure love half?

Also was checking the Character page earlier and saw this:

Mykage >Fate Worse than Death

Obviously being with the person he truly wanted to be with for all eternity is such a horrible and awful punishment especially since he feels so warm inside him[lol]

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Amatax Mikono on the other hand can just go and die somewhere...

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Hm. I'm fairly satisfied with the ending, mostly because I don't hate Mikono as much as many others here do. (I do believe They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character and that she can't hold a candle to Sylvia, but hey.)

But I'm pissed that Mykage got a Karma Houdini. Trying to make me sympathize with the Complete Monster, Kawamori? Heck, Grace O' Connor was more sympathetic than he was.
I'm satisfied with the ending mainly because its pretty damn well implied that Kagura and Zessica are a couple (and frankly, their powers and personalities work really damned well anyhow), and frankly, those two were my favorie characters personalitywise anyhow.

@Omega: given the mindscape that occurs within Mykage/Ancient Aquarion, I'm assuming Touma's pure half is partially inside Aquarion with the others from 12,000 years ago, and otherwise has long since reincarnated at peace with his lot in life. After all, the one inside the mindscape seemed to be the same totally chill, well-meaning guy Touma was at the end of his life.

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546 Cassie25th Jun 2012 08:17:44 AM from Malaysia, but where?
The armored raven
Not trying to come across as a creator backstab, but somewhere along the line, Macross' producer's death has led to the drop of quality in Kawamori's creative senses
What profit is it to a man, when he gains his money, but loses his internet? Anonymous 16:26 I believe...
Goddamnit, I liked so much about this finale. Crazy super robot attacks and lots of characters being awesome, and silly stuff like the old chairman appearing out of nowhere. This is the kind of stuff I expected out of the show! And I would have liked it so much more...

The problem is basically every scene with Mikono. And closely related to that is all of the reincarnation bullshit. It is just so dumb. Hell, I really wanted to like that final scene, but I just didn't care about one half of the pairing at all!

Also, Mykage getting a semi-good end, locked away forever in an immovable entity which just so happens to be the one person he loves in the world, is really annoying but consistent with Sousei. I blame reincarnation bullshit, since if Fudo wasn't Apollonius, Mykage would probably would have gotten full comeuppance.

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I'm at least glad Zessica and Kagura got pulled out of their terribly one-dimensional characterization by the end, at least.

Plus watching them flirt was amusing. All that Slap-Slap-Kiss tension.

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Well played Kawamori, well played. You said you didn't want to leave a bitter aftertaste and... you failed. This is the reason why most people don't watch original anime.

EDIT: Aquarion Evol has dozens of plot threads that went nowhere. Donar's dead girlfriend, Jin's comrades, Amata's awful childhood, Mikono's distant father, etc. This show had the potential to be great, but Kawamori and Okada screwed it up.

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[up] Add to that Mykage, the resident Complete Monster, getting a completely undeserved happy ending. It half-ruined the series for me.

Seriously, what's up these days? There are far too many instances of despicable villains getting away scot-free: Nakago from Fushigi Yuugi, Yubel and Hell Kaiser from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Paul from Pokémon... all characters I would rather see blasted to kingdom come.

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