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Bang bang!
It is announced! And I am giddy with excitement. Hopefully they innovate with this one and don't just churn out a generic sequel.

Oh, and this thing called a 'Halo: Combat Evolved' remake has a trailer, that you can see here. It will have multiplayer! Blood Gulch!

But mostly Halo 4, endless speculation and bitching about whether it will be better than Reach time!
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Oh hi! The one Xbox game I give a fuck about! How have you been! smile
3 badgertaco6th Jun 2011 01:42:31 PM from The Imperial Throne
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A list of things



3. Oh shit@ending

4. We were lied to when we were told that Halo 3 would be the last game with the Chief... not that I mind :D
well looks like haro is now a cash cow :( Not that I mind a remake since my old disk is fucked now.
Well shit, now I wanna know what happens in Halo 4... I hope they ramped up the difficulty for the Halo 1 remake.
As long as they bring some innovation, it will be fine. If not, it suffers the fate of Call of Duty.

I just hope they don't screw up the story, it was good as it is. Cortanna looks different... Character development maybe? Last time we saw her there was some hint that she may be fully sentient.

I hope the new villain is just as good as the Flood, and I REALLY hope they don't recycle the Flood as villains. I've had enough of them.
7 arcsquad126th Jun 2011 02:29:55 PM from Monument of Sins
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Wild Mass Guessing Time! What if MC becomes the god of an alien race when he crashes into a planet on the other side of that big warp gate thingy?
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[up]I thought it was a spaceshiptongue
9 Sandor6th Jun 2011 02:38:11 PM from London/Cambridge
Really dissapointed that we've returned to the chief.

So many great stories they could tell in the universe and it's back to the last Spartan.

Really interested to see how 343 do though, given they're basically a microsoft chosen 'dream team'.
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It definitely looked from the trailer as though the new enemy will be some kind of automated Forerunner stuff.

On the topic of the Halo 1 remake, though Halo purists will cry out for my blood, I think 343 has a unique opportunity here. Given that the primary storytelling component was the sudden and surprising revelation of The Flood, which would no longer be a shock to even the newest of players, this could be an opportunity to pull in elements from the novel, such as the ODST battalion in their base, which would allow a level or two of playing in someone's boots other than the Chief, such as a random ODST from the battalion, Sergeant Johnson, or even good ol' Jenkins.

After all, you have to admit that it would be pretty badass to get to play that Last Stand instead of just watching it.
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It doesn't look like they will be putting in stuff like that, considering how they have announced a way to transition back to the original graphics ingame.
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I know, but it'd be badass if they did. Mostly just wishful thinking on my part.
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13 ShirowShirow6th Jun 2011 04:11:59 PM from Land of maple syrup , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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I'm glad Master Chief's back, actually. Okay, so he could have stayed sealed up a bit longer to make his return a bigger deal. But that would probably end up being a last-ditch effort to try and revive the series after it had started flagging.

I'm wondering when this takes place. Hundred years after 3, maybe? It'll be interesting to see humans and former covenant races coexisting if that's the case.
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Given the Legendary ending of 3 and what we've seen so far of the trailer, I'm betting it picks up immediately from that ending, which may be a few years after the game actually ended, what with space travel being a crapshoot with no slipspace.
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15 theLibrarian6th Jun 2011 04:42:33 PM from his own little world
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YES, 343 IS DEVELOPING IT! Can't wait! Also can't wait for the anniversary edition of CE, it looks amazing!
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16 ShirowShirow6th Jun 2011 04:43:41 PM from Land of maple syrup , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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I'm pretty sure if it does take place immediatly after 3 Master Chief will literally compromise 65% of earth's fighting force instead of just in the minds of the palyers.
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Bang bang!
The Proffesor's post embodies my opinions of this PERFECTLY.
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wild mass guess The second Halo trilogy chronologically ends where Marathon began.wild mass guess

Too easy?
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Bang bang!
Now that would be a twist. Of course, It's not going to happen. Halo isn't even WITH Bungie anymore!
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Halo fanboy sez: URGH.

And Anniversary looks horrible.
It's not over. Not yet.
21 theLibrarian6th Jun 2011 07:02:01 PM from his own little world
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@ Wagrid Of course Halo isn't with Bungie, Bungie is now 343 Studios, who are developing Halo 4.
That is the face of a man who just ate a kitten. Raw.
I thought 343 is split off from Bungie?
Sierra 117
Yeah, 343 is independent of Bungie and is owned by MGS.
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24 SpookyMask6th Jun 2011 08:35:24 PM from Corner in round room , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Seriously, who didn't call this? They ended the 3rd game on fricking cliffhanger after all. Well, okay, not on cliffhanger, but on "MC floats in spaaaaaaaaaaaaace"

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Bang bang!
Microsoft's very own special super Halo studio! I wonder if Bungie.net has anything to say about Halo 4?

Whilst I'm quitely optimistic, I'm terrified Halo will do a Call of Duty and release a shitty, bland, rehash every year. TERRIFIED.

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