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2101 kalel949th Oct 2012 09:19:27 AM from Dragonstone
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Jim Caviezel for Doctor Strange. Just watch him in Count of Monte Cristo, he'd be perfect.
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2102 Maridee9th Oct 2012 09:44:16 AM from surfside , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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At NYCC Joe Quesada says he's involved in a project on the "West Coast" (all the film development happens there, the comic stuff happens in NYC) and that there have been little hints and leaks, but no official announcement.

Assuming it is indeed film related, I'm thinking we may get confirmation on the prospects of a Black Panther or Doctor Strange film soon enough.
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Oh, the Big Cheese. Maybe it's something One More Day based. Have the comic fans let him live that down?

So a Halloween store had a commercial come up. TO my pleasant surprise, there was a Boys' Hawkeye costume. There wasn't a Black Widow costume in the commercial, but there was... a... Girl's Captain America costume?

I wonder how Hawkeye might've been received if he kept the shades on in the movie?

How are they talking to each other? Especially Cap, who settles for a knife hand when he remembers he doesn't have an ear piece.

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whoah. Big spoilers out of NYCC, relating to the Avengers and the SHIELD TV show.

Coulson's death has been retconned and he's going to be the lead character in the SHIELD series. They mentioned the UK edit where the blood was removed and all that.
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Read the spoiler, since I kinda figured what it was. So... for them to retcon it, they'd have to confirm it was a death... Also, it's kind of a damn shame, because I was going to do a post of the pros and cons of him being The Vision.
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2107 BornIn114213th Oct 2012 02:04:59 PM from Estonia , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
[up][up]Not what I'd call a retcon. The death was meant to be somewhat ambiguous in the first place, and didn't Whedon or Feige confirm the survival while the movie was still in theaters?
2108 JRPictures13th Oct 2012 03:56:14 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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Why do people want Coulson to be Vision? I can't see it. For starters if we're to introduce Vision, we'd need to present Ant-Man and then Ultron. I just don't see how this works.
It's not a retcon. It's not even a huge surprise I was sure they were going to bring him back from the second he "died". It's a comic book movie, we don't even see him dead, and it's flat-own shown that Fury was lying about his death in at least some respects. In a franchise where "falling into an endless abyss" can be written off as non-fatal without even an explanation, that works out to "definitely still alive". Add to that the fact that the author had more or less outright stated that he was coming back... Plus, he was added to Marvel Comics shortly before the move came out, and they wouldn't have bothered with that if the film was just going to kill him off.
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[up][up] Maybe Pym's so much of a fuck-up that he's preemptively fucking things up.

So, if Coulson was The Vision...
  • Audiences (myself included) would be introduced to a new character, potentially making them more popular.
  • We'd get to see a new moveset onscreen
  • We get to see Coulson (in a sense) fight
  • Coulson wouldn't wholly be Coulson.

[down]Right. But the SON OF COUL not being entirely himself is such a major con anyway.

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2111 BornIn114213th Oct 2012 04:20:37 PM from Estonia , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
[up]...and the Vision wouldn't wholly be the Vision?
The only reason I would've been okay with Vision/Coulson is because it'd be hard to do a comic-accurate origin for the character since they haven't introduced Wonder Man. His entire origin revolved around being brought to life by Ultron using Wonder Man's brainwaves on his robot. I would've been cool with Coulson taking Wonder Man's place in that scenario.

But to be honest there are plenty of other characters I'd rather see before Vision anyway, so hopefully they can introduce some other Avengers.
If you want, you can say it isn't a retcon (though it totally is); either way it's hilarious to see all the lame Comic Book Death shit bubbling through to the movie franchise.
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2114 BornIn114214th Oct 2012 05:57:12 AM from Estonia , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Do you literally not know what a retcon is?
The main point is that it's incredibly lame nerd-pandering.

I guess going LOL NOPE HE'S REALLY ALIVE isn't technically a retcon, but it's definitely in that spirit.
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Its hardly pandering to the comic nerds when Coulson was broadly popular with the general audience. And frankly, the movie *itself* dropped major suggestions that maybe he wasn't dead; even if it wasn't the initial intention, they clearly left themselves enough leeway in Avengers to decide otherwise without actually having to retcon anything.
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Plus, they'd been saying "he's not going to die" even from before the movie released. Maybe lying creator, sure, but even in the scene itself, Coulson and Fury were discussing what they were best at, manipulation.
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2118 deathpigeon14th Oct 2012 09:30:13 AM from Everything sacred is a tie, a fetter. , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
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Plus, Joss Whedon did confirm that Nick Fury was lying when he said that Coulson died.

So let us review the facts here:

  • We saw Coulson get shot and seriously injured.
  • However, we never see him die, and a medical team is called.
  • We are told by Nick Fury, who is a spy and known to lie his ass off.
  • Coulson himself suggested to Nick Fury that he use this to get the team to work together more.
  • We have confirmation from the Writer/Director that he was lying his ass off.

Where's the Retcon, again?

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Wait, nvm. I stand corrected.

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Ant-Man is officially scheduled for November, 2015.

Curiously, that's several months AFTER Avengers 2.
Perhaps Pym is introduced or has a major role in The Avengers 2 but doesn't actually deal with Ant-Man related shenanigans until his own movie.
I'm still not sure Pym IS going to be the Ant-Man but yes, that'd be a logical way of doing it.
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I rewatched Thor over the weekend and noticed some things:
  • If Pym was Selvig's colleague and they had dealings in the past, that indeed makes it likely Lang is the one who will be active.
  • I didn't notice the size of Sitwell's role on first watch. Maybe if he was actually named, he'd have stood out to me/audiences as the same character. Also, in the wake of The Consultant, those "sir"s stood out and made me feel a bit bad.
  • Thor and Jane had no chemistry at all. Thor had more even with Selvig, or especially with Sif in one scene in particular.
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2124 BornIn114215th Oct 2012 01:21:08 PM from Estonia , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Disagreed to the max about chemistry. On Jane's part especially I felt the attraction came off really strongly. In fact, when the movie came out, I recall a bunch of people wondering whether Portman actually had a thing for Hemsworth because they didn't grasp the concept of "acting."
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Oh there was physical attraction of course, but little romantic chemistry to justify that quick attachment, especially since he is just chivalrous like that anyway.

Oh, also, Loki's sexism in Avengers no longer felt out of nowhere.
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